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Poll: Are You a Multi-Consoler? |

This poll is another simple one, but I’ve been curious about this now for quite some time. Are you a multi-console type of person? Or do you tend to stick with one brand? And I mean within a console generation. I have a Sega Genesis and a PS2, but that doesn’t count for this poll. (Actually, I don’t even know where my Genesis is right now. I lent it to someone and it never came back…)

Personally, I can’t afford to buy and maintain and handily store two systems. I’m just glad that the PS2 had all the games I really liked. (Well, almost all. I wish it had PGR2.)

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Previous poll results:

Now that both PS3’s have HDMI, which do you want?

* 60GB Media PS3: 75% (196)
* 20GB Gamer PS3: 25% (67)

Total Votes : 263


  1. Of course i am, i have a Xbox 360, a Wii is pre-ordered and may geta PS3 when the price drops, not that its not good value etc. i just dont have that kind of money at the moment. If you get every console of the generation then you win, its just expensive.

  2. In an ideal world I’d have all three as well. But I just don’t have that kind of cash or space. 🙁 My wife almost bought be an Xbox 360 at one point (with some unforseen money that came in), in which case I’d have had two this generation. I don’t know where I would have put them!

  3. Hmm it’s not really that simple.

    I only owned a PSone during it’s lifetime then I mainly owned a PS2 until the GameCube dropped down in price (I bought it for around £40 I think).

    I got it mainly to play the Resi games, Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine etc which are exclusives to the ‘Cube.

    I will only buy a PS3 as I can’t afford multiple consoles and the games for each one on top of that. I really can’t see me buying another console after my PS3 purchase during it’s lifespan even if the Wii & 360 drop massively in price.

  4. one per, since the playstation, not including handhelds. so far i’ve only had one handheld console per generation, too (nintendo all the way), but i am considering getting a PSP, too. i just wish it were a bit smaller (i’d definitely get a “PSP lite” if one existed).

  5. I have been a multi-console gamer since SNES/Genesis era. Back then Nintendo and Sega had so many great games it was hard to skip either console. I had to buy them both myself back then (I have been working since I was 12).

    The PSone was a great system and my main system of choice. If I would have missed Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Zelda Ocarina of Time, etc, I would have missed some of my favorite games of all-time.

    Bought the PS2 shortly after launch and got the Xbox 2 years later. I favored the Xbox because of the great FPS games it had. The PS2 got a lot of use, but not as much as my Xbox. Skipped the GameCube because the few games I wanted to play I was able to at a friends house.

    This Generation I own the 360 (love it), will get the Wii this year, and next year after a drop in price I will get the PS3. Each system has atleast 10 games that are must own titles for me.

    It costs a lot to have all of the systems but I think it is worth it. Each console has something great to offer, this generation even more than ever before. This is a great time to be a gamer.

  6. I have Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 in 29 days 🙂

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