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Sony Japan confirms PS3 game pricing

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed its game prices for the upcoming PS3 launch. Genji and Resistance will both be priced at Y5980, which is about $50 or or £27.

This differs from the official US SRP of $60, but new game prices vary a lot more in Japan and Sega’s software will be Y7140 which is about $60 or £33, whilst Armored Core 4 will cost Y8190, about $69 or £37. The average price of PS3 software so far appears to be around Y7000-7500, but its good to see Sony pricing titles like Resistance (FPSs are less popular in Japan) at a price to move. This article also confirms Sonic will miss the Japanese launch date and be released on December 21st.

Unfortunately, for British readers, I think we’re likely to see a bit of a price hike and that PS3 software here will cost about the same as xbox360 software (£40-£50). 😥

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  1. Same goes for Germany. PS2 games already were 120DM (60€) here… I just hope, they dont push it much farther (70€ MAX for VERY good games),

    50-60€ is my nice point

  2. Xjavina

    I can see them being £40 standard, which is a v.gud price point. Although i think consoles games r over priced neway. They should be £30 same as pc games. Pc games take just as much work – if not more to create. Neway, £40 is gud.

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