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Launch Day Numbers |

As the PlayStation 3 launch day approaches, I’m starting to get worried that I won’t be able to get a PS3 on launch day. I have a pre-order at Toys ‘R’ Us, but they’re famously unreliable. So I’ve been trying to find another place to do a pre-order, unsuccessfully.

So I did some math.

400,000 units at launch for North America probably means that about 30,000 – 40,000 units will make it to Canada. I’ll assume 30,000 to make the math easier. That means there’s a 1000 person to 1 console ratio – 1000:1. (Can you guess Canada’s population?) I live in Ottawa, where the population is about a million. So all of Ottawa might be getting about a thousand PS3’s.

What are my chances? Hmmmm….

I heard rumours that EB Games will start taking pre-orders on October 10th. Gotta call them tomorrow to find out. (Managers at EB Games find these things out on Mondays and tell the employees by Tuesday, so I’ve been told.)

  • I think your chances are abooot 1 in a million 😉

  • Martin Hansen

    can’t you get one as “press” ? 😉

  • I’m hoping they do take pre-orders Oct. 10. It would be a huge load of my mind.

  • Canada is pretty much concentrated in big cities, isnt it?

    So the bigger part of the PS3 to Canada will go to Vancouver, Ottawa and whatever (cant remember another big city overseas :D)

    So the chances are much bigger!!

  • The largest cities in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary, in decreasing population size. Ottawa is the fourth-largest city, but it’s population is only just shy of a million. We’re a very sparsely populated country. Lots of the population also resides in the 401 corridor. That is, near the 401 expressway that runs from Windsor (by Detroit) in Ontario up to Quebec City in Quebec. That corridor encompasses Windsor, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, and Quebec City, and many smaller towns. But just the named 9 cities is 8.6 million people. Out of a total population of about 3.2 million.

    Do you know enough about Canada yet?

  • Martin: I wish! Who do I contact to do that? 🙂

  • francois

    Contact Sony! It reminds me …back in 1996, my friends organized a PS tournament between friends. He called Sony and told them he wanted sponsorship for his small event. you know what they did? They shiped him a Playstation cap and a TShirt for free. So Henning, call them ask for some support to your dedicated work on!

  • Get me one too Henning!!!!

  • Darrin

    I’m probably going to sit tight until January to actually get mine. Not that I wouldn’t love to get one on launch day, but

    a) Don’t want to fight launch crowds and such. By January, I hope it should be way easier to get one.
    b) That gives them some time to work out any potential launch problems.
    a) Waiting two more months for my own unit isn’t that big a deal. I will still play the demo kiosks in Oct/Nov.

  • matt

    I think it depends on who Sony is going to team up with. If they are smart it would be a game store like Gamestop. Sony got burned by Toys ‘R’ Us when they featured the Wii as a hot X-mas item and left the PS3 in the cold. I think you are right though on the Canada numbers. The USA has 300 million people and Canada is around 30 million if my dictionary with populations is right. So Canada should get about 10% of the 400,000 so 40,000 units sounds likely to me.

    I wouldn’t worry to much though. Outside of the website wanting hands-on info, If you don’t get one on launch you should get one soon after. The reason they are short on supply is the diode for the laser. I think they will have enough and shipments should be regular to the US and Canada. I would think that your pre-order would come in a month late at the most which isn’t that bad. If you are that impatient, buy one off of Ebay at a higher price than when yours comes in you can Ebay that one to recoup some of your money.

  • Raine204

    I sent my wife to the local SAULT STE. MARIE EB/Games (only 1 in town) for shop opening this morning so that we could get ourselves in on the Supposed Pre-Order……. They had no clue…non whatsoever….Its now 1:07 pm, I phoned them up to see whats up and they didnt even know that its all over google news that EB/Games was supposed to start pre-ordering today.

    Now the facts I know are that ist 8 units to an EB/Games store, (2 for employee sales) leaving 6 for pre-order…….(that leaves say another 6 for our local walmart and say mayber 6 more for our 2 local Zellers (neither of which are pre-ordering) Thats just 24 units for a city with 76000 people on launch day, do the math and thats 6333 to ONE!!!!

    Im just fustrated that my EB/Games is clueless or is this a common occurence across Canada.

    Fellow Canadian sound off on how your pre-orders went.

  • Yup, October 10th today, but no pre-ordering at EBGames in Canada. Called three EBGames in Ottawa to confirm. 🙁

  • Raine204

    Im reading multiple reports online of various USA EB/GamesStop’s managers selling the systems to family members ,while technically allowed, you know that these people are nothing but scalpers who are taking consoles out of hard working parents hands who want to treat their kids to something special and scalping these systems for bare minimum of $1,000 on ebay.

    Now is that greedy or what.

    What, owners of an EB/GamesStop dont make enough money that they have to Scalp their own systems so they can make a few hundred more dollars that month. Geez Pathetic!