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Assassin’s Creed AI Rumor Officially Debunked |

There was a widely reported rumor that the 360 version of Assassin’s Creed would feature better AI than the PS3 version. Ubisoft has officially denied this:

While the method for distributing AI load is different on each platform, the AI code itself is the same. Players will experience the exact same crowd results on PS3 and Xbox360,

When this rumor was originally making the rounds, I posted that this was unconfirmed and highly suspect. Many people disagreed with me, but it turns out that I was right. Sorry to gloat, but I do dislike bogus rumors and bad journalism.

Updated IGN Article on Assassin’s Creed

  • bunnyhero

    i knew it smelled fishy! thanks for debunking this.

    is the xbox360/ps3 fanboy war nastier than the xbox 1/ps2 war was, or is it just my imagination? or is it because blogs are more prevelant now, and rumours and misinformation can spread all the more quickly?

  • It was a poorly worded article in the first place that caused the confusion. Still, Assassin’s Creed is going to be (hopefully) one awsome game when it’s released!

  • Rumour debunking is a favourite past time here at Thanks for catching this one!

  • Pc

    I knew it was never true. There is no way is could have been true !!

  • Another rumour bites the dust. There are tons of false rumours/aqcusations out there. Mostly created by Nintendo and Microsoft (go figure) fanboys. Also a lot of ‘independant financial consultants’ giving their ‘professional’ (they always forget to mention biased) opinions.

    Still enough bullshit is around to last after the Playstation 3 launch. Even tough Europe has to wait another 6 months, it will be very interesting to see how Sony and thus the Playstation 3 will be doing across the rest of the world.

  • Still weirdly worded if you ask me:
    And while the 360 hardware enables Ubisoft’s team to use multiple threads to enhance the crowd’s AI, the end result for the game on both systems will be the same.

    Sounds like they could’ve gone further with the game’s AI on the 360, but they won’t in order to minimize development effort on individual consoles. Either way, seeing as how I was amazed with the X’06 footage which was a WIP, I still can’t imagine how they could’ve improved it any further.

  • matt

    This is funny because the guy I know at EA has told me that the code on the PS3 has to be re-written from the code on the 360. He said that the only thing they could use was graphics. His estimate of 60% of the game is written differently makes sense to me.

    This could be a ploy to cover up what was the truth. The processors work differently and this shouldn’t be hard to understand. The Cell is naturally better at certain tasks and the 360 cores are better at others. Ubisoft probally just wanted to make each game equal in appearance to the public when they are not. Sony probally freaked out at them and said fix it.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this “rumor” resurfaces again after the games are reviewed by the larger game outlets like IGN, Gamespot, etc. The games will be very similar but never will a game be the same between the 2 consoles.