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More Resistance – 4 Player Splitscreen! |

A couple more Resistance things for you. First off, Ted Price gave some commentary about the game in a little video for the Japanese market, so it has Japanese subtitles. Funny. I’m used to listening to Japanese with English subtitles (Seven Samurai anyone?). Both the links below are to do with this.

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Second, I got some feedback about actually playing Resistance: Fall of Man in multiplayer mode. Four-player split-screen baby! Here’s what the dude told me:

We played it again …, 4 player, first to 150 points. The points tally sits horizontally in the middle of the screen, overlaid on top of the visual of all four screens. You spawn when you die, and have no ammo at that stage. There are small circles on the floor with small green holographic-style lights coming out of them to indicate a weapon. Weapons respawn after you go over them, but takes a little while, so you can’t just stand there and hook up your ammo. We played a new area called Somerset (a county in south west England) which had rock features on the outside, and man-made wooden and some metal structures on the inside. There are a number of levels to walk up to, and some gas vents which are permanently on which take you up about 20-40 feet and allow you to escape an onslaught. The shotgun takes someone down in about 2 shots, but you have to be close. The normal machine guns take quite a while to kill someone, so it’s best to find something else. On the outside around the rocks are the best weapons – a rocket launcher which can fire the entire length of the zone and kill someone (you only get 2 rockets when you pick it up), and some future gun that fires a red weirdly-shaped plasma. I thought I’d just hold it down to kill someone, but in fact you need to punch the fire button lots. Once you’ve got someone in your sights though and they’re within 20 metres, they’re toast!

The point sytem was first to 150 points. I got close, but got beat! Really good fun. It doesn’t go beyond 4 player split screen, even though it registerd a 5th controller (by plugging the USB cable which was already connected to the ps3 to the 5th controller then pressing the PlayStation button on the controller and unplugging it when it light up red). Anyway we we’re too busy killing each other to mess around with more than 4 player and try to figure out what else the machine/game could do.

Resistance Japanese Commentary
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  • ehandlr

    I can not wait for this game…..I’m pretty psyched about it.

  • 4 Player split screen that awesome! I can’t wait to try that with my friends.

  • Martin Hansen

    It’s gonna be some awesome bring-your-own-controller parties 🙂

  • Pc

    Hell yeah it’s gonna be awesome !!!! 4 player split screen beats anything on the 360 so far right ??? I’m pretty sure it does……atleast with a fps like this.

  • matt

    360 has a lot of games that support 4 player split screen. Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero, Madden 07 are three titles that I own.

    Hopefully this game plays like the Halo series does (being highly enjoyable over and over and over). Say what you want but they are both great games in multiplayer.

    This is very good to hear. Resistance should be an awesome game and hopefully the multiplayer can hold up to the test of time.

  • luke

    splitscreen sounds so much more fun without controller cords getting tangled. like martin said just bring the controller and you’re good to go. and another thing, looking at other people’s screen is fair game 🙂

  • We play GRAW on the Xbox 360 with 4 players splitscreen. Fun game!