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PS3 Magazine Receives Actual PS3 |

Wow, this magazine actually got a real, complete PS3 from Sony. This is it guys. The PS3 is really about to launch. I almost can’t believe it.

Very nice.

This site has more pics aswell.

  • Funny how it’s a UK based magazine yet we have to wait until March! 😡

    I still won’t buy it as it’s a poor magazine which often has misleading games on the cover hinting at possible official info but when you actualy read it, it’s full of hyperbole.

  • Tom

    It’s probably because they moaned so much about the delay, so Sony is trying to get the magazine and its readership back on track. The latest issue has its back page devoted to a “This is Waiting” motif.

    Still, fair play to them for actually publishing the video on the web. I also read on their site that the machine is extremely quiet- excellent stuff! I still see no sign of an external “brick” or PSU either!

    I don’t think the interface shown here is final, it looks like it needs to be polished to match the one Gary posted a link to the other day.

  • Martin Hansen

    Arrrg.. It almost aggrovates me that I have to wait until March. Of cource it is the only logical thing for Sony to do, but that doesn’t change the fact that I cannot play PS3 for another 6 months. I have been in high gear since E3 2005, I’m starting to loose my exitement…

  • Just wait unitil November and when Henning gets his hands on the PS3…

    Jealousy 😈

  • Tom

    This video may soon be removed! I re-read the PSM3 blog and it now has the video removed with a note saying that Sony didn’t want to unveil this just yet! 😆

    They also hint at more revelations for today!

  • Coolbreeze06

    That is interesting Gary!! Sony throwing them a frikin’ bone!