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A Little Goodbye |

Sorry to go off topic but I’m moving home tomorrow and unfortunatley I’m leaving my PC behind which means I will be offline for a while so will be unable to contribute to this excellent site. 😥

As soon as I can afford an iMac (if someone wants to give me one for free I won’t refuse 😉 ) and broadband connection I will be back and posting my usual inane rubbish! 😀

I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed writing on here and being part of this place so I must thank Henning for giving me the opportunity to write about all things PS3. Thank You it’s been a pleasure!

I also would like to thank everybody that has commented on my posts, you’ve made me feel like all the effort has been worthwile even though a great deal of our readers still prefer to lurk rather than to make their voices heard. 😉

I’ll still be visiting this place at every opportunity to keep up to date with Henning, Tom & Darrin’s view on the PS3 and everything to do with it, so play nice. 😈

Oh and whoever writes about DMC4 had better do a good job 😡 ……just kidding!

Thanks and see you soon!


  • Thanks for all your great posts about the PS3, Gary. This site wouldn’t be the same without all your great commentary. I hope you come back ASAP!!!!

  • Oh no! I’ve just realised that you will ‘win’ the Top Commentators award! Even though you’re now ahead of me anyway…


  • ehandlr

    heh i didn’t get a chance to know you very well but I’ve always enjoyed the things you had to say. I’ve been reading this site LONG before I became a member and started to post. Best of luck to you.

  • Martin Hansen

    Thanks for all the good post you contributed with! I visit this site several times a day, and still will. The news here are excellent!

  • Thanks for all the work you’ve done. I personally have a 20″ iMac at home I and I love it and I’m not willing to part with it sorry 😛 Hope ya come back soon 🙂

  • Thanks Tosh 😉

    I’m looking at the 17″ iMac…

  • Tom

    Boo! Ge’ Lost!!11!


    Hope the move goes great, let us know what your new house is like on your return too! See you soon mate!

  • luke

    thanks and youve done a great job

  • Darrin

    Good luck on your move, Gary. Hope you get an Internet connection ready soon so it’s a short break.

  • Extra Terrestrial

    Good luck with everything Gary and I hope you come back sooner than later.

  • I will miss your posts, and I hope your back soon.

  • phipscube

    I’ve not posted much here as of late as im on a dial up connection and am busy for the next few months in another country. But I still read up when I can. Cheers for all your sound news Gary, I’ve many a time nodded my head in agreement with your out spoken comments 🙂

    Good luck, see you back soon!