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1UP MotorStorm Preview |

1UP has a preview of MotorStorm where they reveal a few new details about the game. Like the fact that the AI is aware of the kind of vehicle you’re driving. What does that matter? If, for example, you’re riding a motorbike, it’ll know that you want to stay away from the muddy parts of the course. So therefore it’ll try to push you in that direction. Or try to prevent you from going on the dry part of the course (there are multiple routes through a course, which I think is really cool).

The MotorStorm dude also says that they’re working on online support and support for the motion-sensing capabilities of the SIXAXIS PS3 controller.

But the really cool part is actually the attached video. Unfortunately, it’s rather small. Anybody know where I can find a high-def version of the video?

MotorStorm PS3 Preview
MotorStorm Video

  • That looks awesome! I love how the guy on the motorcycle punched the other guy off his, lol. This is a must have game!

  • I’m going to be that guy on the motorbike. 8)

    I love riding on motorbikes, it’s my main source of transport in the GTA games so I’ll be using the bikes at every opportunity in MotorStorm.

    That video is great!


  • Darrin

    The videos for this definitely look good.

    They mentioned analog stick control and possibly using the sixaxis tilt functionality when you are launched into the air (do you just look around?), but they didn’t mention steering wheel support. Maybe they just didn’t mention it, but for a racing game, I’d think I’d want to use a steering wheel controller.