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No ‘Achievements’ System for PS3 |

Previously reported rumours about the PS3 suggested that there would be an equivalent to Xbox Live’s ‘Achievements’ system on the PS3. Instead of calling them ‘Achievements’, though, the PS3 version would call them ‘Entitlements’. Well, scratch that rumour. Well… just kinda.

Sony is leaving it up to each developer to do their own version of Achievements. So you can still see who’s doing well in a certain game, and how you compare. The only difference is, you’ll probably have to actually be in the game to do it. Ah well. No big loss for me. Maybe some of you feel different?

No ‘Achievements’ System for PS3 Games

  • Not a big deal for me either. I don’t spend every minute playing video games …. well I take that back I will for probably 2 – 3 weeks after PS3 launch 😛

  • I personally like achievements and gamerscores. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and a little extra life to a game. Gives me something to show for what I’ve accomplished.

    Oh well…if Sony copied everything MS and Nintendo were doing…it would no longer be a Playstation, now would it? You guys can only hope for the cool stuff now. 😉

  • Troll.

  • Well, as one sony rep put it. Gamerscores may be included on a game by game basis, since madden players only care about how good a person is at madden, and other games contributing to an overall gamerscore would sort of be irrelevant to that end. So you will see rankings in some games, like resistance. But there isnt some overarching achievments system. It doesnt really bother me, since there is no real advantage to getting scores, since they dont actually do anything, or unlock anything.

  • I agree doing it on a game by game basis is better I think.

  • i have no interest at all in achievements and gamerscores. i’m not very competitive and i won’t be playing so much so there really isn’t any point for me.

  • PJ

    I think you guys are in denial. Yes Henning, I too am a troll – but I enjoy your site so what can I say? 😉 Gamerscores are a cool thing and it is always interesting to see what your friends are playing and how they have done in a particular game. It builds a sense of community and I think Sony is really missing it on this one. I think they just don’t have the network infrastructure in place and that they will add it in a year or so.

    Life will go on for the PS3, but it is a cool feature on the 360.

  • Henning…I’m no troll. Been a subscribe to the feed for a while and commented a number of times here. If there were no dissenting voices there’d be no debate…

  • PJ

    That is true mcwilliams…obviously this is a PS3 site so it should be positive towards the ps3. BUT…I dont remember ever seeing a negative article on this site regarding the PS3. Lord knows there has been plenty of opportunities for a negative artilce or two.

    This particular article is a good case in point. The site contributors could say almost nothing negative about the PS3 approach. Link.

    Anyway, I like the site but calling out Sony every now and then should not be taboo.

  • ehandlr

    I’ve had no use of achievements on the Xbox 360 either. To be honest I have no idea what my score is. Not to mention its flawed to all hell. MMORPG’s are not included in the achievements and they take more time and effort to suceed in. I’ve played FFXI forever and got it on the Xbox 360 but I don’t get anything for it.

    The only time I even notice is when it says “so and so has unlocked an achievement” in which I go…oh…cool….and then forget about it.

    In short…they are already designed on a game by game basis..just every game puts them in where they want….they in no way reflect skill or effort. I can do without.

  • Ok, not to get too much OT, but!

    All that “negative PS3 press” is MOSTLY FUD (like the inq with its “bad cell” posts, or MSs “blu ray scratches faster” thingys). The real “bad press” as some put it (like losing the second (or both in case of the 20GB sku) HDMI ports WERE posted here.

    So, back to topic.

    I dont CARE! Really, these points are just for people with too small penises that need to compensate (like with big “cool” cars, sli systems and youth smokers).

    Bragging rights, yeah. Well, if I want to show someone I am good at a game, I write a GOOD FAQ and post it in Gamefaqs and whatnot. Some of those are really impressive and show that those people REALLY ARE pros at these games (like the MEGA faqs for FFX or so).

    I play games for my enjoyment, not for bragging around the “net” (ps3net)…

  • Well, PJ, if you have questions for the site that would result in a dissenting answer, you can ask us and we’ll give that answer! Calling out Sony every now and then is not taboo here. I think that the people writing on all just happen to have similar priorities. And obviously online is not one of them. I am the main contributor here, and if you’ve been a reader for any length of time you’ll know that I care mostly about local multiplayer games. I’ll give online a try, but it’s just not that important. For other others here, online will be of varying importance. But I know Gary doesn’t care much about it because he likes single player games like GTA and DMC.

    mcwilliams: yes I know you’ve contributed, and I appreciate it. Your comment just seemed to be trolling, which is why I said that. How else can I take a comment like “Oh well…if Sony copied everything MS and Nintendo were doing…it would no longer be a Playstation, now would it? You guys can only hope for the cool stuff now.” In other places that would have earned a flame in return. I just marked it for what it was! The first part of your post, however, was informative and well considered, which I enjoyed.

