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New Colin McRae: DIRT Screens |

There’s 3 new screens of Colin McRae: DIRT have found their way to courtesy of Game Informer. They look pretty detailed and by the looks of the various icon buttons found at the bottom of the screen may well be from the replay mode:

Colin McRae: DIRT

If that’s the replay mode or a directors mode, does that make the above image in-game?

There’s also 3 very nice looking images at Codemaster’s website which are worth a look, especially the second and third images but I don’t know if they are in-game. If they are then that’s one tasty looking game Henning could be playing come Summer 2007! 😉

  • I didn’t know there was a Colin McRae game coming to the PS3. Cool.

  • This is not my first post about it! 😆

    You don’t read my work… 😥

  • Right, I forgot. Link.

    Sorry! My memory is terrible.

    I don’t like the aspect of rally races where the other cars aren’t on the track at the same time/position as you. It takes some of the fun out of it. I think I’d rather be playing MotorStorm!

  • MotorStorm looks much funner than this 🙂

  • Colin McRae is more of a rally simulation than Motorstorm. Motorstorm is more of an arcade experience.

  • I’m more a fan of that other rally game. Tough I doubt if those guys are still in business. colin McRea is arcade if you compared it to that one… in those days … I don’t know how McRea rally evolved since then (which is 5 years ago)