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More PS3 hardware shots |

More images of the PS3 have surfaced and they don’t make pretty viewing for people who hate dust.

This first picture highlights the biggest aesthetic problem of the PS3- like the PSP that shiny coating shows up dust and scratches very easily. These guys need to get the duster out, show some pride! 😉 If you look very closely you can also see the transparent quality of the unit, only a slight effect, but fairly neat. The 60GB’s various memory card slots are also visible with the Compact Flash slot’s eject button showing.

This second picture shows the PS3 sitting above a video scaler or a video distribution unit, ports exposed! Again we can see the PS3’s AV Multiout, HDMI, Ethernet and Digital Audio output ports, not to mention the AC power cord connector- indicating again that you won’t be seeing an external power bricks when you unbox your PS3!

More dusty pictures at Gamefront!

EDIT: Thanks Segitz!

  • They really should at least dust it. It annoys me when people don’t take care of their equipment.


  • Thats not an amplifier 😀

    Its either a video scaler or a video distribution unit. Look at the BNC connector, which usually are NOT used for Audio but for video…

    But that doesnt mattter…

    Still, the PS3 looks great… But the dust should really be wiped off… Not in its 5 years has my PS2 ever looked as bad as this!

  • Thats one the dangers of having such good looking glossy box in a dusty room. I’m not sure about the power brick. It could happen eventually, and it probably should I remember I had to send away for a replacement cable for my Xbox and PS2 slim. Hopefully no one encounters and problems because of this. I’d keep it off the carpet regardless. Better safe than sorry.

  • matt

    I don’t mind the 360 power brick, because it has a surge protector in it and is easily hidden in my entertainment center. If the PS3 has one (which I believe it won’t) I wouldn’t care if it had a built in surge protector.

    Those pictures are horrible. It is a shame that they couldn’t dust off the machine, but it is nice to see some pics of the PS3 that I haven’t seen before.