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The Age Paradox of Gaming |

See this picture? Take a look, as see if it applies to your life:

Have you seen the article Gary wrote yesterday? In it we reveal that I have a 57″ HDTV, Gary has a 32″ TV, and Tom has a measly 14″ television. I am older by far than these guys. See a trend? Gary spends his life playing DMC3, which I have a real job and a family. 🙂 (Just kidding Gary.)

But when I saw this graph that looks like some yahoo at Joystiq made up on the spot, I thought that that yahoo definitely had a smart thought.

Picture it: the first paradox of gaming

  • I personally think the graph is backwards…

    If the age of the gamer is going up…time to play should be going down (full time job, family, etc…).

    As the age of the gamer is going up…the probability of him/her being able to purchase pricey game stuff goes up (due to better job, credit cards, loans, etc…).

    14″ TV?? Come.On.Dude!

  • Mm, that is what the graph is saying. Note the colour-coding.

  • I wish I was spending all my time playing DMC3! 😥

    Time have changed though. I remember spending days playing on my Commodore 64 & Mega Drive then when the PSone came out I would literally spend 95% of my free time on it.

    That would consist of me getting home from work at say 5.30pm and play on it until 11pm every day. Weekends would be marathon gaming sessions12, 14hr gaming sessions on Saturdays & Sundays.

    That was before I got a serious girlfriend of course (just happened to coincide with the PS2 being released :x). Then I had to divide my time between my now ex, work, training & gaming.

    Nowadays I actually go days without playing games (too much blogging probably 😉 & an even more serious girlfriend), so the weekends, after I’ve finished training & if I’m not working, are my main gaming days.