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PS3 accessories revealed |

Sony has revealled some more info on the accessories the PS3 will have. The controller is now officially named SIXAXIS and comes a built in lithium-ion battery (Nintendo and Microsoft have gone down the route of replaceable/recharable AA batteries). Battery life is rated at 30 hours. The console still supports seven wireless controllers via bluetooth, with no need for a multi-tap. You can play and charge through the USB cable. It should be priced near to $45.

Memory card
The PS1/PS2 memory card adaptor will also be available at launch. The price should be around $15. The device is connected via USB and can be used to transfer PS1 and PS2 saves to and from the memory card to the HDD.

The remote control is specifically designed for Blu-ray and DVD movie playback. It, unlike the PS2 remote, ties in with Sony’s usual remote stylings, but it is important to note it only works through bluetooth. The price should be around $35. The remote is not due for release until 7 December in Japan, so North America may be in for a bit of a wait.

Note: Since this a Japanese announcement none of the US prices are yet confirmed- the geusses here are speculation on my part based on exchange rates and typical prices.

Sony Japan (link is in Japanese)

  • 30hrs (if true) is pretty good battery time. A couple of questions though:

    How long will it take for it to be fully charged?

    Can you still use the pad while it’s being charged?

    What is the lifespan of the battery (before it dies) and when it dies does that mean we have to buy a new pad or can we remove the battery and put in a new one?

    I reckon £30 for the SIXAXIS. £10 – £15 for the memory card adapter & £20 for the remote control in rip off Britain. 😡

  • Great find, Tom!

    Gary: yes, you can play it while it’s being charged.

    I like that the remote seems dedicated to BD playback. No more X, Square, Circle buttons! Now we just need a close-up! Too bad I’ll just be buying the remote to grab the remote code off of it. Then I’ll put it away.

  • I also like how the controller is a dedicated media controller, not some bizarre ps2 controller shoved in a remotes body with a slew of other buttons. The ps2 remote was difficult to use, since the imputs were always hard to read, and newbies were never sure whether they select X or Enter to access choices. Some sites already have a closer look. Link. Luckily they seemed to simplify things a bit. Upon further inspection, I see it has a PS button, like on the controllers.

    [Henning: pretty-ified link.]

  • Microsoft includes a cartridge that holds two standard AA batteries. The controller itself cannot charge rechargable AA batteries. The add-on battery pack is Li-On and can be recharged by the controller, either while in use or via any powered USB port. The nice thing is the pack can be removed and charged by itself to allow you to have a backup.

  • Darrin

    Awesome news. I agree, that this media remote looks way better than the PS2 DVD remote which was awkward.

    The one accessory that I don’t see is the one that connects PS2 peripherals to the PS3. I’m sure they will have something for Guitar Hero users but I haven’t seen it.

  • bunnyhero

    the memory card adapter connects via USB, eh? hmmm i wonder if it would work connected to a computer! i guess that would depend on whether it required special drivers etc.

  • Martin Hansen

    The PS2 did look like a game console, and the remote, don’t even get me started on the remote. The PS3 looks more like a regular stereo rack component. And with a controller this nice it’s not going to be something you hide away in a drawer, but place it in the middle of the living room’ like some PS3 dude said 🙂

  • matt

    Good info guys. I really don’t like the remote and if the PS3 lacks an Infra-Red sensor, we won’t be able to use an existing remote to control the PS3. Harmony will have to create a remote that either has IR and BT or create a USB plug-in IR sensor pack in with their new remote for PS3.

    Also I am not real excited about the battery life of the controllers. If we cannot remove the battery to replace it than 2 years after launch we will be buying new controllers. Can anyone clarify on this?

  • Yeah – I want an IR solution myself. I just want to program the remote codes into my learning remote so that I don’t have two remotes lying around.

  • SyKo

    [quote]note it only works through bluetooth[/quote]

    does this mean all our learning remotes r useless to this???