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Ridge Racer 7 Online Info |

There’s some interesting info for all you RR7 fans concerning online play at C&VG.

Here’s a quick rundown of how online play will feature in RR7:

* 14 player races split into either solo races or Team Battles

* Two players can go head to head in a single race Arcade Mode

* UFLA Special Event mode where you can play downloaded racing events

* Global Time Attack mode allows you to compete in two player split-screen races and your best times will appear on an online scoreboard

* Rankings play a huge part in the game with you being ranked in overall game performance, online and offline events, online battle points and how much cash you’ve earned from all the events. The rankings will be constantly updated during the game and will be displayed in a menu , even during the single player game.

Here’s a vid of the famous drift in action that Henning doesn’t seem too keen on:

RR7 Online Info

  • Team Battles … wonder how that works. I’m not sure if I’m getting RR7 at launch yet.

  • Tom

    This really does sound pretty special… cannot wait to give it a bash in March!

  • I’m not sure about this game. The PSone games were great fun but I never enjoyed the PS2 versions.

    There’s actually a few PSone games that I enjoyed but found the PS2 versions not as enjoyable.

    Will this happen with the PS3? 😯

  • The tracks look really cool. The cars look just okay. But I’m not sure about all that drifting!

  • Ridge Racer games have always be heavy on drifting. I like the steaking effect the tail lights have on the cars in front of you.

  • luke

    i’ve never heard of team battle racing. is there any game out currently that does that. it kinda sounds like fun.

  • francois

    Gary: I agree, I bought a PSone to play ridge racer! I completed the game and enjoyed every minutes of it. I got Ridge Racer for PS2 at launch but I never really enjoyed it. However Ridge Racer for PSP is very enjoyable and addictive. So who knows about the PS3 version…