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5 Ways to Connect your PS3 |

  • On October 9, 2006



This week I’m going to try something new. Every day I’ll be doing a list of 5 things. I call it my week of fives!

First off, I’ll explain five ways you can connect your PS3’s audio and video into your system. Well, to be honest, there are plenty more than five ways to connect your PS3, so I’m not going to list all the possible combinations. But I will group them together instead, and then give some additional notes for HDMI 1.3 and DVI. For a list of five PS3 connection considerations, if you like.

  1. Composite / svideo / component, direct to television.
    First up is what I think a lot of people with older systems will be doing. I know many of you just connect your gaming system directly to your TV, and don’t even have a stereo. So hooking up your PS3 in this case is pretty easy, though you have to be aware of two things, which I’ll explain in a minute. So, how does this method work? When you unpack your PS3, just connect the multi-out cable to the multi-out port on the back of your PS3, and then connect the audio right (red), audio left (white) and composite (yellow) RCA connectors to one of the inputs on the back of your TV. Done! That’s it. You’ll be able to play games now as long as you select the correct input on your TV and put a game in the PS3 and turn it on. (I’m assuming you also connected the power cord.) But there’s a little more you should know: your television may do better with a certain kind of connection than another. For example, when I bought my new HDTV and connected my PS2 through an svideo connection, it looked terrible. I didn’t have that problem with my previous (SD) television. So I went and bought a component video cable for the PS2, tried that out, and the image quality improved by a very substantial amount. So if you connect your PS3 using a composite cable, and don’t like the picture quality, don’t assume it’s the PS3’s fault. Try upgrading to svideo or component if your television has those inputs. Component is best – it’s the one with three RCA cables coloured red, green, and blue (usually).
  2. HDMI direct to television.
    This is also for those of your without a stereo system. You can use an HDMI cable from your PS3 to your television. Just plug it in an viola et/and voila! You should have both audio and video. Note that if your television has a DVI input but not an HDMI input, all is not lost. See below.

  4. Composite / svideo / component / HDMI with receiver or pre/processor.
    If you have a receiver or pre/processor (henceforth, I’ll just say “receiver”), you can use that to (1) play back the audio from your PS3, and (2) switch the video from your PS3.
    • Audio. Currently, I have my PS2’s component video output connected to my HDTV. And I have an optical digital cable running from my PS2 to my receiver. That way I can get the audio in better quality and surround sound. I could have used the analog stereo jacks as well, but that would have required some extension cables, and I would have lost 5.1 surround sound. Anyway, this connection method can also be used with the PS3, though I’ll be using a variant. I’ll be connecting my PS3 to my TV using an HDMI/DVI cable, to get the video into my TV. And I’ll be using the same optical connection to route the sound to my receiver.
    • Video. You can also use your receiver to switch your video. You can connect your composite, svideo, component, or HDMI output from the PS3 to the back of your receiver, and then have another cable going from the receiver’s video output to the television. I would personally like to do this, but can’t. My receiver doesn’t have enough inputs, and it also doesn’t have component video, DVI, or HDMI inputs either. The only caveat here is if your receiver does any video processing. That may be fine, but it may also introduce gaming lag. So test it and see.

  6. HDMI 1.3 considerations.
    The PS3 supports the latest HDMI 1.3 spec. Which is significant for several reasons.
    • That means it supports deep colour (which just means a wider palette of colour for more realistic imagery). Check with your display manufacturer to see if it supports deep colour. Some displays are now starting to appear with this support.
    • HDMI 1.3 supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master. Those are two new surround sound formats supported by the Blu-ray specification. So if you have a receiver that supports HDMI 1.3, TrueHD, and DTS HD Master, you’re all set to enjoy those new sound formats. These two formats are cool because they’re such high quality formats – both are supposed to be master-quality audio. The only problem is that there is no receiver today that supports HDMI 1.3 or those formats! πŸ™ Sorry to get your hopes up. But they’ll be coming. In the meantime, one solution is that a BD player could put out a 24bit/96kHz PCM digital audio stream instead. Which is still very very high quality. But we don’t know if the PS3 will do that. Plus you’ll have to check your receiver’s manual to see if you have support there.
    • Note that many people say you need HDMI 1.3 for 1080p support. This is not true. 1080p was part of the HDMI spec since day one. The problem is just that manufacturers didn’t support that part of the spec. So to see if your display supports 1080p, checking for HDMI or HDMI 1.3 isn’t good enough. It has to say “1080p over HDMI” or something to that effect.
  7. DVI considerations.
    Like I said above, I’ll be using an HDMI/DVI cable. HDMI is basically the same thing as the digital DVI spec, plus some extra bandwidth and features, plus audio, plus HDCP copy protection. So there are adapters for connecting from DVI to HDMI and vice versa. Personally, I bought a cable with an HDMI connector on one end and a DVI connector at the other. (From If you have a DVI input on your HDTV with HDCP copy protection, you should be able to use that input just fine for games and movies. If you don’t have HDCP, you’ll probably just be able to use it for games. But either way you’ll need to do something about the audio, because DVI doesn’t support audio. So that’s why I need to run a digital audio cable from my PS2 to my receiver, and I’ll have to do the same thing for my PS3.


