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Call of Duty 3 TidBits |

No, this article doesn’t reveal whether or not Call of Duty 3 will have any local multiplayer modes. Nor does it say anything about whether said modes might be 2 player or 4 player. Mmmm… 4 player Call of Duty 3.

But it does reveal a few other tidbits about the upcoming PS3 launch game. Like the online modes. 24 players at the same time. Nothing like Resistance’s 40 players, but hey – it’s something. It’ll have a Capture the Flag mode, a Deathmatch mode, Team Battle, Headquarters (where you have to capture and hold bases), and a “War” mode.

Everyone will be able to choose a character class. Things like sniper, medic, etc. Kinda like Battlefield 2. So if your team-mates are all dying around you, it might be nice for them if you chose the role of medic.

Lastly, the article also reveals that you’ll be able to get into vehicles with others. Also kinda like Battlefield 2. Cool, huh?

Preview: Call of Duty 3

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