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PSM US runs through the XMB menu |

And just when you may have being all XMB’d out…

PSM US has produced a fairly thorough rundown of how the XMB works under the watchful eye of a Sony rep. Their demonstration was kind of hindered by a lack of picture, video and music content, but, combined with Darrin’s post earlier, this should give you an excellent overview of how the whole system’s front end works. For those who cannot be bothered to watch- here are the new details:

1. Bluetooth headset support confirmed.
2. The old eyetoy camera works as well as the new one.
3. “Install package file” in the settings menu- something neatly skipped over… Quick internet searching tells me that Linux software comes in “packages”. Hmmmm… πŸ˜‰
4. Stupid amounts of photo options- you can set music to a photo slideshow.
5. “Custom” resolution option by HDMI (and maybe the others too) in addition to the usual 1080p, 720p, etc…
6. Despite Kaz Hirai (as recently as yesterday) saying that the PlayStation 3 online has no name as it will never be offline, it is clearly going to be reffered to as… The “PlayStation Network” (pictured above).

It all goes a bit pear-shaped at the end though- They ran into a few issues whilst trying to get Resistance to work… so much so that it appears to… errr… well… not work past the menu screen- they also skipped the boot sequence loading time. I think it should be safe to assume that certain parts of this XMB build are fairly old (we’ve seen other magazines load games fully before), but it doesn’t reflect too well.

PSM Video podcast

  • I like that fact that I can use my bluetooth headset that I already have. And the linux option on the PS3, I’m pretty excited about that πŸ™‚ But I doubt they’ll cover that tomorrow at gamer’s day.

  • Tom

    You never know what we’ll end up seeing though- anyway here’s hoping Gamers Day 06 is better than TGS 06 announcement-wise and E3 06… errr… in every form!

  • Ya the TGS was pretty disappointing …. this is the last big game conference before launch right?

  • francois

    “β€œCustom” resolution option by HDMI” !!! I am full of hope! I have a 1650×1050 HDPC computer LCD screen. I would be very happy to use the native resolution with the PS3.

    For linux, there was an annoncement yesterday from compagny that plan to deliver a Linux distribution for the PS3:

    Cell SDK! It will make a great educational tools for programmers and students. Also included the Crappy Open Office …

  • Sony seems intent on fullfilling every idea they wanted to implement with the ps2.

    1. Linux: A scarcely available pipe dream that had very few uses on PS2. But they seem to be very serious about delivering with Yellow dog on PS3.
    2. Harddrive: Poorly marketed, Poorly adopted on PS2. Solved both by making it standard and highly supported on PS3.
    3. Media: Sony wanted the PS2 to be a media hub, however without an out of the box connection to the internet, nor any storage options (not to mention that they were still trying to shake off their proprietary file format ways) it simply wasnt going to happen. But with the ps3, every single part one can think of is using industry standards. Bluetooth, wifi, 2.5 harddrive, widely used card formats, etc.

    So all the news we have been getting recently has be overwhelmingly positive, just shows how retarded all the flaming post E3 was.

  • TommyGun090

    Does anyone know if you can play music from your hard drive while playing a game like on the 360. That would rock.

  • It is supported by the developers. So some do it and some don’t. For example, Def Jam does and MotorStorm doesn’t. Disappointing.

  • bobeotm: good points! i am pretty excited by the homebrew possibilities of the PS3, whatever they might be…

  • ^^^ Me too πŸ˜€ I’ll probably wait on getting linux until some exciting stuff comes out for it.

  • TommyGun090

    I’m a little confunsed, what exactly is Linux and what does it allow you to do?

  • Tom

    The XMB is PS3’s main Operating System (OS), everybody will use it.

    Linux is a different opperating system that can be installed on the PS3 and run as well as the XMB. Think of the XMB as fairly restricted- it’s exactly like the PSP XMB really. Linux (once downloaded) can be accessed through the XMB and presents you with a Microsoft Windows like Opperating System, but with more flexibility. You can then download programs on to this… For instance this version is known to run Mozilla Firefox- an Internet Explorer like program, it could also run a media player allowing you to watch DivX or Xvid files on your PS3 even though the main XMB may not.

    The most interesting part to many though is that it can run the Cell SDK which should enable users to create the building blocks for their own games, which they can then share. All created games can only run off a Linux OS due to the security risk, but it’s better than nothing!

    I think I’m more likely to be involved in the first set of stuff since I have no idea about coding and stuff, but I’m sure some great stuff will come from it!

  • TommyGun090

    That sounds awesome! So how would you get firefox onto Linux and would it be exactly like the PC version? And whats the advantage of using Firefox rather than the PS3 browser?

  • Tom

    I think Firefox either comes pre-installed, or can be downloaded through the PS3 web browser. The advantage of using Firefox it that it is exactly the same as what you get on PC- if you find Sony’s browser a bit clunky you can use Firefox instead.

    Well that’s the theory anyway- we’ll have to wait and see how easy it it to use in practice, but I’m optomistic this can be achieved.

  • Firefox rules! I often forget to check my changes in IE, so this site actually does look better in Firefox.