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PLAY B3YOND – Smarter & Capacity |

Thanks so much to Guardian Angel for sending this in. Previously Sony has come under some flack for some tacky PS3 advertising. “This is Living” and all that. And I know that lots of people don’t like the European PS3 site either. But here’s something new that Sony has done quite well.

The PLAY B3YOND website has two videos about the PS3, and they’re both very good. One is about the Cell processor – Smarter. And the other is about the Blu-ray Disc’s capacity – Capacity. (Duh.)

Good stuff.


  • Wow, that’s a cool website! 😀 Can’t wait for the rest of the vids!

  • Darrin

    Very cool videos. Not very informative, just marketing fluff, but actually fun to watch.

  • I love the videos, the narration is very cool. Everyone I have shown the site to seems to love the videos. Of course some of the holdouts for anti-sony fanboydom (Kotaku, Joystiq) of course had some choice words to say about it. I like that it seem to be aiming to make a case for the technology included in the PS3, from the controller, to Bluray. I come across people all the time who think the sony removed blu-ray from the ps3, or some bizarre mish-mash of misinformation. A site like this is an entertaining way for those types to see what all that tech is all about, without looking at charts or trying to keep track of all the terms. It dumbs the concepts down enough for average “less in the know” gamers to understand.

  • Robert A. Fett

    updated with higher definition video – very cool stuff indeed!