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Japan: PS3 Bundled With Composite |

One of the great things about the PS3 is that it will be an HD gaming machine. It can drive your HDTV with glorious HD imagery, making your gaming experience all the more immersive. And from my post the other day about connecting your PlayStation 3 you’ll know that you have four ways to connect the video from the PS3 to your system: composite (one yellow RCA connector), SVideo, component (three RCA connectors), and HDMI. Only the latter two are high-def.

So you get two ways to connect your PS3 in an HD way. Will Sony give you a bundled cable for one of those two ways? We don’t know for sure about North America, but the answer in Japan is NO.

Just a little bit disappointing.

On the other hand, Sony might realize that some people would want to use HDMI while others would want to use component. So if Sony did bundle one of those, they would end up disappointing one camp or the other.

The good news is that the cables you used for your PS2 should work just fine with your PS3. Which means I won’t need to buy any video cable, because I already have a component video cable for my PS2. Yay!

PS3 Bundled With Composite

  • ehandlr

    Lets hope this doesn’t happen anywhere else.

  • Kinda a bummer that it doesn’t include HDMI with the 60 GB at least. Oh, well.

  • ehandlr

    I didn’t expect it to. Most products won’t include them right now. I’m sure in the very near future this will change.

  • Darrin

    You can use the same s-video and composite cables from the PS2 or PS1, and if you want to upgrade to an HDMI display, you have to buy a cable for under $20. Big deal. This is the last thing to get bummed out about.

  • Yup, I’ll be using my component video cables from my PS2, or maybe the HDMI/DVI cable I have. I’ll have to see which looks better.