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Another Resistance preview |

This game is getting deserved coverage before release and with every new preview that comes around we seem to find out more about both the game and the PS3.

The first thing I should note actually comes from the RadiOPM podcast- Resistance uses R1 and L1 for primary and secondary fire, whilst using the R2 trigger as a multi-function button- a light push cycles your weapons, a firmer push brings up your weapon inventory. Further research tells me that L2 acts as a “crouch” button. Interesting that the triggers are not being used as primary “fire” buttons, but I’m sure Insomniac knows what it is doing.


The more interesting developments though come from 1UPs in depth playtest of the online mode at Insomniac’s studios. Resistance will have both “ranked” and “unranked” matches on offer with ranked games designed to appeal more to hardcore online gamers whilst unranked games are intended for those who play less regularly or with their friends. The ranked matches will be tightly controlled affairs so that people cannot get away with simply restricting weapon choice to their favourite- something very important as rank and leadership boards are a big part of Resistance. Added to this you can get various military style achievements for completing certain tasks- for example 1000 headshots. They also reveal the game will feature downloadable content support, clans and that playing as the Chimera has its advantages (go into “rage mode” and you can run faster than humans, but are also more vulnerable to attack). It is good to know at least some

Insomniac also revealed how they intend to use the functionality of the PS3 controller. For a melee attack you simply thrust the controller forward. Get targeted with the bulls-eye weapon and simply shake your controller to escape. 1Up also hears that insomniac is looking at a way that if you move the controller a certain way you bring up a multiplayer map, which sounds like a good idea to me so long as it is well implemented. They also go on to cover the AI, which is vastly improved from the scripted stuff you would find in Ratchet on PS2 and each Chimera reacts to your actions.

1Up preview

RadiOPM (also contains interview with Full Auto 2 developer which drops more online hints)

  • ehandlr

    Sounds sweet. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Having any other button than R1 as the primary fire button would be alien to me & possibly most PS2 owners aswell. I’ve used the GameCube pad to play games such as Resi 4 & MGS: Twin Snakes and I never really felt comfortable using the ‘Cube pad.

    I’m sure if people don’t like the control layout they can customise their own.

    Maybe if you throw the pad into the air & catch it you will bring up the map. 😆

    Not ideal for those who can’t afford to buy new pads (me) then.

  • Chimera has its advantages (go into “rage mode” and you can run faster than humans, but are also more vulnerable to attack).

    Sounds cool 🙂 A berserker rage, mwhahaha. I can’t wait to get this game!

  • Why would you use a trigger as your primary fire button? I don’t see any advantage.

  • Tom

    Well as somebody else suggested to me- it makes the pad feel more gun like, but to be honest I’m used to using the R1 button to fire, so I’m not too bothered.

  • ehandlr

    i don’t know if I like the thrusting for melee attacks.

  • I suppose the arguments for having the trigger for primary fire is so it feels like you’re using a gun.

    However I’m so used to R1 as the primary fire button it would be so strange for any other button to be set as the primary fire button.

  • I’m glad that almost all of the proposed PS3 launch titles seem to be on par (and in some cases surpassed) most 2nd gen 360 titles. That says alot about how good PS3 games will look in the future.