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Sony Event in October |

October 19th.

San Francisco.

Sony’s behind-the-curtains peek at the PS3’s launch lineup.

Just in case you didn’t see them at TGS.

Any bets on whether or not we’ll see something new?

Personally, I doubt it.

Sony Showing off PS3 Lineup in Mid -October

  • Pc

    I can’t wait to hear the actual launch lineup for the U.S. !!! I hope they release the final “true” list this time around.

  • According to PS3M, which had the PS3, they had to take down a video which sort of revealed something no meant to be revealed, hence Sony will release “something” not known to us yet…

  • Ya it was the start up screen and menu of the PS3.

  • Well, actually there is alot of info that could be shown at this event. There is alot left to be said, for the online service among many other things. We still dont know what will come in the box when one buys a PS3. We also don’t know the details regarded the interface, will it be customizable? PSP connectivity is also another question, since there has been buzz around it recently. Since this is pegged as the last event before launch, perhaps all (or almost all) will be revealed.

  • Inspectre

    I heard another crazy rumor that Sony is going to pull out actual Killzone gameplay. Rumor says it looks fantastic of course. Don’t hold your breath, but the source seemed genuine.


  • Pc

    Just so you guys know…..Over at IGN there is an article about NBA 2K7 on the PS3. I think yall might be interested in what the devlopers have to say about the power of the PS3 (360 aint nothin).

  • Inspectre

    Thanks PC. I wouldn’t have ever read that article if you hadn’t said something.

  • billyLo

    I smell Killzone.

  • Børten

    Killzone would be GREAT!

    But we’ve been let down before…

  • Killzone would be a great surprise! But I’d be happy with a in depth preview of the menu on the PS3 and the on-line details.

  • I don’t think they’ll be showing Killzone. Sony wants to keep people’s attention on Resistance. But I admit that it would be cool!

  • Well apparantley Heavenly Sword was supposed to be shown at TGS ’06 via a new video but it wasn’t ready in time so I’m 99% sure it will be shown there.