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5 Reasons to Buy a PS3 |

If you’ve been following my “list of 5” posts (which started with connecting your PS3 and continued with 5 PS3 must-have games), you’ve probably been waiting for this one. Yup, it the obligatory post discussing why you should buy a PS3! So without further ado, here it goes.

  1. The Games
    If you saw this list coming, then you definitely knew what would be first on the list. Every console caters to a kind of gamer with its games. Previous-gen, I loved games like Champions of Norrath, Frequency, Amplitude, F1 Championship, Guitar Hero, Ratchet & Clank, Baldur’s Gate, and more. I was so glad to be a PS2 owner, because that’s where those games were. If you liked other styles of games, then maybe a different platform suited you better. Looking at the list of games coming out on the PS3, I think I made the right choice to stick with Sony. I’m talking about games like those mentioned in yesterday’s 5 Must-Have PS3 Titles. (Yeah, not all of them are exclusives, but they’re games I want that are available on the PS3. Which is the point.) But there are more, like Heavenly Sword, Untold Legends, Lair, Call of Duty 3, Ridge Racer 7, Need for Speed Carbon, White Night Story, and more. Lots of those are PS3 exclusive. I can’t think of a single game available elsewhere that I’ll really miss because I’m getting a PS3. I just hope that Snowblind decides to make a sequel to Champions of Norrath! (Hint hint.)
  2. BD Drive
    Those who dismiss the Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive in the PS3 as something that just jacks up the price are missing the point entirely. The BD drive will give developers more elbow room to strut their stuff. Just take a look at Resistance: Fall of Man. 20GB of compressed data. This is going to be one big game! Add to that the ability to play HD movies, and the BD drive looks like a home run before the game even starts.
  3. Built-In HDD
    Microsoft did exactly the correct thing with the original Xbox by including a HDD as standard equipment. Developers could count on it being there for sure and therefore developed content for it. Now with this generation, the shoe’s on the other foot, with a HDD in every PlayStation 3 console.
  4. HDMI and 1080p
    I lumped these together because they both represent the future-proofing that Sony is trying to achieve with the PS3. HDMI is becoming more popular by the day, with virtually every new HDTV giving it support. 1080p while not a big deal yet is cresting the popularity horizon, and even its naysayers (*cough* Microsoft *cough*) are getting in on the act.
  5. Standards Compliance
    What the? I bet you didn’t see this one coming. But I think it’s great that Sony decided to ditch their proprietary ways and use some existing standards for once. What does the PS3 use for its wireless controllers? BlueTooth. They could have done something proprietary, but then you would have been locked in to using Sony’s peripherals. With BlueTooth, you should be able to use lots of non-Sony BlueTooth peripherals (like headsets) with the PS3. Charging cable? USB. Why go proprietary? Did you wreck your cable? Just get another one virtually anywhere! No need to get a Sony one. Memory cards? Again, not proprietary. You don’t have to use MemoryStick, you can also use CompactFlash or SD. Cool, huh? It’s almost like Sony asked themselves what people would really want, and then did it.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to add your comments, and your own reasons as well.

  • Can’t disagree with any of your points.

    The main reason I’m getting a PS3 is because of the games. ALL my favourite games are coming to PS3 so there’s no reason for me to go buy any other console.

    I also like Sony as a brand. I’ve never had any problems with any of their equipment that I’ve bought so I trust Sony to make reliable equipment & quality products.

  • hobbes

    great points… think everyone should be open minded on this… i just see more for you buck with the ps3 as well..

  • hollywooda

    “I also like Sony as a brand. I’ve never had any problems with any of their equipment that I’ve bought so I trust Sony to make reliable equipment & quality products.”

    You must be saying that with you eyes closed tightly & your fingers crossed, did you never own a PS2?….

    you’ve given 1). valid reason, games… all the rest i couldn’t give a toss about, they dont really enhance the average gaming experience. Now if you’d of said online gaming! as one of your points then maybe, you’d have 2 points. But i suppose you can’t sell on what you do know….

  • I have owned a PS2 since launch 6 years ago, and I have never had a problem with it. Same with my original playstation, although it did give me some issues after 5 years. #5 will be a good thing for consumers in the long run, once the bought the system and have to buy accessories. You forgot to mention that the Harddrive is also a standard harddrive, you dont have to buy one from sony. Blue-ray is a big selling point to me. When the PS2 came out, it was my first DVD player, and it was the cheapest on one the market at the time.

  • Kieran K

    Fanboy bullshit, Try in future to at least seem a bit impartial.

  • bunnyhero

    i especially agree about the blu-ray drive’s storage capacity. it’s like moving to CD from cartridge, and to DVD from CD. it gives you far more headroom for the future of games.

  • Yup, I own MUCH Sony things in my house. Complete Component Hifi, From Tapedeck to Receiver, all is Sony, and is works like a charm (never had a that good Hifi before, thanks mom for giving it to me :D).

    I had a discman in the old days, when CDs were new and expensive… Guess what, it still works. My only Sony thing that died, was my TV, which had more like 50000hrs on it (was my parents old TV, which they bought over 15yrs ago).

