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Gran Turismo HD – HiRes Images


Wow… The above 1080p screenshot is of GTHD’s premium mode at the Eiger Nordwand track in Switzerland. The track itself doesn’t look that stunning and lacks some detail and sheen (I mean it is only accurately modelled on a real-life location with the background mountain rendered in full 3D :wink:), but the details you can make out on the Ferrari is the critical part, everything looks to have more depth and compared to the GTHD Classic shots the cars look like they have something inside of them rather than just been blocks… Every curve and detail down to the badge and grill is visible. Interior and exterior. You can see why Polyphony Digital say GT5 is taking such a long time to bring into production.

Another snippet is that one of the other four tracks on the Premium mode will be based right in my home city (kind of) London! It is about time Britain recieved a bit of lip service from the GT series in regards to courses, and with a London course, I can’t complain- I have PGR3 size expectations for it though PD!

Official Gran Turismo site- contains a Ferrari HD video (a must see) and more images of both Premium and Classic mode (left hand menu).


5 Min Video of PS3 Test Unit

I don’t know if you want to watch a video of someone opening and closing the PS3’s lid a couple times, but that’s what this video of the PS3. Some dude took a video camera and basically took some up-close footage of the PS3.

Again we can see that the case of the PS3 is actually transparent. I’m not so sure I like that. I think a nice opaque finish would be best, at least for the top.

What do you guys think?

5 Min Video of PS3 Test Unit.


PS3 Games Completion Percentage

Famitsu has a comprehensive list of PS3 games and how far they are towards 100% completion. None are at 100% despite them saying Ridge Racer 7 was only last week. Here’s the list in full:

Fatal Inertia: 90%
Gundam Target in Sight: 80%
Ridge Racer 7: 80%
Resistance: 80%
Armored Core 4: 80%
Sonic the Hedgehog: 80%
Sega Golf Club, Sega: 70%
Virtua Fighter 5: 70%
Enchant Arm: 70%
Need for Speed Carbon: 70%
Genji: 70%
The Eye of Judgment: 70%
Heavenly Sword: 65%
Mahjong Fight Club: 60%
Gran Turismo HD: 60%
Formula One Championship: 60%
MotorStorm, SCE: 60%
Bladestorm: 60%
Lair: 50%
Virtua Tennis 3: 50%
Coded Arms Assault: 40%
Afrika: 30%
Hot Shots Golf 5: 30%
Railfan: 30%
Wangan Midnight: 30%
Monster Kingdom Unknown Realms: 30%
White Knight Story: 10%

Fatal Inertia is at 90% so that doesn’t bode well for it’s lack of speed. I thought White Knight was 30% now it’s down to 10%. That makes it’s showing at TGS even more impressive.

There’s a good chance all the games at 60% and above will be ready in time for the European launch plus a few others that aren’t mentioned in the list.

PS3 Games Completion Percentage List


New Assassin’s Creed Video

Yesterday at Microsoft’s X06 event, Ubisoft showed off a truly breathtaking new video of Assassin’s Creed which is made up entirely of in-game visuals which shows Altair making his way through the city, scouting out his would be victim before making his way through the crowd, taking out his ‘mark’ and making his escape.

The video below is showing actual gameplay of Assassin’s Creed running on the 360 with the beautiful Jade Raymond talking us through what’s going on:


That is so amazing I’m speechless, so it’s a good job I’m talking with my fingers!

The way Altair moves through the crowd is the way I do (turning sideways to avoid bumping in to people) unless I’m in an aggressive mood of course. Altair looks so fluid and easy to control and the way he interacts with his surroundings is incredible.

This is now my no.1 “must have” purchase!!


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