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PS3 to get GT Force RX Nov 11th |

I’m a fan of racing games. While I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, because I don’t play them all, or even spend hours upon hours playing the games I do have. I’ve always thought, however, that it would be fun to get a racing wheel. Today I just finished watching the last race of the F1 season (this post is time-delayed) so it would be fun to get something to tide me over until March when the F1 season starts up again. If my thoughts ever become more than thoughts, then I’ll keep this new steering wheel from Logitech in mind. It’s the GT Force RX, and it will be making its way to Japanese retailers on November 11th. It’ll cost 9980 Yen, which is about $84US. My guess is that this steering wheel should also make its way to North America. Safe bet?

PS3 to get GT Force RX on November 11

  • Looks pretty cool.

  • francois

    I have a logitech Gran Turismo USB Streering wheel and it works with my PC also! I hope it is going to work on PS3.

  • I too have the old GT3 Logitech wheel, and I wouldnt EVER miss it again with GT3 (most other racing games suck at force feedback, like NFS or Burnout) or GT4.

    But I think, I’ll be getting another one (this one) if my bank lets me do it some time 😀