So you’re probably wondering: what is the absolute best way to connect your PS3 to your television? The more direct the connection, the better (usually). If you have a digital display (LCD, DLP, plasma, SXRD, D-ILA, LCoS) with HDMI or DVI, using an HDMI or HDMI/DVI cable to your TV will probably give you your best video quality. If you have an analog TV (CRT), it’ll probably be a toss-up between component video and HDMI/DVI, though you can only tell for sure by trying both. The worst connection is composite (one yellow RCA jack). The second-worst is svideo.

If your TV has a “direct input” mode, try turning that on if you notice any gaming lag issues. It turns off some extra processing the television might do, reducing gaming lag. Some TV’s have a “game mode” that sometimes does the same kind of thing. Careful, though, because sometimes “game mode” whacks out the picture controls in an attempt to make the picture really pop, at the expensive of picture quality and accuracy. I highly recommend calibrating your set with a disc like Video Essentials or AVIA. Monster Cables also has a decent calibration disc. (Which I think they did in association with Sound and Vision Magazine.) You’ll have to propagate any change in settings (and there will be!) to all your inputs. Also, turn off anything you see on your set like “edge enhancement”, SVM, “brightness enhancer”, and stuff like that. Those things usually just try to make up for the fact that the other settings were all wrong in the first place. Also, some sets allow you to adjust the colour temperature. “Warm” is usually the best bet. If you have the money, consider getting an ISF calibration done to your set. (Just Google the term “ISF calibration”.) Most people report a definite increase in picture quality, though my results were mixed.


  • I remember the days when all you needed was a scart lead and you simply plugged one end in to your PS2 and the other end into your TV and away you went.

    Great post by the way.

  • Hmm will it be possible to connect your PS3 up to your monitor using a VGA cable?

    It’s possible with the 360 if I remember correctly.

  • I’vd bookmarked this post for future reference, thx πŸ™‚

  • I think, there will also be a VGA cable, as there already was one for the PS2…

    My way will be DVI (with HDCP) to my HDTV and Optical Out to my Dolby Receiver (5.1).

    And maybe, if its not a problem, I’ll a a SVIDEO lead to my HTPC for recording stuff… Buts thats just for fun…

  • Great guide guys! Helpful if I ever need to go from HDMI to DVI. My 1080p LCD only supports 1080p via VGA and DVI/HDCP so I found it helpful.

  • 2. HDMI Direct to Television
    … Just plug it in an viola! ….

    Did you mean:
    a) “Just plug it in a viola!”?
    b) “Just plug it in and voila!”?

    Nice guide indeed πŸ™‚

  • That should read “et voila” πŸ˜€

    Ok, my French is BAD at best, but some things from school I still know πŸ˜€

  • Okay, okay, I fixed it!

  • matt

    VGA usually by-passes ALL scaling HDTVs do. If you have a problem with game lag (An early 2005 or earlier HDTV may have lag) try the VGA cable. Sony will definately release one since a lot of people have monitors that are better than their SDTVs. also some people are strapped for connections on the HDTVs and VGA is usually not used.

    I will hook mine up using HDMI. If I am lucky I should have my new receiver that I can do HDMI switching to maximize the one HDMI port on my HDTV. I also can’t wait to have one cable (HDMI) going to my HDTV and that is it!!!

  • What about RGB ?

  • By RGB I assume you mean VGA? I don’t know of any VGA solution for the PS2 or PS3. The PS2 does have a SCART cable connector, but I don’t really know much about SCART, except that it’s European.

  • John

    I just recently bought an hdmi/dvi cable, and i get no video when i plugged it in, any suggestions or any help? please help

  • I dunno John. I use the same configuration and don’t have any problems. Does your television support HDCP? If not, you may have trouble. Try turning on your TV first, then your PS3. Sometimes that fixes the handshake problem. I don’t know what else to suggest.


    I have a very early LG plasma which unfortunately does not come with a HDMI or DVI connection. However, I tried to use the RGB/VGA connection on it by taking the PS3 HDMI to DVI cable, and then converting it with a DVI to VGA adapter. I was aware that this would create an analog signal and wouldn’t give me full res on Blue Ray. However, I was told that it would still allow me to play full 1080i for my games.

    Unfortuatnely, I can’t get any picture at all and have to rely on my S-video cable (I used the component jacks for my HD television use). This of course leaves me with only 480. Sound is through my optical cable.

    Suggestions anyone? Any word on when Sony will release this VGA option?

  • I would think that the PS3’s HDMI connection is digital, not analog. So your conversion to VGA is suspicious at best.

    I would get a component video switcher. There are some amazingly good ones for the buck available if you look at the gaming ones, not the audiophile ones. The gaming ones include support for audio, video, and sometimes even digital audio.

  • Simon

    I am trying to connect my ps3 via a dvi connection on my lcd tv, I have a hdmi cable with a dvi adapter but am not receiving a picture.
    Any one got any ideas???

  • Did you remember to set your PS3 to use its HDMI output?

  • Simon

    is working now cheers, doesnt seem to want to play dvds though, but am happy with hi-def games for now!

  • Camilla Labine

    This was helpful, but I am still not sure what I am doing. I have hooked up my ps3 via the suggested ps 3 hdmi/dvi cable to my tv but get great picture but no sound. Is this because I do not have digital sound hooked up or on my tv. Any way, to get sound what do I do? Please treat me like an idiot. Can I get high definition with cables (component)?

