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Gamer’s Day Game Highlights |

Well Sony’s last big show off event before launch is well and truly over, and people now have definite impressions of how the PS3 will shape up as a platform- we’re only missing minor details now, most of them game-related rather than hardware.

The first thing I feel I should address is actually a unifying feature that links all the games and how much fun you have with them – the controller. Following IGN UK’s hands-on it appeared there was good reason to be concerned with it. Some of their choice descriptions were “cheap, plasticky, uncomfortable and disconcertingly light.” Well the good news appears to be that their opinion is not widely supported. Kotaku’s Brian Crescente doesn’t usually hold back if he finds something bad, but his comments – “While it was unnerving for a few seconds, I quickly got used to it and then promptly forgot about the lack of rumble all together… While the controller is as light as a feather, it still feels pretty solid in your hands and the thumbsticks were absolutely fine.” imply that he has no issues with the Sixaxis. Similarly positive impressions came from Gamespot’s editorial team, Gamedaily and, you guessed it, I.G.N. It’s worth noting that most people see the rumble as a loss, but few chart it as a huge dealbreaker. Nobody really supports IGN UK’s point of view though, believing the light weight could be a benefit in prolonged play. The controller doesn’t seem to attract the same praise as the xbox360 one, but it’s by no menas bad.

Anyway, these are the titles that stood out for me.


Simple this – it looks great. Everything that you could say about this has been said. This game looks impressive and should be a candidate for anyone picking up a PS3 at launch.

Rdige Racer 7

1080p. 60fps. Enough of the jargon though – this looks like good fun. It will be the online mode that sets it apart though. I cannot wait.

Call of Duty 3

No sign of slowdown in the demonstrations on the show floor and as good looking as the 360 version – no problems here!

Fight Night Round 3

Improved over the 360 version, the in-the-ring mode looks interesting, but a bit disorienting.

Madden 07

Madden is a mainstay of system launches and the PS3 version looks suitably good. Apart from a bit of slowdown when loading the menu screens the graphics appear crisp and the gameplay sounds the same.


Calming and relaxed, for me this will probably be one of my first downloadable titles.

Criminal Crackdown

David Jaffe’s downloadable title looks very old school, but great fun by all accounts.

Other videos of note:

GT:HD- Chase view Lovely stuff.
Stranglehold Guns, guns and more guns.
Full Auto 2: Battlelines Looking pretty nicely polished actually. Fewer of the framerate issues that hurt the 360 version last year.
Unreal Tournament 2007 Pretty much ignored by the gaming press, but looking very good nevertheless.
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Looks excellent, can’t wait to try out the Sixaxis integration for balancing though!
Lair Work to be done, but has the potential to be great. Recieved positive feedback at the Gamer’s Day.
Motorstorm 😯 The BEST looking PS3 game around, bar none.

And finally, my personal favourite, Formula 1. Posted here on the last day of the F1 season and Michael Schumacher’s career!

  • Overall, I was impressed. Lair is showing promise, but still has some work left to do (some of the animations are a bit clunky still, and dont transition well), but the game isn’t due out for a while so theres time.

    The most visually impressive games ive seen were resistance, formula one, and motor storm. Its nice to see that there are 1080p games at launch, it means the list will continue to grow over time. Hopefully, one day I will have a hd set to take advantage of it.

  • Darrin

    Great post. Yes, the games definitely look good. I can’t wait to try them myself on the demo kiosks. I thought I read somewhere that those will be setup on 10/26 but I can’t find the article.

  • Any announcements about the downloadable PS1 games?

  • ¥a, they’ll be $15 or under. And for now they’ll just work on the PSP. But you’ll be able to play them on the PS3 late 06 or early 07

  • Sorry, the PS1 games will be $5 – $10 dollars. Watch this video.