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Early PS3 reviews positive

IGN commented that this weeks Famitsu reviewed Sega Golf Club, Resistance, Gundam and Ridge Racer 7. Netplay appears to be working well, and is lag free (no mention was made of the bandwith medium this was tested on however).

While Sega ended up with the short end of the stick review wise, Ridge Racer 7 scored the highest of all the titles. Go PS3.


Edit by Henning:

“duckroll” over at NeoGAF gives this rundown:

Sega Golf:

– Good tempo
– You can’t accurately determine where your shot will fall
– Doesn’t really look next-generation


– Camera sucks, but looks great
– Challenging for beginners
– Good amount of content
– Good controls


– Standard FPS gameplay
– Excellent netplay
– Very high standard of next-generation


– Excellent models of Mobile Suits
– Opinions on the game are divided because it relies heavily on accurate input
– The systems are problematic
– Great textures
– Tons of optional and unlockable content
– Overall it’s satisfying even though opinions are divided on it

Ridge Racer 7:

– Totally satisfactory
– The amount of content is totally satisfying
– The high quality of the graphics and sound are very pleasing


David Jaffe’s PS3 Criminal Crackdown

You may remember David Jaffe as the main man behind the smash hit God of War. Now Mr. Jaffe is moving away from games like that to make smaller games like Criminal Crackdown, which will be a downloadable game for the PS3. It was developed in just seven months (so far) and Mr. Jaffe likens it to a “pop song” versus God of War, which is an “opera”.

This game reminds me of a top-down racing game my brothers and I would play on our Atari 800XL. It was a lot of fun, and if you hit the other car just right, you could send him careening across the screen. Lots of multiplayer fun. Though that game was just two players, and Criminal Crackdown will support four-player multiplayer action! Yay!

Anyway, this game looks like a lot of fun, and I’ll definitely be downloading it. The question remains: how do I become a member of David Jaffe’s team, to develop games like this myself? I used to be a games developer after all!

Criminal Crackdown


DTS HD Master Audio from PS3

A reader, Mike, sent me an e-mail asking me the following:

I want to be able to hear dts-hd master audio when it becomes available, which I read from the dts website can be done through an a/v receiver which doesn’t have to support hdmi, which is great. So, what type of audio cable should I use for the best sound quality? I have a 7.1 a/v receiver, so I’m ready.

That’s a really good question, Mike. So far, Sony hasn’t given us the answer. There are several ways of getting DTS HD Master audio quality from a BD movie:

1) Digitally using the DTS HD Master bitstream, passed through an HDMI 1.3 connection. Your receiver must support HDMI 1.3 and DTS HD Master. This SHOULD work with the PS3, though nothing has been announced. (Unlike Dolby True HD, which is an announced supported PS3 format.) But there are currently no receivers or pre/processors that can do this. Though some will probably come to market next year (my guess is late next year).

2) Digital PCM. The player could conceivably convert the DTS HD Master digital stream to PCM 24/192 digital, and put that out over the optical output. The receiver must support this, and frankly, I have no idea which or how many receivers do. Sony has not said anything about whether or not they’ll do this.

3) Analog breakout cables. The player could convert the DTS HD Master signal to 7.1 (or 5.1, whatever) analog audio. But the player would then also have to have 8 (or 6) analog cables coming from the multi-out port just for audio. Sony has not said anything about whether or not they’ll do this.

Sorry I don’t have better answers, but Sony hasn’t provided any information about this. Maybe if any readers know something I don’t, they could share their info!


PS3 Japanese launch system figures lowered

I would not like to be a Japanese PlayStation 3 seeker right now. It is almost as bad as being a European one! 😉

Japan’s number of PS3 units available on launch day (now less than 13 days away) has again fallen from 100,000 to 80,000. You can almost here the mad scramble of Japanese enthusiasts rushing to queue at their local stores! Simply put, getting a PS3 in Japan this Christmas is going to be insanely difficult. If you thought North America had it bad then you should really come visit the other main territories. Although even then there are signs that all is not running to plan in the US; an anonymous Best Buy employee, if they are to be believed, has informed Kotaku that as of yet (with less than 19 days until launch) they have no idea how many units they will get in stock, despite Wii information being finalised.

Maybe it is not so bad to be a European afterall… or at least until we have shortages whenever the PS3 launches here! 😥


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