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What Comes with the Japanese PS3? | has a list of what comes in the box with the Japanese PS3 which apparantley came from brochures released to specialist Japanese stores.

Here’s what comes in the box:

* PS3 hardware
* 1 x SIXAXIS Controller
* 1 x USB cable (to recharge the controller and PSP connection)
* 1 x Stereo AV cable An HDMI/component lead can be bought separately
* 1 x LAN cable
* 1 x Power cable

No idea if that’s the 60GB or 20GB PS3 but it looks as if we will get a component cable in the box but no headset.

Massive praise goes to Dav for the find.

*EDIT: Apparently you don’t get a component lead in the box. Mistranslation apparantley or maybe not. Have to wait for the official word on this one.

Contents of Japanese PS3 box leaked. Scroll halfway down the page

  • ehandlr

    At least it comes with componant cables thank God. I was worried a little about that for my HDTV. I don’t need a LAN cable..just need a second sixaxis controller.

  • matt

    I really don’t like the fact they aren’t including a headset. This doesn’t bode well for online gaming at all. I know a lot of you don’t care but any Xbox Live verteran looking at the PS3 will be disappointed.

    Good to see the USB cable and Component cables come in the Box. I kind of thought that they would but you never know (thought the headset was a no brainer as well).

  • ehandlr

    I have a bluetooth headset for my cell phone..if things work out accordingly….I’ll be all set.

  • LAN cable …. kinda lame. A lot of people have a few extras of those. I’d rather have a headset 🙂 Good find though.

  • I’d find the LAN cable handy.

    Shame about the headset.