  • Well, you’re halfway there! DVI does not support audio, so therefore you’re only going to get video using an HDMI / DVI solution – but that’s okay. That is exactly my problem. There are two ways to solve this, if you want to keep using the DVI connection:

    1) Use an optical digital cable from your PS3 to your receiver. You don’t need to buy an expensive one – I bought a $15 one at Zellers and it works fine. This is my solution.

    2) Your PS3 came with a multi-out cable with a composite video, and left and right stereo connections. Ignore the composite video, and hook up the left and right stereo (L+R) connection (white and red, respectively) to the same input on your TV as the DVI input. There should be that option on your television. Or if you have a receiver, you can hook up the L+R connection to your receiver.

    In both cases, you have to go into the audio settings and make sure you told your PS3 what connection you’re using. (I think…)

  • john


  • I don’t know what you mean by “switch the PS3 to HD settings”. There are a couple things you have to do: you have to set the resolutions that your display accepts (which is what I think you’re referring to), but you also have to tell the PS3 that you’re using the HDMI output.

  • dingdong

    I bought the PS3 madcatz component cable.. im really a newbie here actually is it possible that i can put the audio (yellow and white) to the reciever instead of fitting it into my plasma

  • Colin of London

    Hi there, I’ve just tried hooking my ps3 to my LCD Tv using the HDMI/DVI Adaptor. Have selected the HDMI connection on the ps3 but screen is displaying green/fuzzy. Any suggestions before I through it out the window? Many Thanks

  • Lukas

    # Simon Says:
    February 16th, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    is working now cheers, doesnt seem to want to play dvds though, but am happy with hi-def games for now!


    Simon, I am having the exact same problem as you – i can play my games in high def without any problems, but as soon as I put in a dvd, I have blank screen.

    Im using a HDMI to DVI cable from my ps3 too my monitor. Has anyone else experienced this problem and got a solution?

    Just to say I can play dvds fine, when using the AV cable that came with my ps3.

  • dingdong: sure you can do that no problem.

    Colin: I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I have an HDMI/DVI connection as well, and it works fine. There’s probably a handshake problem with your television.

  • Ben

    Hmm, i am having kind of the same problem, and going in with the HDMI to DVI conversion, i always have sound as i have it plugged into my Surround sound via opitcal ^^
    But the picture wont display, i have tried turning the moniotr off and on, switching on HDMI then navigating to my DVI channle and still nothing.

    Any Ideas?
    My Screen is HDCP compliant πŸ™‚

    Kind of hit a dead end.

  • Did you make sure to tell the PS3 to use the HDMI output?

  • Kevin_0089

    Anyone know an answer to my problem? On Saturday, I bought a brand new LG 32 inch LCD tv with HDTV. The model number of the tv is 32lc7d if that helps. I hooked my ps3 up to it yesterday and noticed video game lag when I played a ps2 game (Tony Hawk’s Underground) on it. Does anyone know of a fix for this? I tried messing with the settings of the ps3 and the tv but nothing seems to work. Right now, I am using the composite (red, white, yellow) cables that came with my ps3. A solution that I have proposed is to buy Component cables. Will this fix it? Does anyone know anything on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

  • Does your TV have a game mode? Or a “direct” or “pixel to pixel” mode? Often the lag is because the TV does too much signal processing, so they often have a mode like this just for this purpose.

    I’m guessing here, but maybe turning off features like “black level enhancer” and all those other gimmicky things might help. You’re better off without them anyway.

  • rob

    Hey. I have a really old tv and it only has 2 inputs…AV IN with one for Audio and one for Video…

    And I have a PS3. Can’t get a picture.

    Is their a chord that does Multi AV out to 2 input on the TV? Thansk

  • The regular multi-av cord that comes with your PS3 should do it. Connect the white cable (left channel audio) to the audio input and the yellow one (composite video) to your video input. Then switch the TV over to use that input, and you should be golden. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will…

  • Kevin_0089

    Hi Henning, I don’t think my TV has any of those features. What it does have is this “3:2 Cinema Pulldown” mode???? Dunno what that is but it doesn’t fix the lag. I still say buying Component or HDMI is the only option. Will Component or HDMI fix the issue? Henning, have you tried Component or HDMI to fix videogame lag on HDTV’s? I have tried turning down black levels and all that stuff but to no avail. I seriously hope HDMI or component is the answer…

  • Well, if you’re currently hooked up through composite or svideo, component won’t help any. HDMI is a digital interface, so switching to HDMI might help, but frankly I doubt it. (If you do decide to buy an HDMI cable, don’t pay high prices. Go to or

    A friend of mine has a rear-projection LCD, and he only uses it for movies, not for gaming. The lag is intolerable and there’s nothing he can do. You might be in the same boat. I searched LG’s site for an owner’s manual, but nothing came up.

  • HatlessJester

    My tft monitor has a dvi input but only supports 720p, as you have stated the ps3 supports the 1080i, will this cause my monitor to not display the video because one is progressive the other interlaced? if so is there anything i can do to solve this. I havent had any problems as i have been unable to try it yet as my ps3 is not with me at the moment.

  • Just tell your PS3 that your monitor only accepts up to 720p.

  • silat

    I don’t know if this will help anyone because i haven’t hooked up my ps3 through hdmi-dvi yet. If you’re not getting any picture at all it’s probably either because the display output is wrong in system settings OR because your TV is set at the wrong frequency, to recieve the signal. (60Hz, 75Hz, etc.) Also make sure the NTSC/PAL settings are correct on your TV.
    One of the best ways to know if there is a problem with your setup is just to set your ps3 BD/DVD settings to automatic. This way when you connect a new TV it will help you configure it automatically. If it doesn’t work – the problem lies in the TV. The PS3 will automatically optimize the screen resolution dependant on the game or dvd resolution and the TV’s connectivity.

