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5 Reasons Not to Buy a PS3 |

I had too much fun doing my “PS3 list of 5” posts recently, so I’m going to add another one. Here are 5 reasons not to get a PS3. Some are half-serious, and some aren’t serious at all. I hope you know which is which! 🙂

  1. Can’t Scrounge up $100.
    When you open up your wallet to buy that next-gen console, and you’re deciding between the 20GB versions of those consoles, you’re missing 5 20-dollar bills. Ga! I hate it when that happens. Yuppers, the PS3 is $100 more expensive than the closest competitor (or $50 more in Canada). If there’s no possible way you can make up that difference as the cashier stares you down, you best give up on the PlayStation 3. Besides, Sony has no right to charge us more anyway. Sony hates us all. Each one of us. Personally. Evil corporation, trying to get us to give them our money.
  2. The Remote uses BlueTooth
    Argh! What the? Why does Sony have to go and use BlueTooth for something that is so obviously meant to be IR (Infra-red). Now I can’t program my remote with the IR codes, and Sony’s ugly little BlueTooth-a-ma-bob has to sit next to my all-in-one Marantz remote. Quite annoying.
  3. Launch Madness
    Those crazy Sony folks and their plans to sell as many PS3 consoles as they possibly can during the launch window. How dare they? And the pre-orders? They were like poof in 60 seconds. How am I supposed to avoid the big lineups now? Sure Sony will have more consoles at launch in North America than that big-name launch last year, but really – they should have had twice the number they’re planning. No – three times! Four times! Make that 10 times! 4 million units at launch isn’t too much to ask for, is it?
  4. Stop with the 1080p Already!
    I think that it’s time technology stopped progressing. 720p is plenty enough, thank-you, we don’t need no stinkin’ 1080p. So stop already. And while you’re at it, why bother with HDMI, it just adds to the cost. And BD too! Progress is highly over-rated.
  5. No Halo
    By far the best FPS ever created. And it’s not on the PlayStation 3. For shame! Might as well give up here and forget about all those other FPS’s that just might have something to offer!

So what to ya think? Anything to add?

  • In the UK its £145 more expensive than its nearest competetor (360 premium), thats just shy of $280 in american money. Since they wont bring out the cheaper version until they’ve fleased the early adopters.

    The post really seems to be more of a fanboy attack rather than reasons not to get one. No one has called 1080p a reason NOT to get one, just that its pretty pointless as no one has it so its a non issue.

    Meh, this blog gets worse every time I read it.

  • I guess you’re just seeing what you want to see, Rich. I didn’t attack anything. If you don’t like reading stuff here, you’re not being forced to stay.

  • Firstly, as a UK resident stating the price difference between the PS3 and 360 is £145 is a load of crap.

    An official UK price hasn’t been announced yet and if you want to compare prices then you need to compare the 20GB PS3 (rumoured price of £350) with the Premium 360 (£275) as it’s almost the same specs minus BD & HDMI from the 360 and a couple of other things of course.

    Whether it’s being released here or not hasn’t been confirmed or denied so it has to be taken into consideration.

    I find your comment about Henning’s post being “more of a fanboy attack” so hilarious as this site has never been so blindly biased towards Sony.

  • No halo may actually be a good thing. Everyone has seen how halo has spawned a rash of Space Marine wannabe games. And since thats a trend that doesnt seem to be ending on the 360, I dont see why not having a glut of copycat games be a bad thing.

    Only a handful of people with multiple devices use a remote that controlls all of them. Every single person i know that has a universal remote of some sort only uses it for one or two things. And only a small portion of the population has one of those high end universal remotes. Besides, the majority of remotes never give you all the features the dedicated remote gives you. Not to shoot down you points, but its a valid response.

    BTW, I am not so dumb as to totally overlook the heavy dose of sarcasm in this post 🙂

  • Well, yes. Heavy sarcasm was employed in points 1, 3, 4, and 5. Only a moderate amount was used in point 2, because I actually am kinda ticked about this. I’ve replaced all my remotes with my Marantz learning one, and now I’ll have to have a second one lying around. That’s doubling the number of remotes I use!

  • Darrin

    Rich, these are faked reasons to avoid a PS3 from a die hard PS3 fan. Good point for UK buyers though.