    Segitz: take it easy on the name-calling.

  • PS

    I have complained now and then about Sony’s decisions. But it just happens to be that I’m fine with most of them. What are some big issues that everyone complains about?

    Price. Sure the PS3 is pricey, but I can afford it. Here in Canada the price difference to the Xbox 360 isn’t that much anyway.

    Rumble. Like I said in the article PJ linked to, I don’t think I’ll miss it that much. I’m looking forward to trying out tilt.

    Xbox Live – like functionality. Like I said above, it’s not a priority for me.

    Sony’s two delays? We’ve expressed our displeasure about that.

    Sony’s over-the-top claims? Look at MotorStorm now versus the 2005 E3 video. They’re pretty close! Besides, Microsoft has made some crazy claims too, especially about the PS3.

    BD drive. I’m looking forward to using it!

    Lack of in-game music that you’ve ripped yourself (in MotorStorm). I’ve expressed my disappointment with this too. I dislike most music packed with racing games and I want to use my own!

    Networking. I’ve expressed my disappointment that the PS3 won’t be able to read from my network drive.


    My problem isn’t with people disagreeing or calling out Sony on valid concerns. My problem is that many of the “concerns” aren’t valid.

  • Pc

    From what i heard….some of the first party titles will include some type of in game achievements….maybe not right at launch, but a little down the road. hopefully all of the games will include achievments eventually because i too think they add to the whole experience. 🙂

  • I can honestly say Henning does attempt to be fair here with his coverage. But, the site is obviously “PS3 Rah! Rah!”. Is this right or wrong? I’m not making this post to judge. If you say this is wrong then, keep in mind it is called and it is owned by an obvious Playstation fan. My choices may be different, your choices may be different.. But this isn’t our site. It’s Henning’s.

    And it’s damn hard to keep up a blog like this. Much harder than most of you know.

  • I didnt mean to “call names”! I just meant to express my opinion towards the gamerpoints, which are as useless as a car with no gasoline.

    I mean, it isnt that you get anything for it (like turning gamerpoints into microsoft points every now and then), its just (again my opinion) lame.

    Especially if people BUY!!! those points on ebay and such!

    So again, I apologize to everybody I might have upset. Its just my point of view!

  • luke

    Why do achievements give you a sense of accomplishment? Does beating the game not count? Am I not gonna be happy because i finished MGS4 but no body will no i shot with 90% or greater accuaracy? HELL NO! I cant just tell my friends that i did it? Or am i suppose to feel cool because people all over the world, that i will never come in contact with, will see that i did it?

  • I dont think the site is overwhelmingly positive. So many of the negative stories about sony (especially since may) have been innacurate, and simply unfounded. The “Cell being downgraded” stories, the “used games cant be played on other ps3’s” stories, the “20gb SKU cant have wireless controllers” stories, the list goes on… and on.

    80 percent of the stories arent even valid, and the ones that are, are addressed on the site in some way. Truth be told, most sites since may have reveled in turing every story postive or negative, into a sony trashing spree. I think its good that there is at least ONE blog on the net that isnt all gloom and doom about sony. Honestly both sony and the ps3 are going to be fine, despite all of the crappy news they have been getting.

  • It does say that Sony is leaving it up to the developers to add the Achievement option. If developers don’t want to add it take it up with them I say.

  • PJ

    Luke – more than a sense of accomplishment achievements build a sense of community. It is enjoyable to be able to go to your friends list, see what everyone is playing, see how they have done, and move on. It’s not a big deal, but it is a nice feature. For example, you can look and see that your online buddies are really enjoying a game and say to yourself – “that must be a cool game – I should get that”.

    Sony will probably upgrade the PS3 to support Achievements down the road and I guarantee, the PS3 will be better with Achievements than without them.

    Briankeith commented on how difficult it must be for Henning, etc to keep this site going – I totally agree. I tried to get a blog going and just could not do it. Props to Henning and team. This is a darn good site too.

  • I can understand that, I guess.

    Thanks for your comments.