  • Well, I don’t know about your TV, but no TV I’ve ever had let me set the frequency.

  • Its Reggie

    Hi all, have been reading some of the info posted & I have experienced some of the same problems. Firstly Sony do not have a VGA or XVGA cable & dont know when they will be releasing one. I am suprised to find out that there is not an after market fix as there is 4 the X-Box. I have both systems… 360 & PS3. I have an after market VGA cable 4 the 360 & it works great with my LCD computer monitors, any of them!!! U can covert RGB or YCB cable to a VGA converter, but its messy & does not work with all systems. Something else 2 consider is your DVI conection… NOTE there is 3 different types. DVI-A, DVI-I, DVI-D. the difference is anolouge, digital or anolouge & digital. CHECH witch one U have. anyway good luck Im sure thats enough 4 now???

  • leyland ault

    i just bought my hdtv and it does not have a dvi slot nut has 3 hdmi slots and i have a dvi to hdmi cable i wonder if i could connect my ps3 to my hd cable box it has a dvi slot and and get 1080p veiwing on my ps3 that way

  • You need either a full HDMI cable or an HDMI-DVI adapter. Then you can connect your PS3 to your HDTV directly. The DVI on your cable box is an OUTPUT. That’s not what you want. You want to connect your PS3 directly to your HDTV (or HDMI switching receiver, but I don’t think you have that).

    Go to for cheap HDMI cables and DVI-HDMI adapters. If you go the adapter route (though I think you’d be better off just getting a new cable), make sure you get the right kind of adapter for your cable and TV.

  • Lewis

    Hey, i have a hd tv.. I bought a ps3 this week, noticing u dnt get a hdmi lead so i bought one i plugged it into the tv and ps3 and went to display settings in ps3 and press to switch to hdmi but it goes blank?.. Any idea?

  • Dale

    Hello, i am waiting for my ps3 to arrive, i have bought a hdmi to dvi cable as thats what my hdtv supports, but i dont have an optical/digital input on my stereo,only phono L+R, the option below that was posted earlier seems to be the way to get round my problem, but i cant see how i would get the multi-out and the hdmi cables connected at the same time? (judging by the photo of the back).

    Whats the plan?

    2) Your PS3 came with a multi-out cable with a composite video, and left and right stereo connections. Ignore the composite video, and hook up the left and right stereo (L+R) connection (white and red, respectively) to the same input on your TV as the DVI input. There should be that option on your television. Or if you have a receiver, you can hook up the L+R connection to your receiver.

  • Dale
  • Dale

    Think i should of thought this thru! ahem..

    Just one more thing..

    Do all ps2’s have wireless ?

  • Not sure what you mean. The PS3 has both a multi-out connector AND an HDMI connector. Use the HDMI for video and the multi-out for audio.

    PS2’s don’t have wireless.

    PS3’s do. Do you mean wireless controllers? Yes – Bluetooth. Or do you mean wireless internet? Yes – b/g.

  • Steve


    I have an older HDTV that only have a DVI connection and NO HDMI, now I am using a DVI to HDMI cable from Monster. It has Great Pictures but NO SOUND. PLS HELP!

  • Steve – read everything above.

  • Chevez

    i have noticed everthing above and decided to use a digital opical cable i plugged into the back of my ps3 and to the back of my tv but there is still no sound

  • Don’t forget to go into the PS3’s Sound settings and tell it to output audio on the optical connection.

  • Chevez

    i did but it still did not work

  • Chevez

    no worries it works now

  • i got my ps3 and my hdmi cables for my hdtv. its works fine. the problem is when i tried to bring it to my friends house with the av cables it came with, it wouldnt work on his regular tv with the cables. so do i have bad cables or a bad playstation? or is there some type of settings on the ps3 i have to change from hdmi to av? whats the deal? PLEASE HELP before GH3 releases!

  • Your PSP is probably still trying to output in HD. Before you leave your house next time, set the PS3 to output 480i only, and use the multi video output. There’s a way to do this by holding down the power button or something, I’m not sure.

  • ed

    Could someone please help with an audio query on the ps3. Have hooked it directly into a Sony LCD with one HDMI and cannot take the audio from the television back down into amp reciever using av cables. Is the only way to take audio OUT of the Tv with optical lead? please help as tv has “nice” sound but my amp/reciever is “sooooooo” much better…….go figure lol desperate

  • lynda

    hi can anyone help??? ive just purchased a ps3 and was told i have to download something to be able to play ps2 games on it. has anyone on
    here had to do that if so how did you do it.

  • ed: It would just be easier to run an optical cable directly from your PS3 to your receiver. Make sure to set the sound settings appropriately on your PS3.

    lynda: you don’t need to download anything to get PS2 games to work. But you need an 80GB, 60GB, or 20GB PS3. (Note that some titles won’t work, but the majority should.) But if you have a 40GB PS3, you won’t have any PS2 capabilities, ever. Sony removed that ability from the 40GB PS3.

