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EBGames PS3 Pre-Order in Canada! |

EBGames will be taking pre-orders for the PS3 and Wii on Monday October 16th. Thanks to Tom for pointing that out. And if any of you are in Ottawa, don’t get there before me!

$50 in trade or $200 in cash will be the required deposit!

I just called an EBGames store, and the lady said that they’re just finding out about it now, so this is news to them as well. Tomorrow they have a conference call where they find out more details.

EBGames Canada Pre-Order

  • I’ve just got a call from your boss, Henning. He says you have to travel to the Himalayas on Sunday night and you won’t get back until Wed afternoon.

    Man it’s a tough life…


  • Nash! I’ll kill you! Gaaaarh!

    Hmmm… any wifi hotspots in the Himalayas?

  • ehandlr

    I think the Wii preorders start the same day in Canada.

  • WonderSteve

    Thanks Henning. I am definitely going to get both that day

  • ehandlr: That’s what I said! 🙂

  • ehandlr

    whoops..that what I get for speed reading…or lack there of. sorry about that.

  • Matt

    Good luck Canadians! It was insane in the states so get out your camping gear if you really want one. They should have the same amount per store I would think which is not a lot.

  • I wish all the PS3 Gamers in Canada luck monday

  • Good luck everybody and share your tales of joy/woe after you’re done.


  • Luke

    should i make the 3 hour trip to canada?

  • I say: maybe!

  • francois

    They are already taking Wii pre-order at Zellers in Canada. No word on PS3 yet. I was at EBGames on Merivale tonight here in Ottawa, I was told to be there very early monday if I want to get one. They will know tomorrow (Friday) on much unit are available for pre-order.

  • matt

    Luke it depends on how badly you want one. I honestly believe that the PS3 is going to see poorer numbers than the 360 did (shipment wise). Add to that the PS3 has a larger fanbase and you could be looking at 6 months until they are available at stores. Sony will not release any numbers of what they are making and shipping until after the fact. Hopefully Sony can make a decent amount of systems. The problem is the laser diodes needed for the Blu-Ray player. I think there is going to be a shortage for a long time which means a shortage of PS3s for a long time.

    The other option you have is launch day camping out. I would think the lines will be ridiculous but going a full day in advance would secure you one. Good luck either way.