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MotorStorm PS3, By the Numbers |

I found some scans of an article about MotorStorm, and some of the information it reveals is quite interesting. By the numbers then, here is some more information about MotorStorm:

8 tracks
12 surface types
30 FPS
7 cars [Edit: maybe 7 car “classes”]
0 music tracks of your own (only uses its own music)

The Edge: Motorstorm (scans)

  • ehandlr

    eww. I’ve had those scans for a while now and i never thought to look into them that deep. They originally promised you could listen to your own music..that kinda sux for some. 8 tracks and 7 cars isn’t much. Hopefully there will be downloadable content in the future.

  • Only 8 tracks … I hope they’re good at least. But I’d imagine that they’ll be more via download. 12 surface types that’s interesting, wonder what types. I’m bummed this isn’t a launch title any more 🙁 But then again I don’t want a rushed game either.

  • I’m dissapointed they won’t allow you to use your own songs in MotorStorm. The low number of tracks and vehicles smacks of downloadable content in the future. That really is annoying as I don’t think such a low number of tracks & vehicles represents value for money at £40 – £50 for the game. 😡

  • I can understand why there are only 7 cars – they represent the gamut of vehicle racing types. As well, they have a hostility matrix that might get to be too much when you add too many vehicle types.

    But the number of tracks does have me upset. 8 tracks isn’t much. They better offer some free downloadable tracks soon after release.

  • Martin Hansen

    I mean I’ve heard it’ll have over 30 cars or something.. but this says 7..?

  • I just counted up the number of cars in their picture of the antagonism matrix. Maybe they have more…

  • Matt

    Disappointing. Have to see what happens. This game still doesn’t come out for a while.

  • Luke

    maybe its 7 vehicle types. like ATV rally car, motorcycle, truck, etc.

  • Well, launch titles are typical short experiences, designed mostly to show what the system can do. I am sure its 7vehicle types, if it were only 7 cars, we would have already seen all there is via screenshots.

  • matt

    Does anyone know if you can modify the vehicles? This would really help with a small list of cars.

  • Dunno. But I’ve read elsewhere too that it’s seven classes, not seven cars. There are a bunch of vehicles, and you’ll also be able download more after launch.