  • rodger

    Hi, I just recently bought an HP Pavilion with a 22″ monitor (w2207 model). It has a DVI connection so I got an HDMI to DVI cable to see if I could hook my PS3 (60GB) to it for a better than SDTV display. All I get is a blank screen – try pressing the Automatic button on the monitor and it detects the DVI connection but reports ‘no signal’. On a SDTV, I tried setting the PS3 to HDMI but the screen immediately goes blank, so I can’t do a normal PS3 shutdown. After choosing HDMI on the PS3, I tried just shutting off the power and moved it back to my monitor connection but still no luck – just a blank screen. Can anyone help sort this out for me?

  • Hm.

    What kind of resolutions did you set the PS3 to? I don’t think the PS3 can put out less than 480p over HDMI. Your safest bet is to use 720p or 1080p. Your monitor probably won’t accept 1080i. But that’s probably not the problem, I know.

    What I would do is hook up the PS3 to the monitor AND television at the same time. That way, when you tell it to switch to HDMI, you might have a chance debug the problem.

  • DMills

    For those moving their PS3 to from a HDMI or component to a old TV with AV inputs (either 2: white/yellow or 3:white/yellow/red), before you unhook it from the HDTV make sure you adjust the display settings to AV and any other necesary changes.
    I had this problem when I had to move the system upstairs while getting floors replaced. I had to go back down, hook it back up via HDMI and adjust the setting, b/c I was getting a blank screen on the old crappy TV. So if you’re taking this to a friend’s house, make sure you find out what kind of TV they have first, otherwise, you’ll have no way to adjust it.

  • TM

    To use your PS3 from a HD tv to a normal tv via the AV inputs without having to reset the resolution options before disconnecting from the HD tv, whilst the PS3 is off keep pressed of the power button on the machine for 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound. This will reset the display output.

  • marcus

    hi had my playstation a few month all fine but just put it on and no hd picture but sound can any one help

  • The only thing I can think of is to, when turning on your PS3 with its power button, to hold the power button for a while on startup. This’ll reset the video output options.

  • Kanikas

    Ok, complete newb to anything electronic here, so my question is:

    My HDTV can support 480p/720p/1080i, and I can also switch through different inputs that the TV will recognize; such as AV1, S-Video, Component, HDMI1 and 2. However, when I first got my PS3 I used the regular AV cables and can only view the picture/sound under AV. Now that I managed to find an HDMI cable, I can’t switch from AV to HDMI on my PS3 because it’ll give me the 30 second screen, then continue to the regular AV picture. I’ve tried just putting in the HDMI cable and selecting the HDMI channel on my TV, but then I wouldn’t be able to see any picture. So, I dunno why it won’t let me switch to HDMI when it’s connected during AV mode, or if my PS3/TV is supposed to automatically recognize the HDMI and change the PS3 from AV to HDMI.

    I need help getting my HDMI to work and getting off this cruddy AV!

    I know I’m prolly missing something so simple, but I can’t see it, or…gah, I dunno. I assumed it was like going from HD > AV you have to switch it back to AV on the PS3, but…it doesn’t seem to work for me.

    If you can help me out, that’d be much appreciated. :]

  • Kanikas

    Forget everything I said, I just figured it out lol

  • maldonado

    I have an rear projection hdtv with no hdmi or dvi connections. but i do have Ieee 1394 connections. how can I use ps3’s blueray capabilities. without stated connections?

  • You might try your set’s component video connection. (Component, not composite.) It can handle HD, and the PS3 might pass a down-rezzed version of the video signal that’s still better than SD.

  • Lee

    I have a LCD Television with built-in Freeview but it is not HD Ready. Does this mean I cannot use a HDMI cable to improve my picture quality for my PS3 and have to put up with a flickering line moving down the screen connected with scart lead on AV mode? Please help before I but buy a cable

  • Sorry I don’t know much about European standards like SCART.

    If your LCD has component video inputs (3 cables), then you’re good to go for HD gaming.
    For Blu-ray movies, you’ll need an HDMI input or a DVI/HDCP input. Unless you don’t mind watching the down-rezzed video that’ll be available on component video.

  • egg911

    You say that you would use digital audio for sound when using hdmi to dvi. What if you don’t have that option? what then?

  • There are three different ways of putting out sound, and you they are independent of the video. Choose which one best suits you:

    1) Digital HDMI audio.
    2) Digital optical audio.
    3) Analog audio through the multi-out.

  • I’ve just bought a PS3, with the intention of using my DVI to HDMI cable to connect to my PC monitor (1920×1200, DVI, HDCP). All I get is a blank screen when I select HDMI output on the PS3.

    I’ve used the cable in the past to connect my computer to a HDMI TV (DVI to HDMI). Now I want to use the cable to connect my PS3 to a DVI monitor (HDMI to DVI) Is it possible that the cable only works in one direction?

  • AFAIK, cables are not one-way.

    Make sure to go to your display settings in your PS3 and choose HDMI output. It’s not on by default.

  • darrel

    HELP….Im trying to get sound with my PS3.. I have a 4 year old DLP 52 LG television. It does have an HDMI connection. It does have a DVI and it does have componet. Also has front video.

    I get pic but no sound with hdmi to tv DVI. I take it I need a receiver but what do I coonect to in the back of the PS3? Also I would need to purchase a receiver.

    Or I have a cennection with 3 video wires I can connect to front video and a slotted terminal that connects to the back of PS3. I turn tv to front video but get nothing.

