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PS3 Premiere Party |

Wanna go to the PlayStation 3 Premiere event party? All you have to do is (a) live in the United States (doh!) (b) tell Sony in an orignal, creative way why you have to be there, and (c) hope that your name (with 9 others) gets drawn from the 5,342,754 other applicants.

Did that dissuage you? No? Then you might like to know that you get a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles, a two-night hotel stay, daily spending cash (!!!), and a ticket to the premiere event. Which is on November 8th, a scant 9 days before the North American PS3 release.

Hurry up! You only have 5 days left to enter the contest! Gary, Tom, and I won’t be able to apply (we live outside of the US). Maybe Darrin will give it a try…

Events & Promotions – PlayStation Party Premiere

  • Kinda odd that you have to wait 20 weeks to get your PS3 that you won. Oh, well. I’ll give it a shot 🙂

  • Darrin

    I don’t know if I’m the guy for a photo/video/song/poem contest. Too bad it’s only open to U.S residents. This blog should qualify someone.

    Hope you win, xbserserker!

  • Quoc Bui