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GTA:IV PS3 to Have Exclusive Content |

Microsoft has made a lot of GTA:IV for a game that isn’t due out for another 364 days (yep- GTA:IV is to be released in one year yesterday). Firstly they announced that GTA:IV would be on the 360 from day one, implying some sort of exclusivity deal… when in fact they had only secured a same day launch. Then a few weeks ago at X06 came Microsoft’s claim that GTA:IV on xbox360 would contain exclusive content, again implying that there would be no such bonus for the PlayStation 3 version.

Well, now a source close to Eurogamer has informed them that the PS3 version of GTA:IV will also feature its own exclusive content. This is something that had being rumoured for since GTA:IV was announced by Microsoft at E3, with the hint actually coming from Rockstar CEO Sam Houser. The downloadable content will apparently take the form of new areas linked to the GTA:IV world, based on what’s said as well it sounds quite large- here’s hoping they play to the PS3’s strengths and use the SIXAXIS in their delivery of this new stuff.

Part of me is pretty pleased with this deal- I like the sound of every owner of the game getting something extra from it, although I am disapointed that there will still be some 360 content that I won’t really get to use fully, just as I’m sure that there are some 360 users who will be annoyed they will miss out on whatever we end up getting. One things for sure… expect endless fanboy “Mine’s better than yours” baitings.


  • One year yesterday 😯

    Still I want DMC4 more!

    Not surprising news but it will shut up some people that keep going on about the 360 having exclusive GTA content and PS3 being inferior because it has nothing.


  • That’s good news for the PS3 but honestly …. I’ve never been a fan of the series. MGS4 should be out about the same time next year anyway, I’d rather have that than GTA:IV 😀

  • Pc

    That’s good news to me !!! I was going to buy GTA IV on PS3 anyways because it was basically born there. The fact that the PS3 version will have exclusive content also makes me happy… 🙂

  • ehandlr

    I said since day 1 that Microsoft was using that statement as a ploy to coerce people into buying its system and that PS3 would also have exclusive content. Well it was more of a lucky guess but I can gloat that I was right 😛

  • Darrin

    You can’t fault Microsoft in this. They are supposed to hype up their announcements at big keynote events. But I do fault many sites for stating as fact that there would be no downloadable or exclusive GTA4 content on the PS3. There wasn’t any official statement claiming that or even a good reason to believe so.

    BTW, Microsoft announced the exclusive content at E3 and reannounced it at X06. Also, regarding PS3 exclusive content, I suspect it’s true, but it’s still just a rumor. It hasn’t been officially confirmed and Eurogamer has been wrong before.

    But I’m a huge GTA fan, I am betting and hoping that the PS3 version of GTA4 will be the best!

  • Darrin

    Good guess ehandlr. Remember this post I made a while ago? I called this one too!

  • Oh yes, you CAN fault MS for these FUD practices.

    Ok, other companys arent better (i.e. IBM), but these practices are REALLY bad.

    And those 2 games (MGS and GTA) are the 2 must haves for me, at least for christmas.

    When I first heard MSs E3 announcment, I didnt believe it, I was right, then I heard the X06 and I didnt either… So what, any informed user knows that this is FUD. Its just the less informed “less hardcore” people who believe this crap. If MS continues this CoA, they will end up pretty bad, if they cant deliver anymore…

  • ehandlr

    You can fault them I believe. They never said PS3 wouldn’t have exclusive content, but they sure did hint in that direction. They remained unclear about their statements to make every fanboy and media reporter believe in that it was a single direction exclusivity. now I doubt that MS new PS3 had exclusive content or it wasn’t finalized. However, the way it was portrayed wasn’t professional.

  • luke

    If the

  • luke

    ^ oh crap! lol. but if each system has their own exlucsive content i think that will REALLY suck. and theoreticaly, if the gta IV was only made on the ps3, couldnt it be much larger. the bd can hold alot more right? is the 360 kinda holding R* back or do i have no idea what im talking about? 8p

  • 😆

    A little hasty with the enter key, eh Luke?

  • ehandlr

    hehe it happens. The rumor has it that the downloadable info is to be identical for the 360 and PS3 according to an insider.

  • I guess we will only find out when GTA IV is released and see what, if any, differences there are between the two versions.

  • Maybe its that kind of exclusives, MS is famous for (i mean, 360 AND pc is NOT exclusive!)…

    So like… Your character becomes a black guy and can do stuff… I mean, thats HOURS of gameplay to do… in contrast to being white, for that matter…

  • matt

    WHY!!!! Why can’t they just have the same damn content. This could make the choice of which system to get it for very hard. It used to be easy when the PS2 had a 6 month lead on release.

  • luke

    I just really hope they dont go the saints row route and make you create the character. it just ruins the story. now if you could create a charter to roam the city/play online that would be good.

  • Soul calibur 2 had a specific additional character exclusive to each console. Spawn for xbox, Zelda for Gamecube, and Heihachi for Playstation. No one seemed to mind much that one didnt get the others. I think it will be the same sort of situation.

    Whatever the exclusives are, they will more than likely be on the same level. I sincerely doubt one will be much better than the other in this respect.

  • ehandlr

    On that note…I had a friend who bought all 3 Soul Caliburs to have each charactor……

  • slipknotpsycho

    old, but figured i’d post it for any future user who comes across it…

    release has been delayed for months…. it’s projected release is now april of 08