    Or I have the exact same thing as above a slotted terminal that plus in the PS3 but with 5 componet wires I can plus into back of TV Componet 1 or 2
    In both cases I must turn tv to Componet 1 or 2 but still nothing.

    What can I do to make sound and pic with out a receiver?
    Thansk for any and all hep.

  • I think if you re-read the discussion above, you’ll get it. Don’t forget to tell your PS3 which way you want your sound output.

  • Patrick

    I’m having a problem with my PS3 connection. I had previously been connecting my PS3 with an HDMI cable, but my roommate moved out and took his high-def TV, so I’ve had to switch to an older TV and the supplied AV cable. When I tried going back to the AV cable connection (connected directly to the TV), there is no signal displayed.

    I found this article, and tried the posted tip about holding the power button for five seconds. I got the beep, but no change to the signal. Is there any other way to adjust the display output without first connecting back to an HD TV?

    I verified with a DVD player that the connections on the TV are working, in case anybody is wondering.

  • That’s the only thing I know to do. Are you sure it’s just 5 seconds? Did you try holding it down for longer?

  • Patrick

    Yeah, holding it down 5 seconds past the first beep results in another beep, which just shuts down the system.

  • Drew

    Okay, I’ve looked through all the above posts but can’t find an answer. I have a VGA monitor which my 360 is connected to perfectly, so I bought another when I picked up my PS3 (thinking SONY would’ve been equally thoughtful as Microsoft. Stupid I know). Upon realising this I hunted down HDMI to DVI to VGA cables and converters (which itself wasn’t easy) but the PS3 continues to output a black screen (monitor saying there’s no signal). Please can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? And when will SONY catch up with Microsoft and listen to their customers!!!!!

  • DVI can carry two types of signals – analog and digital. There are therefore several different variations of DVI cable – analog (DVI-A), digital (DVI-D), and analog+digital (DVI-I). The connectors are slightly different for the three. (See this site about DVI.) Any DVI to VGA cable you would use would be the analog variation (because VGA is analog). The PS3, on the other hand, puts out digital signals. So no DVI to VGA converter is going to work. You’re going to have to find a different solution.

    You could try using a component to VGA adapter, see if that works for you.

  • Drew

    Thanks for the quick response πŸ˜‰

  • tyler

    i bought a used ps3 control at gamestop and i dont no how to connect the control to the system

  • tyler

    plz reply quickly

  • Darrin

    Don’t you just have to plug it in with a USB port so it pairs up and charges? For the movie remote, you have to choose the menu option on the PS3 and then hold select/enter on the remote.

  • Ashley

    i hooked my computer up to my tv and theres no sound. can you help me find the problem so i can get sound from the tv? thanks Ashley

  • Tyler: Darrin is right. Plug in the controller using a usb cable and push the middle PS button to pair the remote to your PS3.

    Ashley: please re-read this thread. There’s lots here about the audio.

  • jesus2099

    Sorry I’m so late to reply. I meant RGB with the SCART connector, yes. Its quality is approx components quality actually. (^_^)

  • robin

    i have an old sylvania 2 rca jacks tv and don’t know how to hook the ps3 to it. I’ve tried reseting and going to game mode but i still cant get a picture or sound. Any suggestions?

  • Your TV will hopefully have 3 rca jacks – red and white ones for right and left audio, and a yellow one for video. The PS3 comes with a multi-out cable with those connectors on it. Connect them up.

    If you don’t get any video, try turning off your PS3. Then turn it on by holding the power button for at least 10 seconds or so – IIRC the PS3 will make additional beeps. This will reset the video mode to factory default, which should be to use the multi-out for video. My memory is kinda foggy, but I think I have that right. πŸ™‚

  • Omar

    I connected the audio output of my HDTV via optical cable to a Surround Sound Receiver, so my TV surround works fine. My PS3 is connected to my HDTV via HDMI cable. But I cannot hear the audio from my PS3 through the Surround Sound. Do I need to by an additional optical cable to connect my PS3 to the Receiver? But what if my receiver only has one optical input??

    Basically is there a way I can get 5.1 surround sound for both my TV and my PS3 by using only one optical cable?

  • That’s actually how I have mine set up, and it works fine. Try setting the audio on the XMB to automatic and see what happens. But pick HDMI for the sound.

  • Blackstaffer

    Maybe your TV doesn’t pass digital audio from an HDMI input to an optical output? Look at the manual to your TV.

    If your TV does not pass on the digital signal, then you’ll need to buy a second optical cable to hook up your PS3 directly to your receiver. If your receiver only has one optical input, you can buy cheap optical switchers like this one at monoprice:

  • Stephen Hill

    Help. Wonder if you can help me. I used to connect my playstation directly to my old analgue tv through the scart socket (used to connect the recevlent colours through a scart straight into scart socket) this worked well. I then took my PS3 to a friends house where he had a 40 inch Bravias Sony TV with hdmi cable, Playstation worked fine! I then took Playstation back home and to my horror not working on myold tv. Nothing comes up on the screen, I’ve conneted it up as before but nothing. TV not broken as I’ve hooked it up to DVD player working fine. Has my PS3 developed a fault? or is there a way fix the problem ( i have made sure connections are right but nothing seems to work)

  • Blackstaffer

    Try holding down your power button for a while.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, it’ll beep once, keep holiding it in and then it will beep 2 or 3 times letting you know it factory defaulted the system’s settings. It was likely to be still set on HDMI for the video. Just a pointer for next time, before you disconnect it from your friend’s TV (if you do it again) is to change the video output setting back to your default so you won’t have to reset everything again

  • Roro

    I have a PS3, and just purchased a HDTV. I bought the HDMI cables; however, I have an older Sony surround system, and it does not have the connection for HDTV. I tried using just the white and yellow cables trhough the surround, and then to the TV, but of course, due to that being on a different input did not work.

