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PS3/PS2 Controller Adapter? | has on their website a PS3/PS2 controller adapter from Pelican Accessories. My first thought was to wonder if this thing is legit. I remember a year ago seeing a similar listing for an HDMI cable for the 360. Plus the fact that there’s no picture doesn’t bode well either. Supposedly this controller adapter will be released December 1st, at a lowly price of $4.99.

But assuming it is legit, then I should have put this on my list of PS3 peripherals to get. Because with this thing I could toss my PS2 out the window and play Guitar Hero on my PS3!

Lots of people say that I can just keep my PS2 around after I get my PS3, but personally I don’t want the clutter. Is anybody else with me? Or are you guys keeping your PS2’s, even if the PS3 plays all your PS2 games?

PS3/PS2 Controller Adapter

  • ehandlr

    I saw this also. I posted it in a forum I troll *delete delete* post on. My guess its so you can have vibration on older games.

  • I won’t be keeping my PS2 when I finally get a PS3. There’s no need for it and I can play whatever PS2 games I still have on the PS3.

  • I hope it’s true. I want to use my DDR dance pads and tekken arcade controller if I want to 🙂

  • matt

    Sony should make an adaptor for all of the specialty pads and the fact that people might not want to spend another $150 at launch to get 4 controllers. If Sony doesn’t someone will I would hope (although the 360 still doesn’t have a USB adaptor for the old controllers).

    I usually keep my old consoles. The only one I didn’t keep was my PSone and I gave that to my Dad. It is more for nostalgic reasons. When I bust out my N64 and people see it they freak out and get all excited. The SNES is another console people get excited about. The Wii will allow me to purchase old games but it won’t be the same. Usually the console brings back memories for people and that is part of gaming old school. The old consoles usually aren’t worth enough for me to get rid of them. I store them in a box and have access to them if I want them.

  • My old consoles normally are traded in for games for the new consoles. I kept some of my favorite psone titles when i got my ps2, but i never played them. The same probably wont happen this time though, since the graphical jumb from last gen to next gen isnt as big as it was from the ps1 to ps2.

  • SPL

    I have the PS3 and I can’t play Guitar Hero or any other games where you need to ‘plug in’ .. does anyone know of an adapter created for this problem? I LOVE my PS3 but really miss playing Guitar Hero on my big screen TV. I have my PS2 in my bedroom and play it on my smaller tv screen but it’s not the same. Help!


  • Nyko will be selling one that they say will work with Guitar Hero.

  • David B

    You can have a adapter with a ps button that work. ddr and guitar hero works very well. it’s available on ebay. check this out now

  • david

    if i could give it a zero star i would. i got this product today for GH2 and tried it out right away and within one song i found out the adapter usless. for all the problems and things it doesn’t do i’d rather kepp my PS2 and play GH2 on that. hammer on’s and pull off’s don’t work, tilting the guitar for star power doesn’t work, you have to mess around with the adapter switching it between normal (to scroll the menues) and GH2 ( to play the songs), the fret buttons dont activate untill you strum, and from what the manual says you can’t use this adapter to play the first GH game. over all it’s a waste of time and money getting this. find another adapter of just keep your PS2. ive never written any kind of review before (good or bad) as i just couldn’t be botherd too, but this product is so bad i just had to. KEEP AWAY!!!

  • Tilting your guitar for star power never worked. Do you have a special guitar, or are you trying to use the 360’s with adapters?