    And I am VERY glad, Sony ditched its proprietary stuff. I already own a BT Mouse, MS Pro and a 80Gb HD (2.5”) which I could use with my PS3 (which I wont, because its needed inside my Notebook :D).

    Also my PS2, which I bought some 5 or 6 yrs ago (was before pricedrop and the release of GT3, thats all I know :D) still works. It cracks and creaks every now and then, but it still reads all discs I feed it (but I handle it with care, thats why I bought the Network adapter and put an HD in it, to play my games from HD).

    And then again, we all know, the games that will come for the PS3 will rock!!

  • Ha ha Kieran K, you’re funny!

    Whew! I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

  • I’ve had two PS2s since 2000.I sold my first one to pay for the newer silver one and I had no problems with either PS2.

    So yes my eyes are closed & my fingers are crossed.



  • Spindash

    My PS2 has broken and I haven’t even bought it yet! 😑

  • Ask for a refund then.


  • ehandlr

    My PS2 has worked fine. The only problem I had was the disk tray gets stuck. Never any other problem though.

    and dont’ tell me the Xbox and Wii-kidding invaded here too.

  • My Sony products:

    PS2: no problems (bought near launch)
    older SD TV: no problems
    camcorder: no problems
    computer: no problems
    PSP: no problems
    digital camera: no problems
    DVD player: problems with several discs. My only problematic Sony product.

  • matt

    Your main reason for buying the PS3 is my main reason for not buying it. I honestly think that the games on 360 far outshine what is available in the foreseeable future on PS3. How many times can we play the same franchises? Very few series of games change enough for me. MGS, DMC, FF, RE, all will be great games but they are the same games I have been playing forever (some over ten years). The new game franchises look good, but the best ones are on 360.

    Will there be exclusive games that justify a purchase? Of course, but when. When another console has much better titles coming out that have won awards from Industry Shows (Bioshock, Gears of War, Mass Effect, etc).

    I am lucky. I make enough money to purchase all of the systems which I will by next year if the PS3 gets some awesome, must own games. If I was limited to purchasing only one system, I would pick the PS3 last. You can call me whatever you want but I am a realist. I don’t think 360 will be anything like Xbox as far as games go. Right now they have more RPGs in development than any other system (This was what Xbox owners complained about). The Wii will probally be the best multiplayer system ever.

    I guess I am just failing to see what PS3 fanboys see. Developers have had the 360 and PS3 hardware for years (about 5 months apart from my source) and right now their are more total/ better quality games elsewhere.

  • ehandlr

    Well I disagree in terms of FF. Each game is completely different and the only similarity is the title. Each rendition is even directed by different people and only a few similarities are passed through.

    I’ve owned a 360 since its launch…and I’ve only used it for FFXI thus far. The only game that i’m eager to purchase at the moment is GOW. Its a very nice looking game. I think Resistance may have one up on it, but its still a very nice looking game.

    As far as exclusives go, you will see less this gen then last gen. Simply put, the developer want money and will make most games multiplatform.

    As far as Nintendo being the best multiplayer….I want to knwo where in hell you pulled that from. You do realize that none of the 30 launch titles have online play included don’t you? Also none of the games supports more then 2 players except for 2 games right now. So not only does it not support multiplayer online, it limits all games to 1 or 2 players right now.

  • matt: All that means is that you have a different taste in games than PS3 people do. So the Xbox 360 is where you want to be for the type of gaming you want to play. Sounds good to me.

  • ehandlr

    Aye. I’ll be getting all 3 systems myself. Since I’m a JRPG freak…Sony is on top with me right now. I’m anticipating White Knight Story right now..which is a new exclusive for Sony πŸ˜›

  • Matt, so Halo 3 isn’t a sequel? PGR4 isn’t a sequel? Tom Clancy isn’t a sequel?

    Need I go on?

    The fact is all those PS3 ‘sequels’ will be great games barring some crazy act of madness so I’m quite happy to buy the latest game in the franchise.

    For Bioshock read R:FoM. For Gears of War read Heavenly Sword. For Mass Effect read White Knight Story etc.

    Each console has their fair share of sequels and new IPs so it’s a moot argument to play the sequels card.

    However if the 360 suits your gaming tastes compared to the PS3 then that’s great. Have fun on your 360 and I’ll have fun on my PS3.


  • By Tom Clancy I meant Splinter Cell. πŸ˜‰

  • Yeah. Tom Clancy is a brilliant writer (I own most of his books and movies and games).

    And I am just like Matt, but with the PS3… There are nearly no exclusive games, I am interested in the 360. I mean, first, I own a some PCs, 2 of which are sort of capable of playing games (but one is on Linux, so no go), and nearly all 360 exclusives are PC bound also, so I see NO reason at all to buy a 360 just to pay more for games, as PC games are mostly cheaper than console titles.

    So my way will be PS3, as I already said, because of MGS, GT, FF and then some…

    But as I also say, everybody his own… 360 guys get their stuff, and we get ours, no need for idiotic system wars.