    Any sugestions? Thanks!

  • You need to use the white and red, not white and yellow, cables. White = left audio, red = right audio. You have to go into the PS3’s audio settings and specify that you want to use the multi-out (something like that) for your audio.

  • Roro

    Haha!! That is what i meant!! Great!! I had tried to change the seeting for the TV for the audio, but it didn’t work. I forgot the PS3 has also all sort of seetings.
    Will this option give me good quality sound? Do I need to buy some of the HD white and red cables? or would it be worth to by a new receiver and keep my speakers?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Well, once you hook up the sound to your Sony surround system, do you like what you hear? If yes, you don’t need to upgrade. If you’re wishing for more, then there’s lots of good audio components out there you can buy (but stay away from Bose).

    There’s no such thing as HD white and red cables.

    If I were you, I’d at least do one thing: proper surround sound. I’m guessing that unless your surround system is from the 70’s, it at least supports 5.1 surround. Get yourself an optical cable (any will do, even cheap ones – don’t buy into the nonsense that you have to buy expensive cables) and connect your PS3 to your stereo system via the optical cable. Then you’ll get 5.1 surround (assuming you have the speakers). (Again, you’ll have to go into your PS3’s sound settings and specify the optical SPDIF output.)

    One good place to get decent cables for cheap is

  • Tracey


    I am a mum of a 14 year old that knows abundantly more than me re PS3.

    He is complaining that when playing call of duty he can connect to his mates apart from one. The mate in question can connect to everyone except my son.

    Can anyone advise me in dummy language what I can check?


  • ThrashNeon

    I’m getting ready to buy a PS3..
    I have an older Sony Wega HDTV (HDCP) with all kinds of inputs, but I’d like to use the DVI for the PS3 video, if I can — I can use optical for the sound to my Sony receiver like the original poster.

    My question is about the HDMI/DVI. I’m reading about HDMI 1.3 and HDMI/DVI cable… but I just want to make sure I get something that’s gonna work.

    I see a HDMI/DVI cable at monoprice, but the specs say:

    Supported Resolutions: 480i to 1080p
    Bandwidth: Single Link
    HDMI Certified: Yes
    HDMI Spec: 1.2a
    HDCP Compliant: Yes
    CEC Compliant: Yes
    ROHS Compliant Yes
    UL Certified Yes
    1.3 Device Compatible: Yes

    Do you think that this cable will work for the PS3 -> Sony HDTV?


  • skid

    I have a similar setup to the above poster. 2003 Sony vega 36in trinitron. The 250 lb wonder!
    Set up via HDMI to DVI and audio to stereo. Output up to 1080i.

    Was watching Harry potter 6 last night and my wife and I noticed a blue/green faded block floating right to left across the screen. Mostly noticable in really black sceens. Would this be a setting issue since I am using dvi and 1080i. or is this a tv/ps3 compatability issue.

    Have not noticed in any other movie yet. dvd or blu ray.

    This is not a big deal but annoying like the flames in Saving private ryan that are baddly distorted. Yuck.

  • JimmyMagnum

    PS3 should support all HDMI spec, but it’s more or less a HDMI 1.3a/b spec, but there could be such problems to occur on HDMI specs below 1.3, but they’re relatively uncommon. It’s kind of a tv/ps3 issue if you count the HDMI ports as those devices. there might be some handshaking issues between them causing it, but then again it might be a faulty DVI port on either the TV or the adapter. If you can, try another HDMI to DVI adapter and see if that helps (try a different brand if you can, too)

  • mark

    just got ps3 and warfare2 for my kids.what is good lcd tv today.thanks

  • wan

    Kanikas: Forget everything I said, I just figured it out lol  ^ having this problem too…what did u do to rectify e problem?

  • L

    I want to connect my dell flat panel to the ps3. It has a dvi d and I got a hdmi /dvi adapter…still get the black screen. The flat panel works with xbox 360 so i know its not the monitor…whats goin on?

  • Blackstaffer

    Just guessing, but maybe the handshake isn’t working over the DVI. Is it possible to hook up your PS3 to the monitor and a TV at the same time for a short period? If so, try doing that and selecting the HDMI output manually.

  • GJ Hitters

    I had connected without issues my PS3 system to my Sony PFM-42X1 Plasma Monitor. When I initially set the system up, it was able to automatically setup the best video option (1080i on an HDMI to DVI cable connection) and worked fine for a couple of weeks.
    For a reason I don’t understand, the monitor Today is not recognizing the signal sent from the PS3 (it is giving the message 730×983/60 when it used to give a 1093×1082 resolution message). I did, though, tried the system at a friendsΒ΄ LCD TV later and it did seem to recognize the HD signal OK. Furthermore, trying the plasma monitor with my HD signal from a Directv receiver worked fine.
    Could it be a software issue? (I had recently updated the system’s software to version 3.51 or something of the sort). Could it be a handshake issue HDMI to DVI?.
    For the time being I did set up the PS3 on my old TV with a 480i standard signal… understandably, I am not a happy person.Would welcome your suggestions for troubleshooting.Thanks.

