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Ted Price chats Resistance and answers questions |

Ted Price, the CEO of Insomniac Games, has produced a rather nice FAQ about Resistance, Insomniac and pretty much anything anyone could ask him.

An early Ratchet PS3 screen from E3 this year

He covers some old ground (what he means by Resistance only being possible on PS3), but generally delivers some good information. Here’s what sprang out at me:

#The Resistance website will be updated tomorrow (Wednesday 11 October), and another site is due soon.

#Control sensitivity is adjustable to make the game easier to handle.

#Ratchet and Clank PS3 is well into development- the environments and characters, apparently, look stunning. He hints there will be a greater level of puzzle interaction.

#Resistance is a story narrated by British Intelligence officer Rachel Parker. Events that take place on the game are designed to emphasise this alternate Earth where there was no Bolshevik revolution or Second World War.

#Which weapons you choose to use depends on your style of play although some are more advantageous than others in certain situations.

#It is likely the game will feature some downloadable content or features.

#There are three vehicles in the game (although none will be used in multiplayer), one is British, one is Chimeran and the other is left a secret.

#The game is likely to be rated M by the ESRB (ie. 17+).

#Resistance supports headsets for communication, but not mice and keyboards as that unbalances things in multiplayer.

#Insomniac is independent of Sony, whilst they have an excellent relationship, that’s the way it wants to stay!

Ted comes across as a nice guy here and answers questions from all sources, it’s not surprising Insomniac Games is one of the best small businesses to work for in America!

Henning has also alerted me to this amazing new Resistance video…

Ted Price’s Blog

  • I can’t wait to see Ratchet & Clank on PS3. I love the PS2 series and so does my girlfriend so there’s a good chance she will buy it on PS3! 8)

    He does come across as a friendly and like-able guy. Let’s see what updates will be on the official site tomorrow.

  • I’ll be checking out the Resistance fall of man site tomorrow 🙂 YAY!

  • Amazing video. I just wish it was in HD!

  • As FPS Doug would say BOOM HEAD SHOT!! 😆

    You can definitley see the Ratchet & Clank influences. The shields that pop up remind me of the Ratchet inflatable dummy that you could throw to draw your enemies fire away from you and on to the dummy.

    Awesome video.

  • To be true, I like him too. But there are other devs out there, who I couldnt care less about, like CliffyB or (ATM) Mark Rein (Those comments were just bland and well payed).

    I am just a bit sad, that Hideo Kojima doesnt speak my languages… I think, he would be a real cool person to communicate with 😀

    I just hope, there’ll be another great Jak and Daxter (only played 1 a bit, 3 nearly complete, was too hard for me and Daxter on PSP, which was REALLY cool), but next time a bit easier!!

    And now onto RFOM

    I still dont see a reason for me to buy this. Ok, I am not the real FPS gamer (the last FPS I played were HL2, D3 and Riddick… before then… maybe HL1) but some games, I really like if they are done good (like Deus Ex 1), but sadly, most FPS are too simple for me and thus bore me pretty much!

    I dont think, I’ll get it, maybe from the bargain bin next year or so, or used, but surely not new!