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Phil Harrison Talks PS3 |

Game Informer had a little chat with Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison after yesterday’s Sony Gamer’s Day event.

Here is what was revealed:

* If you have a USB hard drive full of music you can plug it in and transfer what you want onto your PS3 from day 1 but you can’t transfer movies or images just yet.

* You will be able to purchase movies & music from the PLAYSTATION Store to download onto your PS3 but not from day 1

* PS2 games won’t be available to download like PSone games due to the size but may be possible in the future

* Expect casual games, parlour games, family games etc to be available to download in the future

* PS3 games are region free but PS2 games aren’t. However, if PS2 games do make it to download they may be region free

* Expect to see the next-gen Eye Toy “early next year”

* Sony’s biggest rival this Nov is hardware supply and not rival consoles with less than 500,000 PS3s available at launch

Phil Harrison Talks PS3



  2. I’m disappointed that the PS3 won’t be able to stream content from a network storage device. That’s where I have all my music. πŸ™

  3. You can’t transfer movies or images just yet …….. lame! I hope that feature is available very soon after launch.

  4. These features seem a little rushed, which I don’t like. Sony has had a good track record of updating my PSP’s OS, so I’m looking forward to similar updates on my PS3.

  5. It was rumoured that the next-gen Eye Toy would be available this year but it won’t arrive until early next year. That’s a shame so you’ll have to use the current Eye Toy with Eye of Judgement.

  6. ehandlr

    Kinda upsetting….but the PSP can do most of this now…so I’m sure the PS3 will follow

  7. I kind of figured a lot of the services wouldn’t be available at launch. Live took two years to get to a decent well rounded service that needed updates to get things right. These problems might not affect our European readers because the problems may be ironed out by their launch. I won’t be able to get one in the state for quite some time either so not a big deal for me.

    The PS3 online service at the start will be buggy and incomplete. I am sure Sony wants customer feedback and will change things the customers ask for. All of this isn’t really a big deal.

  8. WonderSteve

    Man..why can’t PS2 games be region free as well. That would be one big reason for quite a bit of people to get it..

  9. If psp firmware updates are any indication, features will be added and enhanced on a pretty regular basis. If i recall correctly, psp in a year went through about 6 or so updates (not counting the .x1 updates to fix security holes). So I wouldnt be surprised if things improve dramatically by the end of the year.

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