  • Vikki


    does anyone know what cable is needed to connect JBL creature speakers to a PS3 (Which is then connected to a samsung via HDMI) But, basically the JBL’s a currently plugged into the TV through the headphone socket, but is there a cable that can change it to plug directly into the PS3?

  • David

    i just brought a ps3 and i notice it doesnt come with a hdmi wire so i brought one, now on my hd tv when i put it on hdmi input for the hi def it doesnt show but there is audio do i need to buy another wire? please help asap im goin crazy triin 2 figure it out

  • Tyler

    I’m trying to connect my PS3 through HDMI to my Toshiba MX195 for the second time. I don’t remember the exact procedure I used to connect the first time, but since I moved the PS3 to an AV-only TV recently, I had to reset the video output settings.

    I tried the auto-setup, but the second screen doesn’t appear like it should. I have also tried the manual setup, but when it shows the 30-second warning, I confirm and go to the HDMI input channel.

    Nothing showed up on the screen, and I went back to the composite input channel, which had the video output settings screen showing, as if it has failed. However, I was able to display an HD image until I switched to the AV-only TV, telling me that neither my PS3 or TV are faulty.

    Can someone please help me?

  • JimmyMagnum

    did you hold in the power button until you get the 3 beeps? that defaults everything out and then says it recognizes the HDMI and asks if you want to use that for output, etc, and then just go through the steps that way

  • Kevin

    I’m trying to connect my PS3 through hdmi with a convertor to dvi to my Sony PFM-42V1/B monitor i got, but i cant get a picture to show up. Ive connected my PS3 to many HDTV’s fine with hdmi which i use currently, but never to a monitor.

    I tried holding the power button to reset the video, and i just get a blank screen. The monitor doesnt have an hdmi port, only dvi.

    Can someone please help, i’ve tried everything and i dont wanna get rid of a monitor i got for free.

  • brody

    I have a NEC plasma sync 61MP1 display screen that I would like to connect my ps3 to. it have several ports. RCA, VD, S-Video, RGB, DVI etc. I bought a DVI to HDMI connector that I’m trying to connect PS3 to HDMI. I am not getting any signal. Could anyone help?

  • Kerry

    Just bought a LG 47″ lcd hdtv. Getting a HD receiver soon. However, when i hooked up my PS3 (fat version), and switched the tv to component 1, with PS3 on, screen keeps saying “no signal”. I`m usin only the component cables that came with my PS3. No hdmi cables. Tried the reset on the PS3, nothing.
    Is a hdmi cable needed?

  • Turn your PS3 off. Try hooking it up with regular cables (red, white, yellow). Hold the power button until you hear a second beep. Does that work? If so then go into the settings and select component but don’t switch it yet. Now switch your cables, then press x to confirm (blindly).

  • Jen

    I just got a ps3 and I am having a problem getting the surround sound to work.
    I have the ps3 going to the tv via HDMI cable and when I tried to connect the audio cables that came with the PS3 to the Receiver it wouldn’t work (the receiver is hdmi compatible as well) so my question is do I need an optical cable to make the surround sound work? And are the audio cables pointless?

  • @Jen No you’ll need a optical cable for surround sound. This is how I have mine set up.

    PS3 to HDTV via HDMI
    HDTV to Sound System via Optical.

    Then you’ll need to go the to the xmb and adjust the settings to it HDMI for video and optical for sound.

  • kris

    ok so i have a big question cause i am tech retarded! if i start using hdmi cables for my ps3,it went through a whole process of downloading hd stuff, can i go back to using the regular rca kind of cords that came with it? because… my hdmi cord got chewed on by a puppy n when i went to hook it up with the other cord it no longer works n its a brand new cord. the power comes on but the tv gets no signal from the game system!! HELPPPPPPP! please

    • Plug in your rca type cables, turn the ps3 off. Then HOLD the power button until you hear 2 beeps.

  • JT

    Does a PS3 work with a Sanyo PDP 32H1ENV and if so, how> At present the Sanyo is not being used as a television and is only intended to be used for the ps3.

  • JT: Does a PS3 work with aSanyo PDP 32H1ENV and if so, how>At present the Sanyo is not being used as a television and is only intended to be used for the ps3.  

    I would assume so, just try getting a HDMI to DVI Cable.

  • bob

    wow if you need this guide you should never touch an electronic apparatus or accessory

  • Austin

    i need help i just got a ps3 3 days ago with CoD:Black opps, and icant doanything every time i join a game i lagg allaround the place and it’s very anoying, i have 1 little red bar for the connectin and i’d like to know how to get better connection, thanks.

    • Could try putting your PS3 in the DMZ on your router. Make sure your PS3 has a static IP though.

  • I am having a problem hooking mine up. The TV I have doesn’t have an HDMI. My old one did, but it stopped working, and until I get a new one, I want to use the big TV we have in the living room. I have one of those cables that has multiple systems on it (PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube and N64). All the outputs work except for the PS3. Is there something I would have to do to make it work, or should I look into buying a new one?

  • Try doing this. Turn off the PS3. Then press and HOLD the power button until you hear a second beep then release. This will reset your video output.

  • wolfkin

    perhaps trying holding the power button. The problem maybe be that your PS3 is trying to load HDMI and you aren’t using it.

    Try this