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Gran Turismo HD – HiRes Images |


Wow… The above 1080p screenshot is of GTHD’s premium mode at the Eiger Nordwand track in Switzerland. The track itself doesn’t look that stunning and lacks some detail and sheen (I mean it is only accurately modelled on a real-life location with the background mountain rendered in full 3D :wink:), but the details you can make out on the Ferrari is the critical part, everything looks to have more depth and compared to the GTHD Classic shots the cars look like they have something inside of them rather than just been blocks… Every curve and detail down to the badge and grill is visible. Interior and exterior. You can see why Polyphony Digital say GT5 is taking such a long time to bring into production.

Another snippet is that one of the other four tracks on the Premium mode will be based right in my home city (kind of) London! It is about time Britain recieved a bit of lip service from the GT series in regards to courses, and with a London course, I can’t complain- I have PGR3 size expectations for it though PD!

Official Gran Turismo site- contains a Ferrari HD video (a must see) and more images of both Premium and Classic mode (left hand menu).

  • Phht there should be a track based in Newcastle.

    That Ferrari looks incredible and the video is breathtaking. Not really surprising considering PD’s past GT games on the PS2.

  • Downloading video…. foot tapping …

  • Hmm. I was expecting more.

    It looked nice, but I wanted to see more in-car footage. And in colour!

  • Tom

    They couldn’t do a track based on Newcastle… Too many confusing bridges! 😉

  • What’s all this talk of Newcastle about? I think we should organise a games fest. The pic is nice, but frankly I didn’t recall those lights looking so much like popped out eyes last time I was at the car show…