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Possible Launch Lineups. Region by Region |

Around 6 weeks from now the PS3 will be hitting Japan (Nov 11th) then North America (Nov 17th) but there is still no official list from Sony about which games you will be choosing to show off your PS3 to your friends/family/partners/pets!

So I’ve compiled a list region by region of the confirmed & highly rumoured games that should be available come launch time or by the end of December (not Europe obviously 🙁 ):

Japan. November 11th 2006.

Confirmed titles:

* Resistance: Fall of Man
* Ridge Racer 7
* Genji: Days of the Blade
* Sega Golf Club
* Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight
* Mah-Jong Fight Club Online

6 Launch Games Confirmed for Japan

Rumoured November/December Arrivals:

* Fatal Inertia
* Sonic The Hedgehog
* Railfan
* Armoured Core 4
* MotorStorm
* F1 Championship Edition
* Need For Speed Carbon
* Enchanted Arm

Rumoured Japanese Winter ’06 Arrivals

North America November 17th

Confirmed Titles

* Resistance: Fall of Man
* Genji: Days of the Blade
* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
* Tony Hawk’s Project 8
* Call of Duty 3
* Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Resistance & Genji 2 Confirmed for Launch
Oblivion Confirmed for Launch
Activision Confirms 3 PS3 Launch Games

Rumoured November/December Arrivals:

* Ridge Racer 7
* Need For Speed Carbon
* Fatal Inertia
* Sonic The Hedgehog
* MotorStorm
* Armoured Core 4
* Enchanted Arm
* Madden NFL 2007
* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
* Fight Night Round 3
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines
* NBA 2K7
* NHL 2K7
* Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Europe. March TBA:

Expect a fair few of the games listed above to make the European launch aswell as the following:

* F.E.A.R.
* Half Life 2: Eps1, 2, Portal & Team Fortress
* Heavenly Sword (dreams)
* Assassin’s Creed (dreams)
* Eye of Judgement
* Virtua Fighter 5
* Virtua Tennis 3
* Lair
* Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
* Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

So what do you guys think about the launch games region by region?

Both the Japanese & North American launches looks to have a decent number of titles available by the end of December. A major improvement over the PS2’s launch lineup!

Although we Europeans have to wait the longest, we should have an incredible launch lineup to choose from.

Note: Just because a title is not in the confirmed launch list but is in the Nov/Dec, list doesn’t mean it won’t be officially announced as a launch title.

  • Why would Ridge Racer 7 not make the NA launch if it made the Japanese one? I really like the look of the game, but it looks like it’s placing too much emphasis on drifting.

  • Note it’s in the uncomfirmed list because it hasn’t been confirmed. I never said it wouldn’t make the launch plus it’s in the Nov/Dec category aswell.


    Heres a link for Mahjong Fight Club on the real arcade (Viper Satelite Terminal, Konami), to give some impressions…

    As Mahjong games are REALLY popular in Japan, I can see this as a system seller for japanese Adults!!

    Hmm… Half Life 2 a launch title… Sounds nice, since I never owned it (just borrowed the account from a friend). That maybe one of the FPS I maybe own in the Future (as Episode 2 is included also!)

    Man, if that EU Launch Lineup is correct, I’ll be spending TOO MUCH money on launch 😀

    Thank god, that I have holydays till the end of April (Starting mid February 😀 )

    You gotta love being a student in Germany!

  • Half Life 2.


    There are just way too many FPS titles to choose from!

  • My friend is going to buy HL2 on PS3 even though he has it on PC so I don’t have to buy that.


    The same can be said for pretty much any decent FPS as he’s a FPS nut!

  • Tom

    March is going to be horribly expensive for me… 😥

    It’s also going to be great fun! Ridge, GT, Resistance, Oblivion, Assassin’s Creed, Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Tennis 3… 😀

  • Pc

    I think FEAR will be a launch title on November 17. I read it somewhere on IGN i believe, but I have to say that this launch lineup even as of now is better than the 360 !!! Xbox owners didn’t really have any AAA titles at launch (I’m one of them) so i ended up playing alot of kameo and pdz, which weren’t that bad, just not all that good. Kameo’s graphics were good though…. 🙂

  • TahClimax

    Good job mate.

  • Thanks. 8)

    And welcome! 😀