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PS3 Halloween Wish |

I wish that the PS3 gets a successor to one of my favorite PS2 games. This game received terrible reviews, my girlfriend hates it, and my sisters get angry when they hear about it, but I love it! The dialog and atmosphere of the game is just so well done, it just draws you into the world.

I’m hoping for a PS3 Manhunt!

Manhunt Bat

Here are my dream features for this PS3 title:

  • More of what works: More of that gorgeous dirge-like music. More witty dialog and characterizations. More dingy, rusted out, yet creatively varied environments. More sadistic action and violence. And more horror.
  • Playable characters. In addition to playing the victim trying to survive, I’d like to play a leader of one of the gangs, and ultimately I’d like to play the evil millionaire role of Starkweather. I’d also like to play as that chainsaw wielding pig creature.
  • Gameplay and missions. Capture/recruit new contestants or victims, organize large gang wars, dispatch problematic characters, cater to the clientele that are willing to pay for specific types of snuff, and develop new breeds of mutant half-human creatures like the pig creature.
  • Different environments. In addition to the rusted out industrial areas, the filthy hospitals, abandoned malls, and haunted mansions of the original, I’d also like to explore populated areas. Maybe some disease-ridden areas after a pandemic, or some impoverished third world cities where life is plentiful and cheap.

Manhunt Rabbit

I’d also like to be able to use the PS3 controller for specific executions. You could twist the controller back and forth to use the garrote wire, make stabbing motions for the knife, and so on.

Manhunt Stop

After I wrote this, I found a site dedicated to Manhunt that has some believable yet unconfirmed evidence that a PS3 Manhunt really is underway! Wow, I really didn’t expect to find that! From (link at bottom):

August 2006 – Jeff Gurner confirmed that he has once again participated in recording voice work for the game; he recalls it being around 8 month ago and says that games are typically released 6-12 months after voice work has been completed. Also during August we launched our official petition page, where people could put fourth their point of view on the game for Rockstar to see.

At this point we pretty much know there is a Manhunt sequel waiting to be announced, it is just a case of waiting on Rockstar to admit to it.

September 2006 – We receive a series of e-mails from people suggesting to us that Manhunt 2 was indeed in development at Rockstar Vienna and that there may have been some behind the scenes showing of Manhunt 2 at the 2006 E3 after all. We are also told that some of the rumours featured on this very page are in fact truth. Although we are told not to invest too much into that since it could have changed since being given to another developer.

Manhunt Family

Happy Halloween everyone!

Manhunt Sequel Info

  • Luke

    Oh yes! i love this game. it needs a sequel. but i wouldnt say it got terrible reviews. here is an idea: open ended city. you just go from mission to mission like in gta.

  • Darrin

    It got a 55% aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes; that’s pretty bad. Some sites rated it well but a lot of sites gave it terrible reviews. I loved it, but I can understand why others wouldn’t. The extreme sadistic violence and gore can obviously offend and put off many people.

    I was thinking how a GTA like mission structure would work with this game. This was from the main GTA dev team after all.

    Any other ideas for a sequel?

  • This game was a lot of fun. It was released over here with some controversy then it got banned for a short amount of time, a long time after it’s release because of the idiotic and bigoted media in this country only to be un-banned shortly after. 😐

    Maybe you could be hired to travel to various parts of the world to ‘take out’ whoever you’ve been paid to eliminate but you have no equipment and very little info at your disposal.

    Basically an assassin for hire but extremely brutal and more up close and personal than most ‘regular’ assassins.

  • I don’t know how people can love this game. I’m not talking about the gore, the insane killing moves, the blood or any form of ethics. It just was a B-grade game. It is actually possible, that the game was developed by interns that had to get to know the engine that runs the GTA series.

    You just had to kill everyone, no thinking, just do it. I felt like grinding some cave in some or another MMORPG. Clean, Rinse, Repeat.

    Whishing for a sequel is just strange. There are many, many other games out there that are far much more interesting.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Darrin

    sl33py, yes, the game was slow paced, repetitive, and very hard. I can see your point. At times I found it frustrating and tedious. The game mechanics felt like they were missing something. They were very technical and polished and they really set the mood that the game was going for. But it still felt like the play mechanics needed more variety and depth.

    What made the game great was the overall experience including the dialog, levels, artwork, and story. It was like a really great movie, but the experience was cenetered around the game mechanics.

    Anyway, I listed what I thought this game needs to make it better. Luke and Gary had some good ideas too.