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Poll: Has HDMI for PS3 Changed your Mind? |

Time for a new poll!

Sony has said that the 20GB PS3 will now include an HDMI port. That means that the 60GB PS3 advantage is an extra 40GB, wireless internet, and some memory card readers. Those things are easily done without if you plan to use the PS3 just for games. Like I’ve always said: the 60GB PS3 is the Media PS3, while the 20GB PS3 is the Gamer PS3.

Does the inclusion of HDMI across the board change your mind about which PS3 you want to buy? Or are you staying the course? Please tell us what PS3 you plan to buy in our poll in the sidebar. And reply to this post if you’ve changed your mind!

The last poll didn’t have many voters: 🙁

What did you think of TGS 2006?

* Great!: 36% (31)
* Great games, but no online info!: 45% (38)
* Quite disappointing, all around.: 19% (16)

Total Votes : 85

  • Right now my mind is fixed on the 20GB PS3.

    Mainly because the only major function that’s missing from the 60GB PS3 is WiFi which isn’t that big of a deal for me.

    I’m also not concerned by the smaller hdd as I’m not a big downloader but if I did need extra space at a later date I could easily buy one cheap enough.

    I just hope it costs no more than £350. Well if it’s even released in the UK…

  • hollywooda

    Not intrested in a PS3…so no

  • 60 GB For Me 🙂

  • Hiro

    I take it you didnt like my idea 😛

  • Mine was better. 8)

  • No, I”ll use it! But this one was better so close after TGS.

  • Brian

    I’m getting confused, which I admit is not difficult these days. Somebody please straighten me out. The wifi feature…is that what allows the psp to communicate with the ps3 or is that just for getting online wirelessly.

  • Both!

  • PJ

    I going to stick with my Xbox 360…I have not seen a compelling reason to buy the PS3 – at least not now. Maybe by Christmas of 07 the PS3 will have some decent games and I’ll look at it again.

  • luke

    ^why even bother posting if you’re not interested in the ps3??? anyways i guess i’d be more likely to purchase the 20 if it were my only choice. i could have lived with it from day one but i just want the 60 for no particular reason.

  • Robert

    I also question if it matters having wifi on PS3 especially for PSP. I would connect PS3 to home network which already has wifi so is there any difference? Now with HDMI on 20GB for Blu-ray media playing I like 20Gb better if I can connect PSP through home network.

  • Hopefully I’ll be getting my hands on a 20GB version. No WiFi where I live.

  • Shane

    I like the 60 gig version, but with all the over heating problems i’m a little skeptical on either one. I’m probably the biggest Sony fan boy, but where will sony be when my ps3 breaks down. will they stand behind their product and replace it or tell me sorry your out of luck?

  • “all the over-heating problems” is a slight exagerration. I’ve only seen once case of what may be an overheating problem. The PSM folk said their PS3 ran nice and cool. As far as standing behind a product – that’s a risk you take with any consumer electronics purchase.

  • In good old England we get 2 year guarantees with our hardware so if the PS3 does develop a fault in the first 2 years we are covered.

  • Pc

    Well I’m getting the 60gb media PS3 because i want the best they have to offer. Plus i have the premium 360 package which has the little chrome strip on the front of the disk tray, and all of my entertainment center is silver. So i want the 60 gb PS3 with the chrome accents for style as well as functionality.

  • I’ll be getting the 60gb one…

    Why? Because I can afford it, and it is worth the price… I am a Media “Guru”. I watch movies, play games, listen to music … And I have my own 3 router wifi network around my perimeter…

    Also I have a PSP and w/o wifi it would pretty much suck. (Dont know, if Sonys software is good enough to loop thru my Linux Wifi router)…

  • mcloki

    The 20 looks much better now. HDMI is the option I’m looking for. I like the fact that the remote is bluetooth as well. As for the overheating problem. In a trade show with 20 other PS3’s in an enclosed booth. Ya that’s normal. I like what PSM says about how quite it is. That’s great. I would like to find out how good the cell is at decoding Blue Ray movies compared to a stand alone player as well?

  • matt

    I am looking at the 60 gb version because it is the best they have. I am holding off on one for a while (price drop!), atleast until their are a bunch of games that I want to play. The larger HDD will come in very handy.

    I wonder if the reports about 4/1 ratio of 60gb/20gb is still true. Now with HDMI, I would think that most people will just go with the cheaper of the two versions.

    The PS3 will be a software based Blu-Ray player. If will not perform as well as a stand-alone. Sonys Blu-Ray player for $1000 is being built JUST to play movies. The PS3 is being built to play games first, media second and BRP 3rd. I personally am not buying the PS3 as a movie player. The average gamer will probally not know the difference in quality so the PS3 as a movie player will be plenty and more importantly look much better than DVD.

  • I’m still going for the 60Gb version. I might change my mind in the comming months, especially after the launch. Also I would like to point out that Sony produces more 60Gb versions then 20Gb versions. Which means that my chances of getting one at launch are so much higher if I choose a 60Gb version.

  • Michael

    People keep going on about hard drive size? Just replace it with whatever you want!!! It doesnt even invalidate your warranty tso the actual size of PS3’s hard drives are irrelevant. I had a PS3 since launch and sold it not long after, as i also have a wii and a 360. The games at lauch were dross apart from Motorstorm so now some more decent games are coming out ill buy anohter.

    A point about blue ray players being 1K. When I bought my DVD player in November 1997 – I paid over 1K for that as they hadnt even hit this country yet. Therefore it is only due to rareity that these players are so expensive.

    The debate about blue ray is pretty pointless to be honest – cos someone states here “blue ray is much better quality” – it isnt. Statistically it is but unless you are running everything on the top of the line, 1080p you arnt going to notice, and even then you wont notice unless you know what you are looking for like colour bleeding etc. This is one thing that got my goat about ps3 – everyone going on about blue ray – when its nothing to be excited about. I had casino royale on ps3, I also saw it on the 360 hd-dvd and there was no difference – and only the tiniest difference between standard DVD on certain scenes.

    So buying a ps3 bnecasue you think blueray is wonderful is unrealistic. The main point here – is hard drive size no longer matters. Buy whatever you want becasue its a simple operation to replace the hard drive with a 250gb if you want. Separate Hard drives dont even cost that much either.

  • Uh, Casino Royale isn’t available on HD DVD.

  • swigg

    the bottom line… if your looking for the best next generation gaming system and you have a 1080p tv, the ps3 60GB is the best way to go it has eveything and some. the blue-ray alone beats all the other systems. and you can tell a big big difference in the picture quality if you have a up to date ( HD 1080p) tv. not that old 50 inch big screen tv, if your playing on a tv that is not HD it”s going to look much like a ps2. So like i say,,, if your ready for “NEXT GEN” spend the money its worth every penny and get the ps3 60GB. If not stick with the xbox 360…… HALLA.