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Monthly Archives: September 2006 New Features

September 28, 2006 | | 4 Comments

For those of you who many not have noticed, or for those of you who read only the RSS headlines, I thought I’d point out that recently I’ve added some new features to

  1. First, I added something in … Read More

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3 confirmed

September 27, 2006 | | 7 Comments

As you may have picked up from the quick notes on the right hand side of this page, the latest RadiOPM podcast has confirmed their “secret November edition cover game” to be a port of the highly rated xbox360 and … Read More

TGS ’06: PS3Blog’s Verdict

September 27, 2006 | | 9 Comments

Now that TGS ’06 is done and consigned to history I thought it would be a good idea for us all on PS3Blog to give our verdicts on the show and what was great, good, poor and downright rubbish about … Read More

Sonic TGS Gameplay Video

September 27, 2006 | | 2 Comments

Sonic is actually one of the few games I played on my Genesis way back when. (My Genesis flirtation didn’t last long.)

We haven’t heard much from Sonic, so I thought I’d make sure to point out these video clips.

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Wii versus GameCube

September 26, 2006 |

Instead of going for the highest possible performance, which does not contribute to software development, our idea was to create a developer-friendly next generation TV game machine that maintained above-standard capabilities.” – Nintendo

The Wii is a new console coming … Read More

PS3 Games Priced at $59.99. Again

September 26, 2006 | | 6 Comments

Until Sony officially announces the price for PS3 games, rumours will continue to surface and disappear on a weekly basis but Sony Style (US) has priced PS3 games at $59.99 for pre-orders.

They also have some box art for a … Read More

Phil Harrison on 1080p, TGS games, Microsoft, and Blu-ray.
Jack Tretton discusses corporate strategies.

September 26, 2006 | | 6 Comments

In the past few years Phil Harrison seems to have become the public face of the PlayStation, appearing at practically every conference and usually appearing as the most approachable of the company’s spokespeople. He does come in for some stick … Read More

Heavenly Sword TGS ’06 Roundup

September 26, 2006 | | 5 Comments

Although Heavenly Sword was at TGS ’06, it was the same build that was seen at E3 back in May but I’m still very excited about this game regardless of not seeing any action outside the arena.

I love these … Read More