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Sony Japan confirms PS3 game pricing |

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed its game prices for the upcoming PS3 launch. Genji and Resistance will both be priced at Y5980, which is about $50 or or £27.

This differs from the official US SRP of $60, but new game prices vary a lot more in Japan and Sega’s software will be Y7140 which is about $60 or £33, whilst Armored Core 4 will cost Y8190, about $69 or £37. The average price of PS3 software so far appears to be around Y7000-7500, but its good to see Sony pricing titles like Resistance (FPSs are less popular in Japan) at a price to move. This article also confirms Sonic will miss the Japanese launch date and be released on December 21st.

Unfortunately, for British readers, I think we’re likely to see a bit of a price hike and that PS3 software here will cost about the same as xbox360 software (£40-£50). 😥

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  • Same goes for Germany. PS2 games already were 120DM (60€) here… I just hope, they dont push it much farther (70€ MAX for VERY good games),

    50-60€ is my nice point

  • Xjavina

    I can see them being £40 standard, which is a v.gud price point. Although i think consoles games r over priced neway. They should be £30 same as pc games. Pc games take just as much work – if not more to create. Neway, £40 is gud.