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PS3 Menu Demo |

If you want to see what the PS3 menu will look like there’s a video of it being demoed by Phil Harrison for your viewing pleasure at GameTrailers.

He asked that nobody took any pics or recordings of it as it’s not the finished version. Obviously he was obeyed. 😆

It’s practically the same as the PSP menu bar just darker & with a lot more icons.

It looks as if your $600 will be well spent if you want to show your family & friends your photo collection…

I like the way you can send instant messages to your online contacts, maybe challenging them to a game of Resistance?

The web browser is also a good addition aswell. What are the chances of you being able to install Firefox?

  • How incredibly boring and simplistic. Granted, he stated that it’s not the final, final version, but I can’t see it changing too much before launch.

  • I like that it’s simple & clean looking.

  • It’s a menu system what were you expecting? 😐

    The fact that it’s simple to use is a major plus point. I hope you can change the colour of the menu though as it’s too dark for my liking.

  • ehandlr

    I believe they stated you can modify it however you like by adding wallpapers and possibly even themes. I love its speed though, rather then waiting for each section to load like on XBL

  • Pc

    I know i will like this menu system better than that of the 360’s. Have any of you guys tried pulling up the guide on the 360 while a game is going ???? Sometimes the whole system will just freeze because it can’t handle it. The blades in the 360’s guide menu thingy end up blocking the whole screen in some instances which i don’t like very much…then it freezes..or atleast pauses for a whole minute and makes you think it has froze. Another thing i know i’ll like about the PS3 menu system is that there is a private chat option. That feature is the main reason i like the 360 and without it i prolly wouldn’t like the 360 at all. It’s nice to be able to chat with a friend while playing a single player game !!!! I bet the menu on the PS3 won’t lock up the system while your playing a game.

  • The wonderful thing about the XMB interface is that everything is arranged logically. You want to change a setting of any sort, you go to the settings icon. The 360 unfortunately has settings menus all over the place, instead of one centralized location. With the PS3 menu, you never have to guess where something would be. The PS3 has alot of processing powere devoted to the operating system, so you can assure that this thing will probably run smoothly. It will probably be as costomizable as the PSP interface, with backgrounds and color schemes.

  • Hiro

    Bobeotm, the Xbox 360 has one blade in the dashboard dedicated to settings, how the hell is that “all over the place”. They also offer a personal settings in the guide to allow you to access things while your in game such as your online status, voice settings and active downloads. But that’s hardly all over the place.

    Just like the PS3, the Xbox 360, you’d never have to guess, Xbox Live (friends, messages, marketplace) Games (acheivements, played games, live arcade, demos and game videos) Media (Music, Pictures, video and media center) and Settings, which is just settings. All of which are pretty self explanatory.

    I wonder if you’ve actually used a Xbox 360 dashboard before.

  • Tom

    I am so pumped to see that u can acess stuff on your hard drive through your psp. I love that. i wonder if u can do it just by using a wifi hot spot, not the room where ur PS3 is?