    The only reason that I actually agree with is #3. That’s actually a very good reason to wait.

    You definitely aren’t serious with #4. I hope #5 wasn’t serious either.

  • Darrin

    One more reason not to get a PS3 (yet): The best games are on PS2 this holiday.

  • My 3 Reasons Not to Buy a PS3:

    1: The PS2 is a lot cheaper and has a whole load of great games that will keep you going until the PS4 is released. 😉

    2: I don’t have a HDTV so what’s the point of buying a HD console to use it on a SDTV? I may aswell wait until I get a HDTV before I get a PS3. It actually is a valid concern of mine but I will still look to get a PS3 next year regardless of whether I have a SDTV or a HDTV.

    3: The games are way over-priced. £50!! What’s the point in having a console if you can’t afford the games to play on it? Of course online stores will sell PS3 games for £40, £40!!! Way too over priced. Also a valid concern of mine but I will pay £40 for the “must have” games or wait until they are pre-owned.

  • Ya, it’s going to be madness come Nov. 17th. I don’t mind the bluetooth remote actually. Because the PS3 will be the center of my entertainment center 🙂

  • danny

    well me for one i am a fan of playstation and will eventually get a ps3 when it is cheaper unless i win the ps2 is still great better than xbox 360. by the way this is a ps3 blog so anyone who call the writer a fanboy what do you expect. anyway i really do not think that prices really make much difference cuz if someone wantsa ps3 if he can afford it he will buy it. anyway i do not think that halo is the original fps game cuz it look a lot like doom to me. but it is a great game just like resisitance fall of men will be for ps3. so there a great reason to buy ps3.

  • wow. just wow.

  • My added Reasons:

    NO ENTICING LAUNCH TITLES: I have to say with COD3, Oblivion, Rainbow Six Vegas, and the updated FNR3, its shaping up to be an impressive launch. Only problem is, I’ve either played these games before or they’re multiplatform. The only exclusives at launch are RR7, Resistence, Untold Legends, and Genji 2. Like the Xbox 360 at launch, this one will lack a killer app to define it for the next-gen until MGS4. Unfortunately for the PS3, it’s dropping into a hot LZ underfire.

  • ….accidently hit enter instead of spacebar…ahem *puts on tarp of shame*
    CONTROLLER: I took out my dualshock2 and waved it around like that guy on Warhawk. It hurts. It’s painful. It made my wrists want to snap. If the thing had rumble implamented, it’d be a disaster! When you hold your hand at a certain angle, and then instantly feel a jolt, your joints and muscles would get bruised or worse. Unfortunately, rumble is what I’ll miss most.

    Blu-Ray: I’ve seen and compared HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, and to me HD-DVD has the upperhand. Also, more of the movies I want (save Spider-Man trilogy) are on HD-DVD. A big indicator of where my alliance will be. Sure its an added bonus for someone who’s impartial or cares little for HD movies, but until they can show me some games that seriously take advantage of 25gigs of space, I’m not buying. (Oh, and by taking advantage I don’t mean putting multiple languages of HD-cutscenes and encoded audio in 5.1).
    And thats it. I hope I’m not banned/blocked/booed at after writing this…I like it here :). And for the record, I plan on getting one, but it all depends on when the ENTICING GAMES are released ;).

  • Matt

    WOW Henning. I thought you were above this.

  • For the record, nobody has been banned from this site. (But that’s not saying we won’t ever do so!)

    You won’t get banned for having a contrary opinion. You get banned for being rude, vulgar, or disrepectful.

    And thanks for contributing!

    As far as HD DVD versus BD go, are all your favourite movies from Universal? They’re the only studio to have exclusive HD DVD support. If your favourite movies are from the other major studios, then it’s likely that your movie will be available on BD sooner or later. As well, with studios starting to support BD-50 and VC-1, any quality differences you may have noticed until now should quickly disappear.

    We don’t know yet for sure what is launch or not, but in the launch window we have titles like the ones you mentioned – Resistance, Untold Legends, RR7, and Genji 2. But further exclusive titles coming up soon are Eye of Judgement, MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Fatal Inertia, Gran Turismo HD, DMC4, Ratchet and Clank, Lair, Killzone PS3, and probably Soul Calibur IV.

