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Sony Gamer’s Day 2006 |

Want some coverage of yesterday’s Gamer’s Day event? Both IGN and Gamespot have some blow-by-blow accounts of the event, which both make for very interesting reading.

One interesting thing to come of all this is that if you purchase a game from Sony’s online gaming portfolio of cheap games, you can share said game with up to five of your buddies. So how about several of us get together to buy these games and share them? πŸ™‚ The only wrench would be if those shared versions of the game were somehow crippled or multi-player only versions of the games. But ah well. It’s pretty cool that Sony is allowing these games to be shared.

Also revealed is what’ll come with your PS3 when you buy it. The first half-million or so PS3 consoles will come with the BD movie Talladega Nights. I would have preferred The Transporter myself, but oh well. Can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. As far as cabling goes, the PS3 will come with a power cable, a USB cable for charging the included controller, a network cable, and a multi-out cable with composite video connection.

The SIXAXIS controller will have a built-in battery that is not replaceable. It has a 20 meter wireless range, and 30 hours of battery life. Buying an extra controller will cost you $50. The PS2 memory card reader will set you back $15, while the BlueTooth BD remote will be $25 once available. First-party PS3 game titles will be $60. (I’m rounding up to the nearest dollar.)

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  • I would prefer X3 on bluray, but I’ll take Talladega Nights πŸ™‚ Now hopefully on-line pre-orders will start soon.

  • I thought $50US was a bit much for a controller. I hope the prices are better here in Canada.

  • I wonder if European PS3s will come with a free BD movie….

    We need some kind of freebie to make up for our treatment (even if the wait actually benefits us). πŸ™‚

    Not long to wait now for you guys!

  • matt

    If you check some retailers you can get good deals on extra controllers. The 360 wireless controller is $50 and I got one for $40 on sale. A good deal can be found from time to time on new controllers. The sales won’t happen the first months or two but shortly after that the prices should get better.

    Gary I would think they will include a free movie with the PS3 in Europe. Since the DVD to BR transition is going to be much harder than VHS to DVD. If you show people the difference in movie quality they might be more inclined to purchase a movie. I would think a lot of the early adopters of the PS3 will have HDTVs (or will get one shortly after they get the PS3).