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Does Sony need a Major Nelson? |

What do you guys think?

I mentioned this in an earlier post and there are definitely reasons for and against this.

Sony could really use an online personality that provides frequent interaction with the online community. A lot of the negative attitude among the online gaming community towards Sony is because Sony seems very distant and provides very infrequent communication. They go “radio silent” (as Phil Harrison said) very frequently for long periods of time. This frustrates a lot of bloggers and even a lot of the gaming press.

On the other hand, this is about games, hardware, and technology. Ultimately, who cares about keynote speeches and the personalities of corporate executives? As consumers, we want the best entertainment and technology platform, and that’s really all that matters.

It’s also kind of nice to see a company go “radio silent” and focus on building the actual products rather than bombarding us with PR.

Also, as outraged as many bloggers and press are at Sony, most of the buying public doesn’t care. They don’t read the online debates and the rumors and the flame wars. They will make their decisions based on the products they see and couldn’t care less what some hyper-opinionated bloggers have to say.

Ultimately, I think having the right online representative would be a positive move for Sony. It’s not the most important issue that they face and they definitely need to keep their main focus on the products themselves, but having a good online representative would be a very beneficial move.

  • Sony needs “something”. If I were a Sony fan, I’d feel pretty disenfranchised.

    I agree that average Joe Consumer doesn’t really care about the behind the scene stuff…but how will they ultimately be informed? Usually by a friend or relative “in the know” about video games. Those are the core gamers that follow the industry closely.

    I enjoy Major Nelson’s communications as well as other Microsoft efforts. It makes it seem more like a community. I love hearing what’s going on, what’s coming up, what’s new, etc… Keeps you interested, excited and informed.

    You just don’t get that with Sony – from what I can tell. Maybe in small pockets between gamers, but that’s about it. That’s just Sony though. I don’t think they get “community”.

  • Darrin

    Well said, McWilliams. I particularly agree with you on the casual gamer. Even if they don’t read online debates, they are often influenced by people who do.

  • bunnyhero

    i’ve wondered the same thing myself. although to be honest, i find major nelson annoying, especially after that incredibly bogus post where he compared the specs of the xbox 360 and the ps3.

  • Jube3

    I think the thing you are forgetting Bob is that nintendo does have a public figure that is beloved and charismatic in Reggie. He may not have a blog, that i know of, but he is something gamers can connect with. I dont think sony really needs one, but it wouldnt hurt. Major nelsons never really realease much from what I can remember, his site just has occasional videos and my favorite, announcement of new stuff on the marketplace. I dont think sony needs it, the ps3 is gonna be awesome with or without a figure like major nelson.

  • Inspectre

    The only parts of his blog I ever hear about is when he’s bashing Sony.

    No big deal I guess. We don’t need anyone grabbing headlines bashing the 360.

  • I think the Sony needs a community. Only major blogs/forums/sites I’ve seen for the PS3 have been this,, and some poorly updated other sites with a small userbase. The Xbox community has (easily the best for interaction due to advanced gamertag implementation), Teamxbox, Major Nelson, Xboxyde, and numerous other sites devoted to media and community interaction.

    Also the devs such as Bungie and Epic Games are incredibly community based and interact with gamers on a regular basis, going farther than their individual games and sharing updates on their development studios as a whole. I believe part of the problem lies in the fact that we’re on separate continents. Japan being the HQ for both Nintendo and Sony, I think the western community is treated secondary due to location. I could be wrong, and its just Microsofts outreach to the community, but I personally believe its because Microsoft is a US based company (except for their tech support :-P).

  • Darrin

    Awesome comments, phaethon (and everyone else). Good point about Bungie + Epic. I agree with everything you said except that the western community is treated secondary. Look at the priority North America got for launch quantity allocation. The North American market is clearly very important.

    “Only major blogs/forums/sites I’ve seen for the PS3 have been this,, and some poorly updated other sites with a small userbase.”

    Wow, I’m happy and surprised this site ranks so highly.

  • You guys are the best I’ve seen for Playstation 3 news :). I’m counting on you guys to deliver me the news of that one game that’ll make me run out and buy a PS3 for any cost : Shadow of the Colossus 2/God of War 3/Colony Wars 4/ Jak 4/ etc.

    But something has to be different with Sony and Nintendo for them to be so closed towards their fanbase. Either that or Microsoft is so open. But its hard not to notice the difference between those two in the East and MS in the West.

    I personally enjoy seeing the providers of my entertainment is human beings rather than merely being corporate figures. I’m gonna give Sony and Nintendo the benefit of the doubt by saying that I haven’t extensively looked for interviews with Ken Kutaragi and Shigeru Miyamoto as often as I’ve found interviews with Peter Moore. But overall, the Xbox community just seems more open as far as interactivity.

    It would only take a single AAA title developer creating and participating in a blog and/or forum for this viewpoint of mine to change. If Fumito Ueda (impossible), Hideo Kojima, or Dave Jaffe started their own, it could work wonders for Sony’s PR and get rid of the scar which is the months of silence, delay, and finally their harsh price point.