  • Heavenly Sword is a game I’ve gotta get my hands on. I’ll try and get one around May if they become more available 🙂 (and Halo 3 isn’t out, but in all honesty I hope it is :P). So far, exclusives I’m interested in are: God of War 3, Heavenly Sword, F1, Ratchet and Clank, Lair, FFXIII, VF5, and MGS4. Only one I know that’ll be out in May for sure is Heavenly Sword. I’ll see what pops up around then.

  • Matt: “Above this” ? As in, this is somehow wrong, low, or bad? I’m just having a little fun!

  • crazzy lee

    The big problem with the PS3 is that its controlers won’t have RUMBLE!!!!! How are you suppose to know if somebody bumps in to you or if your too close to an explosion? Somebody please tell me, what the hells up with that? And don’t tell me it’s because of the motion sensor. If anything it’s because of their 90 million law suite over the rumble. I’m I right? Sony can not be telling the truth about not being able to add rumble cause it will interfear with the motion sensor, because I watched a video clip with where a controller made way back when the PS1 came out that both funtion (Rumble and motion sensor) work fine.

  • matt

    Henning you usually provide good info without getting silly. This is just silly. Some of the stuff is very funny, you just carried some of it too far.

    1080p is a great feature that can improve graphics for certain people. The problem I have with all the 1080p talk is that 99% of HDTV owners will see no improvement over their 720p/1080i HDTVs. Not because 1080p isn’t better, because it is, but the size of the HDTV and the distance people sit at watching it are fine at the lower resolution. You being an HDTV owner should have a good idea about this. Your 57″ should be viewed at 12′-15′. If you sit closer you could use 1080p. The people buying a 42″ 1080p sitting at 10′ see no difference over a 720p. I just wish that you would do something to explain that to the non-HDTV owners before they spend $1000s on a technology they really can’t use. that money could go to the all important Surround Sound system (which adds much more to gaming than a HDTV could)

    HDMI is great. I wish the 360 had it. The difference in PQ may be unnoticeable to the average person but I like having the best. I don’t think your HDTV has it but are you running out to replace it with an HDMI capable set (I hope not). I am glad I have it on my HDTV and will hook up my PS3 using it.

    It seems there are a lot more people reading and contributing to the blog now, which is awesome. All of you do a good job reporting the news even though it is biased towards the PS3 camp (which is completely understood). In fact you are the one site that can turn a terd into a gem. With all the bad PS3 press I am suprised you aren’t freaking out even more. I am harsh on you guys sometimes but I come from a own all the systems perspective. I try to not be biased. I love what Xbox has brought to the table and I think Sony has to react to them which is a great thing for everyone.

  • Darrin

    matt, very glad to hear the positive feedback. We need people to be hard on us anyway. Also, I completely agree with you regarding 1080p and HDMI.

  • As far as 1080p goes, I’ve said many times that you need a set large enough to be able to make good use of it. I just don’t feel like saying it every single time! You might wonder why I personally harp on 1080p, and the answer to that is simple: when I build out my basement I plan on sticking a huge screen down there and pair it with a 1080p projector. So the more 1080p support I see, the better. The more people are aware of 1080p, the better. And if Sony sees that we’re interested in 1080p, that’s the best. Because one day I’ll have it, and I want to be able to use it to its fullest. Selfish? Sure. But hey, who isn’t selfish? This is my blog, so I can definitely have my say on the matter.

    As far as being silly goes, yes, sure this article is silly. But you know what? I don’t care. It’s part of who I am, so sometimes it comes out. One of my most favourite musical artists is Weird Al. I love his stuff because it’s silly and funny.

    As to HDMI, no, my set does not have HDMI connectors. But it does have a DVI/HDCP connector, so I’ll be seeing if that connection provides any benefit.

  • matt

    It should help (DVI I mean). You lose the benefit of Sound/Video in one cable but a Fiber cable is small so no big deal. You’ll have to let everyone know Henning.

    I should probally push the angel off of my shoulder and listen to the little devil on the other. The more people who purchase 1080p technology the faster it comes down in price. I too want a huge screen (eyeing the 70″ RP sizes) more for movies and sports but gaming would also benefit! Right now an HDTV that large is $3500-$6000. I may just go projecter but I really don’t want to worry about lighting.