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Mysterious PS3 advertising |

Some of you may recall the “Origen 360” viral campaign Microsoft set-up last year to hype up the release of the 360, well not to be outdone Sony has produced their own. As you’d expect… it’s confusing and doesn’t make much sense… here are some shots gained from the site:

The beginnings of some sort of pattern:

PlayStation buttons linking to the pattern:

A melting clock:

Right. At this point we’re supposed to work out what it all means… any ideas?!


  • Martin Hansen

    Well I guess it means: “Go buy a PS3!”

  • Time is melting away as the PS3’s launch draws ever closer…


  • The clock looks like it ran out of a Salvador Dali painting

  • I only get the clock – how do you get the other images?

  • Tom

    Digging about within the website, I didn’t find them, but they do exist somewhere in there!

  • Some people have suggest the hands of the clock is pointing to the European Launch date. A hand on the three and a hand on the twelve, meaning 3/12/2007.

  • Interesting I wouldn’t have thought of that. I hope they update this site soon.