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What’s New for F.E.A.R. on PS3? |

Ever since F.E.A.R. was announced that it would be coming to PS3 aswell as the 360, I’ve been wondering what new content would be in the console versions.

Well Eurogamer had a little chat with Senior Producer Rob Loftus and he discloses some new info about the console versions of F.E.A.R.

Firstly there’s a new Arcade mode called Instant Action Mode which allows you to play through levels blasting wave after wave of enemies. You can then view your stats to see how you performed aswell as gaining bonus points if you manage to complete the levels with time to spare.

Your score can then be viewed on online leader-boards so you can see just how good you are and compare scores with your friends while taunting them if you have outscored them (:twisted:) or cut off all communications with the outside world if you have failed miserably (:cry:).


There will be four levels of IAM when F.E.A.R. is released later this year; Distribution, Rooftop, Construction and Vault, which is apparantley pretty damn hard. Expect more levels to be available as downloadable content, aswell as multi-player maps, weapons, new outfits and maybe even the soon to be released PC expansion pack Extraction Point, which might have been include if it was in a later stage of development.

However we European gamers may get it as part of the full game when it’s released in Europe next year when the PS3 is finally launched. Let’s hope so!

There is also a bonus level which you unlock after you complete the Watchers level during the main game where you play the role of one of the Delta Force guys that you find slaughtered during said level. This helps you to find out just who was responsible for the DF team’s death and the events leading up to it. You also can’t use the slo-mo ability that the main character has making it a little more nerve wracking.

There will be one new weapon for both the PS3 & 360 versions with the former getting the SAS 12 shotgun and the latter getting SN15 dual machine pistols.

If you’ve already played F.E.A.R. to death on the PC there probably isn’t enough new content to justify you buying it again but for people like me who haven’t played it before, I’m just happy to be able to experience some F.E.A.R. whenever it finally hits European shores next year. Hopefully with Extraction Point bundled with the main game. 😉

Below is a video interview with Rob Loftus:

What’s new for F.E.A.R. on PS3

  • Sounds pretty cool actually. I may have to get that as well, lol. I wonder if we can rent PS3 games, soon after launch ….