  • Pc

    I don’t see how somebody out there could “not” want a PS3 !!! I own the 360 and so far there has only been one or two decent titles on it (oblivion and GRAW). Who has played a multiplayer game on the 360 and not had really bad experiences like extreme game destroying lag or just plain out lack of care from the developers to make the game good ??!! Xbox’s only titles worth waiting for now are BIOSHOCK (which microsoft paid a large sum of money to keep off the PS3 because it was on their lineup) , gow, and maybe halo 3, but i hate halo now. The 360 didn’t even have a great game at launch…….PS3 has Resistance right off the bat sporting 40 players online, and it’s only gonna cost $49.99 here in the U.S. That’s as good as it gets for FPS fans. There are many other great titles and i don’t care to list them all, but you all should get my point by now. If you wanna know about the great PS3 games just go to or IGN.

  • One reason not to get the PS3: the Xbox 360. It’s got GTA exclusives!

  • Great points in the post. I agree with them all πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • PS3 is gonna be awesome, of that there is no doubt. Lets all forget about the 360 vs PS3 debate. I own a 360 and love it, but I also think the PS3 is gonna be fantastic. If we look at it on its own merits it definately worth it, if only as a cheap Blu ray player. But seriously lets forget the pS3 vs 360 debate and look at the systems on their own merits.

  • Matt

    Many people own consoles because they don’t want to game on a PC. I own a very capable PC for gaming and don’t like it (except RTS). Yes I could go through all the crap to hook it up to my HDTV and play from my couch but that is just ridiculous. The fact that the 360 is going to get the vast majority of PC games is one less reason to upgrade a PC and stick to the couch. I skipped so many PC titles that I am excited about getting on the next gen consoles. Bring them on.

    Everone attacks me because I question the reasoning for a launch to 1 year in purchase. The games aren’t going to be as good on the PS3. The fact that the PS3 STILL hasn’t released anything about the online service is bothersome to me. Say what you want about online but it is very important to me. I have played almost every single game there is thanks to Demos I downloaded from XBL. I hope the PS3 sells horribly the first few months and they are forced to drop the price a whole bunch. Say what you want but a $600 console is ridiculous and I will not support it until it becomes more reasonable. I am one of the few who could use a Blu-Ray player on 11/17 and it still doesn’t warrant the cost for me.

    The Wii will be great for multiplayer because I want to play against people in my house. These people will not be “gamers” and are far more likely to try games that are interactive. Online gaming, as best as I can see, will still be the best on 360. More doesn’t always mean better. I usually opt for 8-16 players and not the larger amount. Part of the problem is developers haven’t made a great 32+ online game yet, but they will sooner or later (maybe resistance?)

    Most of the 360 games I play/ own are NOT rehashes of old franchises. Sequels are awesome though. If you look at the sequels, most are new from last gen. I love sequels but I want to play 90% new games/ideas. Where is GTA, Knights of the Old Republic, Halo, SOCOM. Motorstorm looks promising but if it isn’t fast it won’t be any good. Resistance looks good but I have heard more bad than good recently (unlike Gears where most people can’t wait). I am glad I have another option for the next year. The game droughts of ANY new system suck and I have already had my fill for this gen (HD gaming was well worth it though)

  • Pc

    Hey Matt, the PS3 costs $499…not $600. The “media” package is $599 and is such a good buy it doesn’t make sense to not get it at that price. I understand what all the PS3 is as a gaming console and it beats the competition in every way. We have yet to read any of the online details, but i guarantee you they will do their best to beat microsoft in every way possible when it comes to online gaming. As far as multiplayer goes, well the PS3 can handle up to 7 wireless controllers on one system (making it the baddest multiplayer platform ever) Imagine playing motorstorm with like 4 players or having a whole handfull of friends over all playing madden on the same screen !!! So far, nintendo’s machine is only supporting 2 players at once and hardly any online functionality is any at all (besides the virtual console thing, but i certainly dont care about 20 year old games ) No other console can even come close to SONY’s PLAYSTATION 3!!!! Sony has the games and the hardware this time around and the competition is gonna have a rough road ahead of them once again. πŸ™‚

  • So let me guess – you like the PS3? πŸ™‚

  • WonderSteve

    Man does anyone know when they will take pre-order for the PS3 and Wii in Canada yet.

    The eb near my place told me to call back Friday

  • RebelWeasel22

    I disagree with all the “YAH, PS3 is coming out and look at all the cool features” and the “Well the PS3 is overpriced, not worth the money and the games aren’t that good.” The fact of the matter is that all it really comes down to is preference if your an older gamer and like more mature games your definietly going to want the 360 because of the games. I mean come on Halo 3 versus Indiana Jones who’s thinking of the older or younger gamer. Second I think xbox was definetly worth the money more than PS3 but I can’t be completely sure because I haven’t looked completely into it. The xbox rushed it a bit but I think in the end the out come was over all good. All of this the PS3 and xbox media center its fun but if your buying a GAMING system your probably want to do GAMING, not watching videos. It’s useful but not necesary. So if any of the producers are out there make an option so you can just buy a gaming machine, since you make us pay so much for games and all don’t you think you give us a break with the price? So I say screw PS3 and Xbox 360 choose your favorite but for now I’ll stick with my PC and Battliefield 2 and 2142. Thank you very much.