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Sony Denies PS3 Overheating Problems |

A recent report by Macquarie Securities’ David Gibson claimed a number of PS3s experienced overheating problems and some had to be constantly restarted as a result. This had a knock on effect with Sony’s shares decreasing in value.

Well Sony Europe has refuted these claims releasing this statement to

“SCE can categorically deny that there’s any problems with PS3 units overheating. As could be seen on the TGS floor by the tens of thousands of media and public attendees, both the hardware and software worked flawlessly.”

I wasn’t there so I can’t comment but if the overheating problems were true how come there hasn’t been more reports stating overheating problems from the various websites that were represented at TGS?

There were 1000s of people there so surely if this did happen on more than one PS3 I’m pretty sure it would be blasted all over the web by now.

Sony Denies Overheating Problems with PS3

  • Martin Hansen

    Yes I agree. Besides several websites have reported that the PS3 is remarkably silent and cool.

  • Pc

    Seeing as Sony is the hardware manufacturer and microsoft is all about software, I expect there to be alot less problems with the PS3 hardware than there was with the xbox 360 !!! Overheating problems this far down the road…whatever….maybe if the systems weren’t well ventilated..MAYBE. My 360 is currently in the ol microsoft repair shop because they can’t make good hardware. I still have my original PS2 and i just so happen to be playing tomb raider legend on it right now !!!

  • ehandlr

    What people did report seeing was PS3’s being rebooted. However this is not what I would think is a standard troubleshooting procedure for overheating units. I would think they would turn the unit off for a while before restarting it to have it overheat almost instantly after it gets going again.

  • The thing is, this ‘news’ was reported in a tiny block in a free newspaper we get in England and two different people came up to me and said “did you know the PS3 is having overheating problems & their shares have dropped?”. 😐

    I had to explain to them exactly what this ‘news’ actually means and not to take things at face value.

    But that’s the problems this type of news causes. The casual gamer reads it and thinks “Oh no the PS3 is going to be faulty!”

  • Tom

    In case nobody has seen this…

    I don’t know what to make of it… It doesn’t sound to me like Sony has any real heat problems with the PS3, and I think Nyko just playing on people’s concerns… but I guess we need to wait and see!

  • ehandlr

    I saw that. Also saw this.

    Basically the devs of Resistance stood up for Sony saying it runs quietly and not hot. They did say the belly gets a little bit warm and shouldn’t be placed on carpets..but I would think that’s common sense.

  • I don’t see the PS3 overheating in our homes. Besides those PS3 where in enclosed spaces as well.

  • Its again FUD…

    yes, the software is still alpha/beta ware, yes, a convention is hardcore for hardware and yes, the confined space isnt helping either…

    Now, Kotaku (man, I really dislike this site) posted a pic of the RR7 unit being cooled by a usual ventilator. If I seal shut my PC or whatnot, it will overheat as well, if I play a game, as hardware intense as RR…

    Remember MS, it didnt even show real 360s at last years TGS/E3 before launch!!

  • Pc

    I especially hate Joystiq and kotaku !!! They are always hating on the PS3 because their big wii and xbox fans and are just angry cuz Sony always makes the BEST system !!! The PS3 will not overheat if it is placed in a well ventilated area. People are just thinking about how the 360 overheated even with proper conditions (poorly constructed by people who make SOFTWARE). I have not had one piece of Sony hardware ever break. I have had good luck with Sony throughout my whole life. My first stereo i got when i was little is Sony brand and still works fine. Those other blogs sites need to stop tryin to spread crap like this around cuz their only making things bad for the gaming business!!!!!

  • True PC…

    My whole HiFi System is Sony! It is pretty old (my father gave it to me) and still works like a charm. The only Sony peripheral that ever died on me was my old Trinitron TV that had nearly 15 years of duty…

    Like I said, its just FUD… Spread by Microsoft (does Mike Mgoblue ring a bell) and other Sony haters!!

  • This is another typical example of how Microsoft likes to deal with their competitors. Crack em down and create fuzz about things that aren’t even true.

  • Dan C

    Well I can confirm the overheating problem because my PS3 only works for about 10 minutes and locks right up. And it is extremely hot! I am sending it back today.

  • badpenguin

    I can also confirm, my PS3 works maybe 15 minutes, then freezes. A movie takes about an hour until it freezes. I called Sony and they claim that there are no overheating issues and the game must have been dropped. $150 to check it out. They claim they will refund my money if it is a manufacturer default. This really sucks $600 for the system, and now I have to worry that I may have to pay more….AND NO I DID NOT DROP IT.

  • tigerboy

    actually i am currently sending my ps3 to the manufacturer because of an overheating problem… moments after i turn on the system it shuts down in overheating status… the wierd thing is the system isn’t hot at all… even the tech guy at Sony had no idea what the issues is. The sadest part is i have only had my system a week and was gonna play on my two days off but now I am s.o.l.

  • RazorsEdge

    I just bought the 80 gig Ps3 bundle with motor storm, and i get 5 mins of play time before it shuts down. so now im thinkin it wasnt worth the 600 bucks i paid for it.

  • Ivan

    I got one of those Nyko intercooler things at a local gamestop and it is totally worthless. I only have one month with my 80Gb ps3 and haven’t had any problems at all. Just the thing that after 15 minutes of playing the fans start running faster, which I think is a common thing to happen since that same thing happens with every single other console… It is a shame people are having problems with their systems, but we all have had problems with every single thing. I heard on some news chanel that they are expecting 3 out of 10 consoles to have a problem. I don’t know where they got their facts from but I’ll hopefully won’t be in those three…

    BTW, I am a current bass player, and got one of those ampeg bass heads and had to return it after 5 months of use for overheating, they sent me another one and got burned after 10 minutes of being using it. the company said I was the first person in their records to have that sort of problems with that model of bass amp I bought… So i think that shit happens and it depends on people’s luck as well

  • well I have a ps3 n have heating problems I had 2 buy the fan

  • Ang

    I have a ps3 which Ive been having problems with picture both in hdmi mode and componet mode on 3 different tvs. I get picture and sound for about 5min. Then goes blurry and all different colors. I’ve cleaned the lens, have tried the reset and still nothing. I even hooked up to an old tube tv and still the same thing.. Any suggestions… Thanks

  • damon

    ok so this is weird. i didnt want to think there was a problem with my PS3. but reading simular storys on, the same over heating issues that every one has talked about has happenedto my unit. i trun it on it shuts off. trun it on it stays on for about 15 mins then shut off. i called sony and they said send it.
    my question is should i send it in or take it some where eles to have it serviced.what can i do to keep it from over heating?

  • Tim

    Our PS3 overheats regularly during the summer (with ambient temps around 75F) whenever attempting to run high processor demand games like GTA4 or Madden 09 or 10. No problems in the winter when the ambient temp is around 64F. We tried the Intercooler but it didn’t work. We even tried putting in a refrigerator, but the fridge couldn’t produce enough cool air to keep it cooled! So yes – it is a big problem.