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MotorStorm: Steer with SIXAXIS |

I don’t know if you’ve seen that cheap little spongey accessory for the Wiimote that lets you hold it like a steering wheel. But the PlayStation 3’s controller can be held in two hands comfortably without such a device.

I’ve been wondering when I’d see a racing game for the PS3 that will support the PlayStation 3’s SIXAXIS controller.

Well, as it turns out, the game is MotorStorm. They think that just like some people prefer the D-pad while some prefer the analog sticks, that the motion sensitivity will become another option for gamers. I look forward to trying it out to see how it drives!

MotorStorm Mouth Off

But that’s not where it ends. IGN has some more on MotorStorm here:

MotorStorm Preview

  • Since its an arcade racing game, It probably worth a try. Motion sensitivity is probably something I would pass on if it were a game like Gran Turismo.

  • I’ll try steering using motion sensitivity on the SIXAXIS. But I’m not sure honestly if I would like that in racing games. Flying games though, completely different 🙂

  • Yup, we’ll have to try it out. But I have a feeling it may be cool.

  • Darrin

    The bigger question: Can I play Motorstorm (and other PS3 racers) with my Driving Force Pro? Tilt controller sounds good, but I’d rather have a really nice wheel and pedal set.

  • Maybe it could be used to punch other riders like if you’re riding a bike.

    Road Rash style!!

  • lol, that would be cool. Maybe for the people in the cars, when you move your controller to the side you kick your door open to hit a guy riding the bike 🙂