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PS3 goes pre-order in the US! |

Gamestop and EB Games will start their in store pre-orders for the PS3 from today (Tuesday 10 October)!

GameStop and EB Games will begin accepting limited pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 console on Tuesday, October 10, on a first come, first served basis. Due to extremely limited supply, we expect to deplete this allocation very quickly, most likely in minutes. We will not accept additional pre-orders at this time. To avoid an unnecessary trip we strongly recommend you call your local store to determine availability. A $100 reservation deposit is required, which can be funded with cash, credit or trade. As we cannot control production and shipping issues by the manufacturer, a reservation deposit does not guarantee receipt of a system available to purchase at launch. Reservations/Purchases are limited to 1 per household.

Our limited online pre-order program will be announced at a later date, after software and accessory availability dates are confirmed. Online product pricing and availability will vary and will be fulfilled independent of store reservations.

Get down to your local shop ASAP and good luck!


On a more unsavoury note though, and to make things more difficult for you, it seems that many EB Games employees are using their position to their advantage (the scoundrels!) and will be buying, on a one each basis, their PS3s, which the article pre-supposes will likely find their way to eBay. 😡


  • I remember a manager from GAME holding back a number of 360s when it launched last year and tried to sell them on eBay for ridiculous money. I think he got sacked if I remember correctly…


  • I have my pre-order in place since March 2006. The shop is called GameMania, as far as I know it is Belgium’s biggest games retailer. The shopkeeper (well several already) have assured me that employees will have to wait at the back of the line in order to get a PS3. Which is very reassuring and also an example of good practise and respect towards the customer.

    Since I pre-ordered that early, I’ll get a weekend holiday for free and I’ll be with the first batch of PS3 owners (in the sense ‘bought in a retail shop’). Games reviewers etc don’t count, damn cheaters

  • ehandlr

    I’m T minus 1 hour from placing my pre-order as we speak. Already called and confirmed that there is no line waiting. We have 6 Gamestops and 3 EB’s in my general area.

  • I contacted EBGames here in Canada, and nothing. They’re still not taking pre-orders. Doh!

  • Launch is 5 weeks away and they still aren’t taking pre-orders.

    I’d be getting twitchy fingers right about now…

  • ehandlr

    Pre-order complete. I’m number 4 in line at the store. They are expecting 10 units in. 60 gig with Resistance is what I pre-ordered. November 17th, officially scheduled out of work.

  • So are you guaranteed to get a PS3 on Nov 17th? Definitley?

  • Tom

    Good stuff ehandlr!

  • ehandlr

    They gauranteed me as long as Sony does not change the shipment amount. they gave us a piece of paper saying they are not responsible for shipment changes. So if they get the 10 units Sony promised them, I am promised a PS3 on Nov 17th. If Sony alters it, then I’m not.

  • Well if they get 4 you should be guaranteed a PS3.

    I’m getting excited for you guys even though I’ve still got to wait over 5 months. 😥

  • ehandlr

    Dont’ worry…we will work out all of the bugs for you. I think the wait will benefit you guys a little anyways. I’m prepared for problems.

  • matt

    So tempting. I could run out and place a pre-order so I could make a few hundred dollars on E-bay but I won’t.

  • ehandlr

    A few hundred? I’m willing to bet the first system will go for 5000.

  • I’m 1st in the pre-order list and it’s paid in full. Damn that feels good! 😀

  • Gah! I’m jealous! I called 3 EBGames in Ottawa just to make sure, but none of them are taking pre-orders.

  • The Dude

    First in Line at my gamestop and the 60 gig ps3 is mine!!! What a relief!! Got my preorder in hand

  • Raine204

    Why is it that Canada isnt up to date on this. Butt frak nowhere Sault Ste. Marie Ontario confirms that its EBgames is clueless about this whole October 10th thing. Either that or the store brilliantly sold to 6 different family members (only 1 EB games SSMarie.) and 2 employees.

  • The first system already sold on eBay for $1250. Check the shoutbox.

  • It sucks that I have been stranded at home all day today, unable to stand in line for the preorder. UGH!!!

  • WHAT!! WHAT!!!

    i got my Ps3 pre-ordered! What! What!

    So basically i had a back up plan all along, i have friends who work at gamestop (they use to be a sponser for a gaming team i created a few years ago) and what i did was pre-oder a bunch of games that didnt come out for a long time, i paid full price for them to get about $650 in pre-ordered games. O.O!!! And every other week or so, i’ll call and change the games to another set of games that were releasing at a later date. Basically to keep my $650 at Gamestop. So when the ps3 finally officially went on pre-order the day of my friends if they were working could just transfer the funds from those games to… you guessed it.. my PS3.

    What! What!

    So.. that plan didnt work out because this morning now one i knew that worked there worked this morning. In fact, I know everyone at the store but one person and guess who was the only person working that morning…

    No! No!

    So i called and was told.. I was out of luck…
    About 7 hours later gamestop called me, it was my friend. He said that held a pre-order for me.

    and that’s about my story in a nutshell!

  • That’s one 20GB PS3 preordered for me. Did you guys preorder any games also? I got Resistance and Genji cause I love samurai. 🙂

  • The Dude

    I also preordered resistance. I put in 15 hours at gamestop. I got there last night at 7:00pm! It was worth it.

  • Darrin

    Congratz, Dude and brian on scoring the preorders!

  • ehandlr

    I got Resistance as well.

  • bunnyhero

    just another canadian reporting that there are no preorders being taken by ebgames or future shop in canada…

  • The Dude

    I thought it was funny that when your sitting 15 hours at a gamestop and some parent drives up an hour before the store opens and try to get a preorder. We all just laugh because they want to buy this christmas gift for their kid but only come an hour early.