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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Preview |

I love smash-em-up RPG’s like Champions of Norrath. I also like the sequel Return to Arms. And the prequel Baldur’s Gate games. But I gotta say that I didn’t enjoy the latest two Marvel RPG games with a similar style. I even forget what they’re called now I’ve put them so far out of my mind.

Now I’m looking for a next-gen smash ’em RPG that I can enjoy, and there are two contenders. Untold Legends and Marvel: Ultimate Allliance. The former actually doesn’t look much better graphically than Champions.

IGN gives a preview of the better-looking Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I still have my concerns about this game, but the preview sounds like a lot of fun. There are over 20 playable characters, which is cool. I’m a comic book fan, so I can’t wait to play some of the heros I’ve read about. And from the preview, I know I won’t be disappointed in that regard. The levelling-up mechanism, however, wasn’t touched upon much. And from what they do say, this is where I have a little cause for worry.

One of the most fun aspects of Champions and its ilk is building up a character and his/her abilities. It just doesn’t look like this will be part of the game.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Preview

  • First things first. Spiderman beats all other Superheros. Fact.

    I haven’t really been too impressed with Marvel Ultimate Alliance but it may be a fun game to play with friends.

    I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t involve levelling up your characters & learning new abilities as these types of games always do.

    I doubt I’ll get this game though. I’m waiting for Spiderman 3 The Game!!

  • Then you should know that it’s “Spider-Man”, not “Spiderman” !

    And yes, he is the best.

    But as far as levelling up goes – you’re right, it looks like there will be some of that. But I don’t think we’ll be seeing the level of customization and item collecting (which is really part of customizing your character) that a game like Champions had.

  • This is probable going to be a hit in the US/UK territories more then in the rest of the world.
    I will most probable leave this one on the shelves.