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PS3 and backwards compatability |

Fans of the PS2’s ability to enhance PSOne games through smoother texturising may be in for some disapointment with the PS3’s backwards compatability solution. As Phil Harrison puts it, in regard to playing backwards compatible games on PS3, “They are as exactly as they were,” before going on to claim that Sony prefered to rather deliver them in their original state. 😕 I can kind of understand how this will have happened, rumour has it that Sony went with the option of putting in PS2 hardware to guarantee nigh-on full backwards compatability, but it is a bit of a disappointment. Lets hope the PS3 can at least upscale them if you have an HDTV! Full backwards compatability has yet to be demonstrated, but we will keep an eye-out for it!

Harrison also explained Sony download support too. Sony’s aim is to eventually support the whole of the PSOne’s catalogue… yep… that should mean you can download in the region of 2,000 PSOne games in the future, although Harrison admits that some of the titles might not make it due to licensing issues. Harrison says this means that PS3 users will be able to download and play PSOne sleeper hits like Vib Ribbon (bizarre and fun music-based platformer) and MotorToon GP (Polyphony Digital’s game before Gran Turismo). The first titles will be Syphon Filter and Twisted Metal and at first these games will only work on PSP, but Harrison believes that by the end of the year it should be possible to play these titles on PS3. One download covers both PSP and PS3 versions and you should be able to download these titles five times, using your account, on any PS3. Basically, that means, if you want to demo something to a friend you can, but it sounds like once you log off, they cannot keep it- the same applies to the “arcade” games. Sounds like a great idea!


  • I’ve heard a lot of cool things about Vib Ribbon, so I can’t wait to try that out!

    I’m just looking forward to playing all the PS2 games I currently have, so that I can sell my PS2.

  • I’ve already done a post about which PSone games I would like to see on PS3 via download here and I will be happy to download a few of those if the prices are reasonable.


  • the download service wont be anywhere near as big as they are saying it ‘might’. My guess is less than a few hundred due to licencing issues.

  • I heard prices are $15 for a PS1 games. I was hoping for $10 max. Oh well. Would be cool to have FF7 on the PSP.

  • £5 for PSone games would be reasonable to me. Especially for the original Resi 1 & Tomb Raider. Already have FFVII so I’m set.


  • My guess is that there will be 537 titles, or maybe 798 if the licensing issues with games from 1997 get resolved.


    Really, we have no idea how many games there will be, and taking guess like “less than a few hundred” is pretty pointless.

  • matt

    Hopefully Sony only releases the better games from the past. There is a lot of tripe in the back catalog that I would prefer wasn’t even available. That is a coold feature though with the 5 downloads for friends. I don’t think I will use it much, but it sounds interesting.

    I really hope the PS3 can upscale the PS2 games to widescreen. Heck I would even take 480p because that makes a big difference on HDTVs. AA would be nice but the games really don’t improve much anyway in appearance.

  • I would hope the PS3 will scale PS1 and PS2 games. Making them widescreen is pointless, just add bars on the side. However if it outputs them at 480p (or even 480i) that just means the TV will have to scale them. I would imagine (hope) the PS3 can scale the games digitally (and apply AA) better than a TV could.

  • luke

    i personally would hope that my next gen games are so good i wouldnt want to go back and play ps1 and ps2 games. looking back, its almost amazing how we played ps1 games and thought they looked good. yes, some of them still look ok, but for the most part they are just ugly.

  • The psone games will likely not be 15 bucks. The 15 dollar mark was the cap for ALL downloadable games, primarily referring to new online titles like flow and blast factor. It wasnt really in reference to psone titles, although they are going to be under that cap as well.

  • Pc

    I will bet that the “majority” of PS1 games will be $10. I can’t wait to download Twisted Metal and Resident Evil and play it on my PS3 !!!

  • WonderSteve

    Hopefully it will upscale the PS2 and PSOne games into HD (Which means widescreen and 720p). I really would want to play Lunar and FF VII again in HD