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flOw |

There is a new interview with the developers of the game flOw. This is a free Flash game that you can download now for the PC. It is being rewritten and upgraded to run as a PS3 online download.


Definitely a unique (and free) online game.


flOw Flash Game
Interview with flOw developer


  1. Looks very interesting …. an eye candy type game, lol. So what is it all about?

  2. DOH! Sorry I didn’t click the link because it wasn’t visible before. Looks like an good free game 🙂

  3. ehandlr

    Its fun and addictive.

  4. Its a good stress reliever. Its calming but can get tense when you are up against an creature much bigger than you. You turn from the hunter to the hunted. The PS3 version apparently is getting a facelift, and probably, a lot more levels of depth (since the free flash version only goes down to about 7 or so). I will definitely be a game i will play on the PS3, especially since it supports the tilt controller.

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